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They’ve Got Crappy Fairy Tales In Russia

Little American girls are taught to believe that “one day their prince will come.” Little girls in Russia, apparently, will settle for a piece of s**t. Literally. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

The Sounds Of “Sex and The City 2″

We’re a little more than a month away from the theater release of “Sex and the City 2,” and bits and pieces about the movie are starting to trickle in. Apparently, because of a deal with HP, Carrie Bradshaw will wield an HP computer instead of her beloved, if a bit outdated, MacBook laptop. And, we’ve just learned what songs will be on the official movie soundtrack. In addition to original music by Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis, Dido, and Cee-Lo, there are three songs by something called the “Sex and the City Men’s Choir,” a version of “I Am Woman” sung by the four stars, and … (drumroll please) … a cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Liza Minnelli. Whoa is all we have to say about that. Click through for the full “Sex and the City 2″ track listing. Keep reading »

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Prince William’s Getting Married? Tom Cruise’s Big Gay Lies?

As a purveyor of junk food news, I feel it might be my civic duty to remind readers from time to time that the news reported henceforth should be taken with a grain of salt. And perhaps a Caramel Frappucinno, because excess sodium can lead to dehydration and I’ve found that the best way to combat that is with sugar. And butter. But seriously, sometimes I feel guilty for perpetuating meritless rumors, so this is my Hail Mary—what you are about to read is for entertainment purposes only, the opinions stated do not necessarily reflect my views or the views of The Frisky and should they inadvertently hurt Kate Gosselin‘s feelings, then that’s just too bad. Keep reading »

Frisky Rant: I’m Pissed That Kate Gosselin Got Voted Off “DWTS”

Did Kate Gosselin really get the boot from “Dancing With The Stars” last night? Whine, whine, whimper. I know, I know—she’s genuinely one of the worst dancers the show has ever seen. I am aware that I’m probably going to hell for saying this but I want—no need—her to stay on the show. Why? Because she is my reason for watching. Because miraculously she seems to keep getting worse every week. And because she makes me belly laugh, darnit. Keep reading »

“Pretty Wild,” Pretty Stupid: Alexis Neiers Flees For the Border

On this week’s episode of “Pretty Wild,” our girl Alexis Neirs has been invited to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to do a charity event for Haiti. But seeing as Alexis is embroiled in legal trouble for her alleged participation in the Hollywood “bling ring” — a group of L.A. teens who police say robbed the homes of celebrities — she wants to check with her lawyer first. This clip makes it seem like if Alexis just whines enough, her lawyer will “let” her go! But at least he hilariously warns Alexis that “bounty hunters” will track her down if she tries to flee justice a lá rape-y old Roman Polanski (although she’d have her E! reality crew in tow, natch). [E! Online] Keep reading »

Two “American Idol” Performances That Actually Inspired Me

I cringed a little when Ryan Seacrest announced last night that it was “Inspiration Week” on “American Idol.” It’s something they started a few years back to coincide with their “Idol Gives Back” charity mission. Although I think it’s a nice concept, the performances usually stink. The cheese factor goes way up and originality factor goes out the window as the contestants struggle to make their song moving and meaningful. Blech. For the most part, that’s exactly what happened on last night’s show—it was full of songs that I had to fast forward through, like “I Believe I Can Fly.” Pleasekillmenow. But there were two performances that actually inspired me. One in particular had me cuddled up with my box of Kleenex. I can only describe Crystal Bowersox’s rendition of the gospel hit “People Get Ready” as legendary. Keep reading »

Whee! Gabourey Sidibe Is Hosting “SNL” This Weekend!

Judging by these promos, Gabourey Sidibe‘s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” is going to involve a lot of guns and Andy Samberg with his pants off. (But hopefully not so much high-pitched screaming.) But you know what this means, guys? There’ll actually be a black woman on “SNL” — not just Kenan Thompson in lipstick and a wig. Keep reading »

Frisky Q & A: Melissa Febos, Ex-Dominatrix And Author Of “Whip Smart: A Memoir”

A dominatrix: all of us know what one is. But let’s be honest: few of us actually know a woman who earns her living as one (that we’re aware of, anyway). But you’ll become, ahem, intimately familiar with one after reading the recently published book, Whip Smart: A Memoir, by Melissa Febos.

Febos, who nowadays teaches writing and literature at SUNY Purchase College in New York, was just a college student looking to earn extra cash at a Manhattan dungeon. But surprisingly, something about domme-ing men for money appealed to her. Febos — who was also busy acquiring, and then kicking, a heroin addiction — spat, spanked and insulted her way through clients for a whole four years before she left the dominatrix life for good.

I spoke with Febos about what initially drew her to sex work, how she broke the news to mom and dad that she was a dominatrix (yes, they knew!), and what she did with all those kinky clothes when she finally hung up her whip. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Sweet Apple To The Apples In Stereo

It’s new music Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest jams for a spin. As you can see, this is the week of the apple. Sweet Apple is a rad new supergroup featuring J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. and The Apples In Stereo are boogying down with Elijah Wood. Speaking of the fruit of temptation, Rufus Wainwright embraces his dark, vixen side. Then, from Europe, we’ve got retro gals Kate Nash and V.V. Brown bringing back the 20th century, with a twist. The much hyped Kissaway Trail takes us to Sleep Mountain. And last but not least, there’s another Aqualung. But the dude is so shy, there is no video of his sweet new track, “Fingertips.” So Google that magic on your own. Now, get those heaphones on, girl, cause after the jump, we’re gonna get down! Keep reading »

10 Predictions For Tonight’s Madonna-Themed “Glee”

Even though Madge said she’s not a fan of “Glee,” she’s changed her tune after an advanced screening of tonight’s episode, an homage to the Material Girl, calling it “brilliant on every level.” I hope she plans on sending them a case of Kabbalah water to make up for her impropriety. So what should we expect tonight? Well, we already know about Jane Lynch’s amazing “Vogue” remake. But ever since the song list was leaked, my mind has been abuzz with other possibilities for the wall-to-wall Madonna episode. After the jump, tonight’s soundtrack and our predictions for the plot lines that accompany them. [Fox] Keep reading »

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