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The “Lost” Finale Gets Super-Sized

Last night, while DVRing Tuesday night’s episode of “Lost,” I had a terrifying realization. There are only three more episodes left. Which is disconcerting because everything that’s happening on the show is generating new questions rather than answering old ones. Apparently, the show’s creators feel the same way. They just couldn’t cram every piece into an hour-long episode, so they decided to super-size it and make the finale a whopping two and a half hours long. As they finished post-production, both Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof tweeted, “We’re done. Amen.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Yes, I am already planning my viewing party for May 23rd. And it will involve special Dharma Initiative and Smoke Monster-themed beverages. And I will also be picking up tomorrow’s Entertainment Weekly, which is dedicated to the “End of ‘Lost.’” Apparently, Doc Jensen got to be on set for the filming of the final episode. Lucky duck. [EW]
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Oh, How I’ve Missed Ye, “Dawson’s Creek”

When “Dawson’s Creek” first aired, I was in 7th grade and was caught in a blissful lust-cloud of my first “relationship.” Gregory Ware* was the self-appointed Dawson of Pine Cobble School, not because he was so arty or into film, but mainly because he had blond hair kind of like Dawson’s, dressed like him (oh, how I don’t miss the days of baggy khakis and unbuttoned plaid shirts), and was the most attractive guy in our class. (However, it’s not like he had a ton of competition, considering the average class size at our teeny private school in Western Massachusetts numbered 20 or so.) If Greg was Dawson, then I took after Jen, because, well, I was a blonde. But I’d also become the school’s new girl, an import from New York City. At the time I transferred to Pine Cobble, Greg was “going out” with Haley, the Joey figure; the two had been friends for a while and lived close by. Although Haley and I became part of the same group of friends, we maintained a competitive relationship for years.

Just as quickly as partners swapped on the show, so too did hand-holding change at Pine Cobble. Keep reading »

The Kick-Ass Girl Power Message Of Miley Cyrus’ New Single, “Can’t Be Tamed”

Confession: I’ve never listened to a Miley Cyrus song before in my life, save the one time I watched her strut around a stripper pole while singing “Party In The U.S.A.” at an awards show last year. I always thought she was a cheesy Disney star with crap parents who have bad judgment. But now I am obsessed — no, make that OBSESSED — with Miley’s new single “Can’t Be Tamed.” (And it’s not just because I want a giant nest and peacock feather wings like she’s got in the video.)

The reason I love Miley’s new song is because she’s a young, 17-year-old girl singing, “I can’t be tamed, I can’t be saved, I can’t be blamed, I can’t be tamed, I can’t be changed … They try to change me but they realize they can’t.” And that’s a message teenaged girls of America — hell, the women of America — couldn’t hurt to hear. I wish a song like this had been popular when I was a teen. Keep reading »

Quotable: Zoo Magazine’s Ask Danny Advice Columnist Says “Cut Your Ex’s Face”

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, son. I’d suggest going out on a rampage with the boys, getting on the booze and smashing anything that moves. Then, when some bird falls for you, you can turn the tables and break her heart. Of course, the other option is to cut your ex’s face, and then no one will want her.”

— Advice columnist Danny Dyer in the UK’s Zoo magazine when asked by 23-year-old “Alex” from Manchester how he can get over his ex-girlfriend. Bauer Media, which publishes “Zoo,” called the unfortunately timed joke about domestic violence a “regrettable production error.” [Guardian UK] Keep reading »

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Housekeepers Tell All? Heidi Admits She Made A Mistake?

I don’t know how it’s May already. But I guess that just like in nature, the tabloid’s April showers have brought May flowers. And by flowers, I mean more babies, slightly more upbeat stories, and my favorite story of the day, “Hollywood Housekeepers Tell All.” I guess there’s something about the sunshine and crisp spring air that has made everyone so generous with their pithy quotes and half-naked cover stories. And because I know you’re too excited to even leave the house, we’ve rounded up the best stories in today’s tabloids. So go spend your money on some Quick Trim. Just kidding. Don’t do that. Damn you, tabloid marketing! Keep reading »

The Stars Of “SATC” Don’t Hate Each Other, Really

The ladies of “Sex and the City” appear on the June cover of Marie Claire and offer some juicy quotes in the interview. Click through to read what they had to say about infighting and the early days. [] Keep reading »

A “Star Wars” Double Feature Baby Announcement

Well, this is certainly one way to announce you’re having twins. God help those babies if they aren’t into science fiction. [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Help Wanted: Must Love Cheerios And Disney

When times get tough, the job market tends to get a little … er … creative. You know a Craigslist “gigs” ad is going to be sketchy when it starts with these words: “This is an odd request.” Where it goes from there, I could not have predicted in my wildest Disney-fied dreams. Let me give you a hint: This gig involves role play, a bad Disney film from the ’80s, and a love of Cheerios. Yep. That’s right. You guessed it. Someone is hiring for a “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” role-play partner. The perfect candidate would be skilled at playing “normal size” to a “shrunken individual” and have extensive knowledge of the Cheerios scene from “Honey I Shrunk The Kids.” Requirements for the job? A verbose female who is descriptive almost to the point of it being ridiculous, very imaginative, and a lover of Cheerios. Pay? $50 per session via email or IM. Who’s game? It can’t be real, but it’s just too mind-blowingly bizarre to be fake. I bet the resumes are just rolling in. [Craiglist] Keep reading »

Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” Full Video

I told you my opinion of Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” video based on the preview she released over the weekend. And I have to admit I was only half right. She’s definitely scantily clad, but the video is extremely entertaining. The “Why Don’t You Love Me?” video is like candy for the eyes — there’s something to look at everywhere, but the imagery isn’t overloaded. Plus, Bey’s body is perfect for mid-20th century clothing. I also enjoyed her campy-on-purpose acting. Nyom, nyom, nyom, that’s me eating my words. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Broken Social Scene To The Flaming Lips

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that mean, folks: new jams! This week, The Flaming Lips spearhead a super group magic carpet ride across the “Dark Side Of The Moon.” The New Pornographers are back and keeping it together; The Hold Steady hangs in there; Broken Social Scene trims down and turns that motha out; Josh Ritter strums his heart strings; Greg Laswell takes a bow; and Toni Braxton’s record isn’t as toe-up as her crotch. So, get those headphones on, girl, ’cause there’s some major auditory awesomeness after the jump! Keep reading »

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