People Describe Their Best and Worst Sexual Encounters

That Moment When Getting Lucky Isn't Lucky at All

Picture it… Saturday night. Two a.m. is dragging her feet, but on her way nonetheless. You wore the dress that always gets you your best results, and the cutie you’ve been eyeing the whole night is saying all the right things. After one more shot for the road, you two head out, texting your best friend with your location on the way.

The next morning, you walk into your apartment in last nights clothes, only to find your friend waiting by the door for a story about hot, passionate one-night-stand love-making.

What do you say? Probably something all the lines of: “You’re gonna wanna sit down for this one.” So, buckle up friends. These sexual encounter stories, from friends you haven’t met yet (aka strangers), will take your mind for a loop.



You're gonna wanna sit down for these.
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