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Little Girl Sings “The Distance,” Inspires Other To Go The Distance

Oh, how I pine for the days when I used to holler along to the music while riding in my car seat. Here, a 5-year-old girl belts it out like a banshee to the tune of Cake’s 1996 track “The Distance.” She’s got some serious singing skills — who knows, one day she could prove to be the next Britney. I like that she screams the song at the top of her lungs while rocking that little hair bow. Girls are awesome. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Trailer Park: “Furry Vengeance,” “Nightmare On Elm Street,” “Paper Man,” “The Human Centipede”

Sure it’s springtime, love is in the air and the birds are singing. But do you know what else is in the air? Pollen. And the bees are singing too … kinda. You might fall in love frolicking in the park, but you might also fall in love in a dark movie theater, sitting next to a handsome stranger who offers you his popcorn. If you’re going to take that route, this week’s movie releases are going to offer some really interesting post-movie conversation. To scare the crap out of yourself, go see “Nightmare on Elm Street,” or (shudder) “The Human Centipede (First Sequence).” If you’re carting kids or like watching animals be devious, catch “Furry Vengeance.” If you want to see Michael Caine kick some butt, there’s “Harry Brown,” and if you want to feast your eyes on Ryan Reynolds playing Jeff Daniels’ imaginary superhero, watch “Paper Man.” Keep reading »

Put Away Your Ouija Boards, The Magic 8-Ball Is Getting A Movie

The Magic 8-Ball can now tell all the other fortune-telling toys that made fun of it to go suck it, because 8-Ball is about to get its own movie. Paramount recently announced that as part of their continuing deal with toymaker Mattel, the all-knowing 8-Ball will be the next toy to get the Hollywood treatment. The studio was eager to continue to work with Mattel due to the success of the “Tranformers” and “G.I Joe” movies. I understand that the money brought in on hocking childhood memories is alluring, but why the 8-Ball next? The previous toy films featured playthings that had personality, things you were suppose to make believe are animate. The 8-Ball is just a kitschy piece of plastic and hasn’t really been given an identity outside of that. It has helped millions of people understand the legitimacy of their middle school crush, but it is hard to imagine a film just based on people trying to make out vague messages through squirmy blue liquid. The studio and those involved with the project have yet to unveil any details about the movie except that it will be a live action film and that a script is in the works.

I suppose the only place to go for more info about the film is the 8-Ball itself. I asked mine if the movie would be a success. Its response? “My sources say no.” Not very self-confident, eh? [Deadline New York] Keep reading »

Who Is Shallon Lester, Anyway?

Photoshop Fail: The Latest “Sex and the City” Movie Poster

Jezebel has gone to town pointing out the terrible Photoshop job on the newest “SATC 2″ movie poster. Starting with Kim Cattrall’s face, of course. [Jezebel] Keep reading »

Historical Tweets: What Famous People Throughout History Might Have Tweeted

Despite it’s total lack of profitability, Twitter has had a huge impact on society. Protests are organized in a matter of minutes, we get up-to-date coverage of major events, and perhaps most importantly, we now know the inner thoughts of our favorite celebrities. But what if Twitter had always existed? What if famous people throughout history had been able to update their status? Would history books be a lot shorter? Would our language have been dumbed down into indistinguishable acronyms? Well, asked just that question … kinda. They take historical events, and write tweets to correspond with them. My favorites are Abraham Lincoln’s (@Honest Abe) tweets that include, “Anyone got a more creative way of saying ’87 years’” and “Gr8 show tonite. the Ford is the perfect venue for AAAAARRGH!!” I also kinda enjoyed Molly Brown’s (@M0llyBr0wn), “My drink’s STILL warm. what’s a girl gotta do to get some ice around here? #titanicfail” Of course, the site got a book deal for Historical Tweets: The Completely Unabridged and Ridiculously Brief History of The World, because that’s how it works even though people can totally read it on the internet. What historical figures would you want to follow? Keep reading »

Ex-Gawker Editor Emily Gould On Women Writers

I feel bad for Emily Gould. Next week, the former editor of gossip blog will publish her first book, a collection of personal essays called And The Heart Says Whatever. And when I think about what’s going to happen to her, I just want to shield my eyes.

You see, almost two years ago exactly, Emily Gould landed on the cover of The New York Times Magazine for an article published in it, “Exposed: Blog Post Confidential.” If people hated her article (several thousand words about how her sometimes nasty blogging for Gawker complicated or ruined her personal relationships), they hated her cover photo even more: Gould lying on her bed in a tank top, staring up at the camera. The types of internet comments her piece provoked included cyberbullying-ish put-downs like “narcissists,” “narcissistic pipsqueak,” “immature,” “intellectual midget,” “navel-gazing,” “idiots with big mouths,” “undiagnosed psych disorder,” and “Now I understand the timeless appeal of public stoning.” Yeesh.

As another young female writer, watching this scared the crap out of me. I should probably be old enough to know better than to get rattled by all that haterade, but I worry about the young female writers in high schools across the country who see that and then learn, “This is what will happen if I write about myself.” Keep reading »

Book Excerpt: How Hunting Turned Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne Into A Feminist

What exactly does it take for a woman to embrace the idea of being a feminist? Two of our favorite writers, Courtney E. Martin (who wrote Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters) and J. Courtney Sullivan (the lady who brought us Commencement), have joined forces to answer this question. In their awesome new anthology Click: Young Women On The Moments They Knew They Were Feminists, the Courtneys have collected essays from 30 young, female writers. After the jump, read one of them—Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne’s description of how hunting made her realize she was the f-word. Keep reading »

Golden Girls Need Love, Too

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands today, and while the cover is Robert Downey Jr., the inside is all Betty White. Check her spread out above. “I am so sick of the words ‘Betty White,’” she says. “I can imagine how the rest of the world feels!” Please, we still love you, lady. [Entertainment Weekly via NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Quickies: Steve Carell Quitting “The Office” & Tiger Woods Bedded 120 Other Women During Marriage

Keep reading »

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