How to Banish the Dating App Blues

Are they bad for your mental health?

I remember when I got on Tinder for the first time years ago. It was so much fun, that I would whip out my phone at bars with friends and asked if they’d like to “play Tinder” with me. We’d judge guys based on one photo: “Ew! Why’s he shirtless holding a fish?!” or “This is a photo of six dudes, which one is he?!” or “Why is he wearing sunglasses in the bathroom?!”

But like with many things, spending hours on Tinder ended up repetitive and annoying when I was taking it seriously. People who use dating apps and sites have to comb over dozens, if not hundreds of other users before connecting with someone on a basic level. It can get demoralizing. The frustration of waiting for matches and missed connections can actually take an emotional toll.

Credit: igorstevanovic/Shutterstock

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