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Girls Don’t Like Snails

I don’t know what the stylist for this shoot had in mind when she chained a fleet of what appear to be living snails to this model’s neck, but the idea of wearing it makes me shudder. [Vice] Keep reading »

Clothing Label “Angry White Girl” Drops Michelle McGee

Talk about a public relations nightmare: say the name of your hardcore “fashion” line is Angry White Boy Clothing and Apparel (women’s line called Angry White Girl, natch). Then consider what might happen when news emerges that your spokesmodel was not only bonking America’s Sweetheart’s husband, but is faced with all manner of touchy white supremacist allegations. Oh and don’t forget, the name of the line she fronts is called ANGRY WHITE GIRL. Ooooh, sticky!

That’s why the company has announced they’re parting ways with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, and on their site, they’ve posted a bunch of swastikas with red lines drawn through with a note that says, “This clothing line is not a racist or fascist band! Period!” Way to spin-doctor a delicate sitch. Thanks for clarifying, guys! [New York Post] Keep reading »

How To Dress Like A Model

Perhaps it’s a result of working around the coolest stylists and designers in the world, but models are just as much trend setters as they are clothes hangers. Leggings and combat boots? Models were doing that long before the rest of us. Laid-back makeup and messy hair? That was a look amongst the lovelies even before a bevy of designers decided to put it on the runway this past season. The mannequin-obsessed blog Modelinia knows all about the power of the model in setting styles and they’re helping the rest of us catch up with model style before it’s a full-blown trend. Check out their “Shop Her Style” posts for ideas ripped straight from models on the street. [Modelinia] Keep reading »

5 Tips On How To Avoid Fake Designer Scams

Luxury brand giant LVMH — they own Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and pretty much everything else that makes you salivate — is suing Google for letting non-LVMH companies associate their websites with search terms like “Louis Vuitton.” What this basically means is that people with shady handbag websites are buying ad spots for their copycat Louis bags and those ads are showing up when people search for the real deal. Sometimes it’s really easy to spot the fake. Oftentimes, however, underhanded websites try to pass themselves off as legit designer discounters and shoppers looking for a deal get royally screwed. Worst of all, “Guaranteed Authentic” doesn’t actually mean much online these days. Here are a few ways to figure out whether or not the purses you’re ogling are legit or big fat fakes… Keep reading »

Why Fashion Types Use The Singular

Every industry has their own way of talking. In the food world, a “four top” is simply a table for four people, while in corporate America, the phrase “let’s take this offline,” really just means let’s have a side conversation about this later. Fashion is exactly the same way. Though certain words and sayings come and go, like the use of “fierce” for example, the fashion singular is one that everyone loves to use. Example: “A good pant is key to your wardrobe,” or “That boot is ideal for an evening out.” Fashion writer Hadley Freeman describes it perfectly.

“American fashion stylists … all talk like Californian teenagers … they started using the fashion singular on notes given out at fashion shows … fashion journalists noticed this and perceived it as a form of Botox for the voice as it freezes one into a permanently teenage state … it started appearing in fashion magazines … lo, the fashion singular.”

Now add the use of the fashion singular to your lexicon and annoy grammar teachers all over. [Guardian] Keep reading »

A Stylish Necklace That Opens Bottles

Warm weather is imminent, we swear, and with it comes one of our favorite pastimes: backyard barbecues. If you’re playing host (or want to be a helpful guest), don’t make everyone search the area — or run inside — for a bottle opener each time they need a new drink. Instead, when you put on your party clothes, accessorize your outfit with this steel pendant necklace that does double-duty as a bottle opener. Not only will it help you keep the masses happy, but it’s cute to boot. [$62, CXXVI] Keep reading »

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