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This Little Dude Already Knows How To Score With The Ladies

A few weeks ago I noodled with the idea of doing a slideshow of Future Heartbreakers, i.e., boys who are adorable/awesome/talented and will likely be wooing women and breaking hearts once they come of age — Elian Gonzalez, Robert Downey Jr.’s son Indio, etc. Well, I ditched that idea because I didn’t want to risk being called a perv, even though this list would not have been sexual, obviously. But if I HAD made that slideshow, this little dude would have made the cut. He’s obscenely talented and clearly already knows how to get the ladies, with his Lady Gaga singing and piano playing. [The Daily What] Keep reading »

Miss USA Contestants Strip Down For Photos. Cue The Controversy.

Conveniently just in time for the live webcast of the Miss USA pageant tomorrow night, there’s a BIG CONTROVERSY stirring up lots of press for the event. (And since I know it’s hard to keep your pageants straight, this is not Miss America. This is the pageant that brought us Carrie Prejean, the one which Donald Trump owns, which sends its winner to Miss Universe, and which was featured in that MTV reality series “Pageant Place.”) A few days ago, Miss USA unveiled its promo photos, showing the contestants in racy lingerie, posing on beds in all sorts of suggestive ways. Apparently, some of the women were not OK with the shoot. Because everyone loves a good beauty pageant scandal, right? Keep reading »

Funny New Blog: @#$% My Kids Ruined

In case you were thinking about having kids anytime soon, this new blog S**t My Kids Ruined will make you think twice. This alternative form of birth control features the worst that can happen when little hellians go on a rampage. The path of destruction left by an angry or curious child is not always so cute. It kind of makes me want to apologize to my mom and dad. You were probably right about not going to sleep with gum in my mouth. It really does always end up in your hair. First up, this lovely little Suzy Homemaker was just doing a little light baking. Secret ingredient? Baby powder. Delish! After the jump, a few more of my favorite kiddie crime scenes. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Woman Claims 3D Porno Caused Immaculate Conception

While technology has made some of us smarter, it’s apparently made some of us pregnant-er. A member of America’s military, Erick Jhonson came home from Iraq to find his wife was pregnant. He assumed she cheated on him, but his wife claims that she became pregnant after watching a 3D porno … and the porn star was black, just like their baby. The best part, though, is that he believed her. Jhonson said, “I see it as suspicious. The films in 3D are very real. With today’s technology, anything is possible.”

No, Erick, not everything is possible. Pick up a Seventeen magazine. You cannot get pregnant from bellybutton sex or from watching a 3D movie. Keep reading »

Erin Andrews Shilled For “Darrin’s Dance Grooves”

In high school, I always stayed up into the wee hours of the night to watch videos like Alanis Morrisette’s “You Outta Know” and Weezer’s “Sweater Song” on “120 Minutes.” I remember that at least once a night, a commercial for “Darrin’s Dance Grooves” would come on — Darrin choreographed videos for the likes of Britney Spears and N’Sync, and his video promised to help you master his “unique, street-style dance steps.” Interestingly, Deadspin took a closer look at this old commercial and discovered that … Erin Andrews is in it. We knew she was a ringer on “Dancing with the Stars!” Check it out. Not only does she dance, but she also enthuses, “When you’re watching this choreography, you just wanna get up and do it with them.” Yeah! [People] Keep reading »

Frisky Q & A: Sassy Editor Christina Kelly Weighs In On Life, Today’s Teen Media, And Cute Bands

To us Gen X ladies, Sassy was the ultimate teen magazine. Each issue left us feeling a little cooler, because we weren’t just in the know—we were in the know. And no one was more responsible for that feeling than editor Christina Kelly. Her columns “What Now” and “Cute Band Alert” were everything a 16-year-old, flannel-wearing girl wanted or needed. Plus, she wrote the mag’s infamous Kurt and Courtney cover story. The woman was idol-worthy.

It’s been four years since her last job as Editor-in-Chief at ELLEgirl magazine. Since then, her name has been missing from mastheads. But now she has joined the blogosphere—cheers!—with Fallen Princess, a site where she discusses everything from her love of “Glee” to her thoughts on being a mom. After the jump, The Frisky sits down and asks Christina a few questions. Keep reading »

Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week Of May 10th 2010

I just realized that it’s been more than two months since I’ve gone to see a movie. Why? Because why pay $10+ to sit in a freezing theater when I can park it on the couch and watch all the amazingness that is my television. This week, like all weeks this month, I am super pumped for the final episodes of “Lost.” But there’s some other great stuff going down, too, like the season finale of “America’s Next Top Model,” fresh episodes of “Friday Night Lights” (finally!), and a “Simpsons”-themed dose of “Top Chef Masters.” After the jump, check out previews. Keep reading »

Kittens Go For A Slide!

The best part of this video is not the adorable “mewing” of the little kitten making its way down and then struggling back up the slide — it’s when the mommy cat strolls down the plank and helps her little boo-boo back up. Sigh. Happy Day After Mother’s Day! Keep reading »

Don’t Mess With The Bronte Sisters

Here’s an idea for how to get students more interested in authors like the Brontë sisters (Anne, Emily, and Charlotte), whose novels are normally only read when they’re forced upon kids in school: Turn old, dead writers into action figures! This fake commercial makes the Brontës seem downright tough, like WWE wrestlers. [via The Gloss] Keep reading »

Shocker! Andy Rooney Doesn’t Understand Lady Gaga

Dear God, why hasn’t CBS forced Andy Rooney to retire? My favorite — and by favorite, I mean least favorite, but in a painfully amusing way — segment on “60 Minutes” is when Andy Rooney is given the floor to cantankerously complain about the things that irritate him. Whether it’s the stupid mail and presents sent to him by fans (seriously, he complains about free gifts), spam, or some turn-of-phrase that Andy finds particularly annoying, Rooney is always pissed off about something. The thorn in his side this weekend? Popular music! Specifically, why he hasn’t heard of all the musical artists that are currently on the Billboard charts! Why has he, a normal, average American, never heard of this Justin Bieber, or that Lady Gaga, or some fella named Usher? I don’t really get Rooney’s point other than he’s out of touch because he’s incredibly old, but this segment was all sorts of hand-meet-forehead. Can he go back to complaining about Facebook now? Keep reading »

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