Check Out The First “X-Files” Teaser!

Robyn Pennacchia / July 17, 2015

We want to believe. More »

Female Friendship Is What “Orange Is The New Black” Does Best

Alicia Swiz / July 17, 2015

I thought I was finished with “Orange is the New Black” forever.
Our first big fight happened over the violent beating of Pennsatucky by Piper in the season one finale. By the time season two was available on Netflix, I was ready to work it out — but when Vee used Suzanne to beat the… More »

Sir Ian McKellen Gives “Uptown Funk” And “Bad Blood” The Dramatic Reading They Deserve

Ian McKellen is doing the rounds for his late-in-life Sherlock Holmes movie, “Mr. Holmes,” and is just as delightful doing promotion as he is in every other part of his life. Here, he gives a dramatic reading of T.Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” complete with the most meaningful-sounding “Woo”s I think I… More »

Key & Peele School A Room Of Men On The Harsh Realities Of Menstruation

Megan Reynolds / July 16, 2015

“They ain’t cranky, they got blood comin’ out their vaginas, y’all.”… More »

Ms. Cacie Wants To Bring Progressive, Feminist Children’s Songs To The Nation’s Youth

Megan Reynolds / July 16, 2015

The wheels on the bus say, “BAN ALL MEN, BAN ALL MEN, BAN ALL MEN.”… More »

Martha Stewart & Justin Bieber Had A Really Solid First Date

Megan Reynolds / July 15, 2015

Welcome aboard the good ‘ship Mustin. … More »

Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Throw A Killer Houseparty In “Sisters”

Megan Reynolds / July 15, 2015

Everyone’s favorite ladies, together again. … More »

Power Through Hump Day With This Peggy Olson/Drake Mashup

That’s right, it’s only Wednesday. HOW? Power through your midweek blues/exhaustion/neurosis with this impeccable mashup of Peggy Olson’s “Mad Men” ascension set to the tune of Drake’s “Stared From The Bottom.” I can do this, you can do this. WE CAN DO THIS. [The Cut]… More »

And The Next “Bachelor” (Probably) Is…

Rumor has it, once again, the next season of “The Bachelor” will feature the third runner-up from the current season of “The Bachelorette.” So, who got sent home on last night’s episode and is thus going to be handing out roses next season? Spoilers ahead! More »

Barbie Vlogs, Provides Disconcerting Jaunt Into The Uncanny Valley

Robyn Pennacchia / July 14, 2015

We girls can do anything, including scare the living crap out of you. More »

Siri Does Not Like Rihanna, Not One Teeny, Tiny Little Bit

Megan Reynolds / July 13, 2015

Rude, Siri. Rude as hell. More »

Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan Did A Decent-ish Job Talking About Race

Megan Reynolds / July 13, 2015

Last night, in steamy Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a nice girl named Olivia Jordan was crowned Miss USA. Before she got that tiara, however, she and her other contestants had to endure the interview portion of the beauty pageant. This is a fun segment in which a bunch of relatively nervous and very shiny young wome… More »

Watch Jared Leto’s Joker In This Leaked “Suicide Squad” Trailer

WHOA DANG. David Ayer, director of the forthcoming “Suicide Squad” comic book villain team-up film, brought most of his cast to Comic Con – but notably not in attendance was Jared Leto, who’s playing a highly-anticipated reprisal of The Joker. Much to all of our benefit and delight, an audience member captured and leaked a… More »

#Problematic: Confederate Flag Defenders Weep, Steven Tyler Goes Country & Rihanna Gets Her $$$

Chloe Stillwell / July 12, 2015

Hey guys, are you having a nice summer? Have you worn a tank top yet? Do you have a flip flop tan? Have you had drunk, unsatisfying sex with that bartender you decided with your gal pals one night after too many pickle backs was “totes my summer fling?” Did you decide you weren’t going… More »

Watch: “Game Of Thrones” Audition Reel!

Katrin Higher / July 12, 2015

AH!!! This is so great. Watch your favorite characters when they auditioned – or did screen tests – in order to get cast on the epic show Game of Thrones!
See them when they were still youngins, unburdened by the great success they face today.
Which auditions are your faves?
[Daily Dot]… More »

“Minions” Tampons Are Just A Dream, But “Minions” Maxi Pads Are A Real-Life Nightmare

Earlier this week, I told you that the high mofos at Kotex Puerto Rico were so hyped up about the movie “Minions” that they dared to imagine a world in which “Minions”-themed tampons existed. Today, I am here to tell you that “Minions”-themed maxi pads actually do exist and you can buy them on Etsy… More »

Patti Stanger Is Done With “Millionaire Matchmaker” After 8 Seasons

Robyn Pennacchia / July 10, 2015

Also, Nicky Hilton got married and the Ed Hardy guy died. … More »

Drake, Are You Feeling Okay? Your Video For “Energy” Indicates Otherwise

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

Do we need to have a talk? More »

7 Very Important Life Lessons Learned From “Clueless”

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Cher, Dionne, Tai and the rest of the gang! More »

Happy Friday, Here Is A Hot And Steamy Work Of Minion Erotica

Megan Reynolds / July 10, 2015

We live in the best of times and the worst of times. … More »

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