9 Signs That He Only Wants to Hook Up (and Is Probably a D*ck)

Watch out, ladies

There have been times, when I was younger, that I couldn’t read guys. When guys would invite me over to “watch movies,” I believed them. When they would call me after leaving a party, I thought it was because they missed me. Boy, was I wrong. All those times, what I thought was genuine feelings wasn’t. Well, I’m glad to say that at my age, I’m glad I know how guys really are. But I can’t say the same for a lot of women.

Ladies, when guys are horny, they are only thinking with one thing: their peens. They don’t care what they have to tell you, how much they have to make you think they like you, they will do anything to get in your pants. You just gotta be strong and not fall for it. If you don’t know the obvious signs, have no fear. I’m here to help.

Credit: Lisa S./Shutterstock

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