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Quick Pic: Where My Geeks At?

This photograph was taken at Tokyo Game Show 2009 at the exact moment that these two models realized you couldn’t pay them enough to: a.) put up with all these geeks, b.) smile for the camera, and c.) wear those godforsaken outfits. [9/23/09, Tokyo] Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: What’s On TV This Weekend

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Joan Holloway has the prettiest hair. Keep reading »

“The Amazing Race” Welcomes A Contestant With Asperger’s Syndrome

On the Sunday premiere of “The Amazing Race,” Zev Glassenberg, a 26-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome, will become the latest reality show contestant to openly acknowledge having the disorder. We think this is very cool, but we have to ask: Why does Asperger’s get so much play in the media? First, there was Heather on cycle 9 of “America’s Next Top Model,” who rocked her socially-awkward-but-totally-hot self into a spot in the final four. Then Hugh Dancy sexed up the disorder in the super sweet movie, “Adam.” Now Jodi Picoult, the author of “My Sister’s Keeper,” is releasing a new book about a teen with a flair for forensics and an Asperger’s diagnosis. Is Asperger’s the telegenic end of the autism spectrum? While awareness is very important and while we all need to understand that it doesn’t mean a person is disabled but is differently-abled, maybe we’re ready to see some other psychological disorders in pop culture. Can we see more people with Tourette’s on TV? Or some savants? I’m really only half joking here. Keep reading »

Heather Locklear Brings The Bitch Back To “Melrose Place”

Back in 1992, “Melrose Place” was a spin-off of “Beverly Hills, 90210” that was addictive and trashtastic, and yet no one was watching it. To boost ratings, creator Aaron Spelling brought in Heather Locklear from one of his other shows, “Dynasty.” After Locklear made her debut as Amanda Woodward, “Melrose Place” catapulted into must-see TV territory and a whole generation of women felt emboldened to dye their hair uber-blond while leaving their roots dark. Now, 17 years later, the CW’s remake of “Melrose Place” is doing the same thing. The first few episodes of the show have been fun, and yet, the show is not performing as well as “The Vampire Diaries.” And so, on November 17, Heather Locklear will be reprising her role as the boss from the hell—the one most likely to humiliate you in a board meeting and then sleep with your boyfriend. The word on the street is that she will somehow be related to Ella, who’s currently the show’s blond ice queen, a PR whiz who has her eye on engaged Jonah. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

Look Who’s Talking Now: Kate Gosselin’s New TV Show

Kate Gosselin came onto the television scene with her husband Jon when “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ began airing in 2008. Now, after a stint on “The View,” she’s ready to join a new panel talk show, aimed at working moms. “I’ve been given the gift of gab, so why not use it?” Gosselin told the audience at the Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, NC, where she was answering questions and signing copies of her books. According to, the panel will also include Food Network host Paula Deen and morning show vets Rene Syler (“The Early Show”) and Lee Woodruff (“Good Morning America”).

In our opinion, Kate isn’t the (only) reality star who should be given a talk show. A few of our suggestions after the jump. Keep reading »

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Oprah Winfrey’s A Liar? Jennifer Aniston Is Preggers?

It’s the middle of the week, your boss totally hates you (he/she’s such a jerk!), you forgot to Tivo “90210” last night, and the coffee machine is broken again. Your life totally sucks. Fear not! You will forget all the drama of your stress-infused life once you get a load of this week’s tabloid stories. After the jump, we’ve compiled all the questionable headlines from this week’s crop of ‘bloids, so you can impress your water cooler friends and distract yourself from the follies of hump day. Keep reading »

17 Hot Songs Straight From London Fashion Week

Music is crucial during a fashion show (or after-party)—it gets the crowd buzzing, the models seriously strutting their stuff and generally sets the mood for a collection. Oh, and it’s pretty hard to miss—especially if it sucks. Thankfully, Elle UK has listed a bunch of songs designers are using in their runway shows and after-parties—great music, mind you—perhaps a few new tunes to add to the old iPod? After the jump, the bitchin’ hot songs on replay this London Fashion Week, who sings them and where they were heard. Keep reading »

Diablo Cody To Pen A “Sweet Valley High” Screenplay

OK people, fess up. You’ve read a Sweet Valley High book. Some of you may have breezed through all 152 tomes, while others of you may have stopped in for classics like Elizabeth’s Super-Selling Lemonade or Jessica Quits the Squad. Sure, the series about a pair of blond, Californian twins was no Nancy Drew, but I still adored these books growing up. I always identified with Elizabeth, the older (by four minutes) twin who wrote for the Sweet Valley High newspaper and dreamed of being a journalist, though I definitely had streaks of Jessica, the flighty, boy-crazy twin, too. So I am very excited to tell you that Sweet Valley High is heading for the big screen and … (wait for it) … Diablo Cody will be writing the script as well as producing. We hope this means that the tone of the movie will be midway between the saccharine flavor of the original books and the possessed man-eating of “Jennifer’s Body.” Keep reading »

A “Bright Star” In the Big Black Sky Of Period Romances?

I know that as the proud owner of a pair of ovaries, I am supposed to bow down and worship romance movies … especially those of the Victorian variety. The heroines in crinolines, the men in coattails, the accents and ornate interiors—all of these are supposed to trigger in me some nostalgia for what love is supposed to be. And yet, I hate period romances. Seriously, they utterly and thoroughly depress me. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate them the way I do rom-coms. I just find them to be dangerous, like keeping too much ice cream in the freezer. I’m not susceptible to romantic comedies because I know they are just a bunch of fanciful BS. But during “Little Women,” I imagine that I am Josephine March, a struggling female writer inspired by love, family, and transcendentalism. In “Sense and Sensibility,” I am Marianne Dashwood falling insensibly for the dapper Mr. Willoughby. And, of course, I am Elizabeth Bennett in “Pride and Prejudice,” resisting but eventually succumbing to Mr. Darcy’s charm. These female characters are witty, willful, and romantic—fighting against upbringing and convention to follow their hearts. And for some reason, putting the stamp of the historical past on their stories makes me put aside my skepticism about the naive idea that love conquers all. After each sickeningly perfect happy ending, I am left feeling ill with gooey sentimentality. Keep reading »

An Ode To “The Wizard of Oz”

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. And there’s no movie quite like “The Wizard of Oz,” which turns 70 this week. Munchkin Land, the ruby slippers, the flying monkeys, the Emerald City—this 1939 blockbuster still has no expiration date. It gave us songs you still know by heart and images which still amaze, even in the age of CGI effects. It spawned fantastic remakes such as “The Wiz” and “Tin Man.” Raise your hand if you were ever forced to watch a carefully timed demonstration of how cosmically the movie’s first scenes line up with side one of “Dark Side of the Moon”! Keep reading »

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