Watch: “Game Of Thrones” Audition Reel!

Katrin Higher / July 12, 2015

AH!!! This is so great. Watch your favorite characters when they auditioned – or did screen tests – in order to get cast on the epic show Game of Thrones!
See them when they were still youngins, unburdened by the great success they face today.
Which auditions are your faves?
[Daily Dot]… More »

“Minions” Tampons Are Just A Dream, But “Minions” Maxi Pads Are A Real-Life Nightmare

Earlier this week, I told you that the high mofos at Kotex Puerto Rico were so hyped up about the movie “Minions” that they dared to imagine a world in which “Minions”-themed tampons existed. Today, I am here to tell you that “Minions”-themed maxi pads actually do exist and you can buy them on Etsy… More »

Patti Stanger Is Done With “Millionaire Matchmaker” After 8 Seasons

Robyn Pennacchia / July 10, 2015

Also, Nicky Hilton got married and the Ed Hardy guy died. … More »

Drake, Are You Feeling Okay? Your Video For “Energy” Indicates Otherwise

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

Do we need to have a talk? More »

7 Very Important Life Lessons Learned From “Clueless”

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Cher, Dionne, Tai and the rest of the gang! More »

Happy Friday, Here Is A Hot And Steamy Work Of Minion Erotica

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

We live in the best of times and the worst of times. … More »

The Unexpected Feminism Of “Magic Mike XXL”

Julia Weiss / July 10, 2015

Magic Mike XXL made me a better feminist — here’s why. More »

True Story: I Spent My Childhood Obsessed With “Funny Girl”

Robyn Pennacchia / July 10, 2015

Actor Omar Sharif died today, and the first thing I noticed about all the headlines about his death were the fact that they all mentioned “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago” and that none of them mentioned “Funny Girl.” Having not had much coffee yet, this kind of bothered me. Sure, those movies are OK… More »

These Completely Unimpressed Ladies Watching Neil Sedaka In 1959 Will Give You Life

Robyn Pennacchia / July 10, 2015

These ladies are having none of Neil Sedaka and it is both great and hilarious. More »

Amy Schumer Tells It Like It Is About Getting Head

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

Having a dude go down on you is a gamble. If you two have been doing it for a while, you’re in the clear: He knows what you like and you’re comfortable enough to tell him to stop doing that, because hey, he’s a half-inch off and that’s not what he thinks it is. But letting… More »

Kotex Imagines That “Minions” Are Tampons

Can we not? More »

Taylor’s Swift Contract For Photographers Is Pretty Mean For A “Nice” Girl

Megan Reynolds / July 9, 2015

If she hits you with that mic stand, you can’t sue. Sorry! More »

Say It Ain’t Snow: “Game Of Thrones” Gets The Weezer Parody Song It Deserves

Robyn Pennacchia / July 9, 2015

Spoiler alert! More »

Alessia Cara Makes “Bad Blood” Tolerable, Listenable, Beautiful

Megan Reynolds / July 9, 2015

Here’s a pocket of joy from an 18 year old wunderkind. … More »

Survey Shows Boys Want More Diverse Video Games

Kids support gender equality in video games! Who knew? More »

MTV’s New Documentary Asks White People About Being White

Megan Reynolds / July 8, 2015

It’s the brainchild of Jose Antonio Vargas, who is thankfully not white, just FYI. More »

The Soapbox: On Pennsatucky & Poor, White, Rural Representation On “Orange Is The New Black”

Chloe Stillwell / July 8, 2015

For every story that “Orange Is The New Black” has inspired in the media, I never thought that I would come across one that uses the show as an example of how white women aren’t taken care of well enough. But of course there is one. More »

Fox To Make Movie About SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Welp, the plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states just a week and a half ago (still partying about it, over here), is going to be rolling in it soon. Fox has bought the life rights of Jim Obergefell and his attorney, Al Gerhardstein, a… More »

Han Solo Is Getting His Own “Star Wars” Prequel

I’m trembling! An official announcement from StarWars.com says that the iconic character of Han Solo will be getting his own film! The stand alone movie will be a prequel that “focuses on how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley.” Mmm, a whole movie… More »

Listen To The “What Happened, Miss Simone?” Soundtrack Right Now

Megan Reynolds / July 7, 2015

The soundtrack for the widely-acclaimed Netflix documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?” is a stunning collection of old friends and new, gathering together to put their own spin on Nina Simone’s classic songs. NPR First Listen — the best way to listen to new music these days, honestly — has the soundtrack streaming until its release… More »

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