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Dear Wendy: “My Coupled Friends Have Discarded Me”

In basically the last month, all of my once single, once really close friends have paired off and cloistered themselves away for couple-activities. A part of me rolls my eyes at this nonsense, considering how young each relationship is and how serious it’s gotten in the last few days or so. Now, instead of going out on Fridays, the six of them stay in for movies or game night (which, obviously, needs even numbered teams). I’m not asking for a fix-up because I’m happy being single, considering we’re all still in college. But, my question is, do all relationships follow this same trend? Another of my friends has been in a relationship like this for over a year and she’s still in that giddy-never-wanna-leave-his-side mood and I’m afraid that the other three are going a similar way. Is it normal for the 7th wheel to be discarded at times like these? How can I bring it up to them while both getting my point across and without seeming like I’m judging anyone for the choices they’re making? — Odd Girl Out

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Girl Talk: I Called The Cops On The Roommate From Hell

“I almost woke you up in the middle of the night and asked you to take me to the emergency room. I thought I was dying,” she said with a wicked smile. “I swallowed more than 60 pills.”

Jerking her head as she talked, my roommate attempted to hide the gouges on her nose and cheeks. She had been picking apart her 24-year-old face for weeks.

I listened to her ramble on about how much money she’d spent on Adderall and cocaine. It was thousands. She seemed to take pleasure in her confession, lifting her sweater proudly, “Look how skinny I am.”

Finally able to speak, I urged, “You need help.”

“No, I’m good now. I was just in a funk.” Keep reading »

Would You Ever Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Let’s say that one of your close friends breaks up with a guy you’re attracted to. Would you date him? We asked women of varied ages and backgrounds what they would do. Some would go for it, while others think it’d be too weird. Would you ever date a close friend’s ex? Share your thoughts in the comments. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Should I Reach Out To The Friend I Dumped?”

I am somewhat of a loner, so I really value the few friendships that I do have. A year ago at this time, I had three good girlfriends: Kay, Sid and Jan. Kay and I are both single, Sid and Jan are both married. I have always known that Sid is a somewhat unstable person, but last winter she did something inexcusable. She took our friend Jan out for a night on the town, they both got drunk, and Sid offered her up to some military men on leave, telling them “her husband cheated on her, she needs to get laid” (not true, her husband was on a business trip). She willingly let a group of unknown, potentially violent men abduct Jan into their vehicle. Jan was seriously disoriented, frightened, and only got away by faking that she had to pee and running for it out the side their car. She got in touch with me the next day, telling me not to go out with Sid on my own ever. I completely sided with Jan, was disgusted by the danger that Sid put her in, and cut off contact her.

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Girl Talk: Why Did She Have To Marry Him?

When I got married, one of my oldest friends wrote on her card, “I am so glad you married someone so cool!” When she got married a year later, luckily I felt the same way. I know we’ll be friends for a long time, because I think she married someone that brings out the best in her, and she’s making happy life choices as a result.

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15 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

A couple weeks ago, I posted a list of 15 signs you’re just friends to help those of you in male-female friendships determine whether your pal is strictly a pal and nothing more. If you’re still feeling a little unsure what the status of your relationship is, maybe today’s list will help you a little more. After the jump, 15 signs you’re more than just friends (or friends with benefits). Keep reading »

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