Curious and Uncommon Beauty Trends for Your Vag

Would you treat your V this way?

I remember growing up in the ’90s and the hundreds of fashion faux pas like JNCO jeans and mini butterfly clips. In the beauty department, we had things like dark brown lip-liner around pale lipsticks plus and those awful chunky highlights. While every generation will make fashion mistakes, we weren’t as sexually open back then to make trends of our intimate areas. Back then, I had never heard of Brazilian waxes and plastic tampon applicators were a godsend.

Twenty years later, I’m so grateful to have readily available menstrual cups and not caring about pants that show camel toe. However, now that our society is slowly becoming more accepting of self-love and self-care with our privates, some of what it has created is sometimes intriguing, often questionable, and almost always over the top.

Check out the latest “it” things some people are doing to their vajayjays and make your own judgement call.

Credit: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

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