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Eric Tries To Cock Block Alcide And Sookie On “True Blood”

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But Does His Plan Work? Watch To Find Out!

I haven’t watched last night’s “True Blood” yet, but I asked Sophie, our marketing manager, to tell me about something interesting that happened on the show but doesn’t actually spoil anything particularly important plot-wise. While she hinted that something kinda shocking at the end, she said the most interesting but not plot-essential development was that Eric attempted to glamour Alcide into not being horny for Sookie anymore. But did it work? You’ll have to watch the first and second clips above to find out! I, for one, hope that nothing stands in the way of us seeing Alcide nekkid in future episodes. That would be a shame.

Just Announced: All The New Cast Members On “Game Of Thrones”

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Winter Is Coming!

We’re currently going through “Game of Thrones” withdrawal, so we were extra excited to see the new “GoT” season three cast announced. The cute kid from “Love, Actually” will be on the next season, as will mod-tastic actress Diana Rigg.

New major characters include Lady Olenna Tyrell, aka “The Queen of Thorns.” She’s the grandmother of Margaery and Loras Tyrell. There’s also Bryndon “The Blackfish” Tully, a famous knight and the uncle of Catelyn Stark, and Thoros of Myr, a member of the outlaw band known as the Brotherhood Without Banners.

There are too many to name, so watch the video to check out all the new characters and the actors who will be playing them!

FYI, Clams Have Feet And They Look Like Tongues

Snail Shower
How bizarre. Watch »
Clam tongue? No ... it's a foot!

A close relative of last week’s showering snail, this hungry clam appears to be licking up salt. But before you all creeped out, you should know that this is not actually the mollusk’s tongue, but rather, it’s foot. Brian Bayne, a marine biologist at the University of Sydney explained the viral video. “These clams live buried in mud and they get there by digging-in with a large, mobile foot … This clam, stranded on someone’s [table], is trying to dig itself back home.” So technically, the clam is running away from dinner. Weirrrrrddddd. [MIrror UK]

9 Things That’ll Make A Waiter Spit In Your Food

Nobody wants to be the customer everyone hates, but at one point or another, most of us have been. Because some part of us likes to think that when we go out to eat, they’re there to serve us and we just get to sit there and stuff our faces until we’re ready to walk away.

Well, we went to a restaurant in New York City to ask a server (who asked to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons) for a list of things that customers do that make him want to spit in their food. The server didn’t say if he’d actually ever spit in anyone’s food, but try anything on this list, and we wouldn’t hold it against him. Read more…

The Fine Print Of Being A Playboy Bunny

Apparently, back in the day, being a Playboy Bunny involved a lot of rules and regulations. The job came equipped with a 26-page manual, explaining all the rules and regulations of the game — including who and what you could fraternize with, how to wear your makeup, and the proper way to get a sub for your shift. Those bunnies were nothing if not organized.

Click through to see more on Bunny Council Meetings and Bunny Mothers. [The Selvedge Yard] Keep reading »

I Wish “Sex House” Were A Real Show

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Watch episode 1 of The Onion's "Sex House"

Oh how I wish the Onion’s spoof reality TV series “Sex House” were real. I would totally watch it. It’s like “Real World” meets “Bachelor Pad” meets “Jersey Shore.” Onion people, please air the rest of the season. [Buzzfeed]

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