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Bones Of Real Life Mona Lisa May Have Been Unearthed

Snooki Mona Lisa
jersey shore Mona Lisa photo
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mona lisa photo

The model in Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa painting, named Lisa Gherardini, may have been discovered buried underneath a convent in Florence, Italy.

Gherardini became a nun after her husband’s death, and died in the convent in 1542 at age 63.  After digging in the Convent of Saint Ursula last year, the archeological team found a woman’s skull five feet under the convent’s original floor. The dig halted due to a lack of funds, but the team found a human skeleton this week. Now the team will compare the DNA in the bones with the remains of Gherardini’s two children buried nearby. Keep reading »

Nice To Meet You, Penis Fish

Clam Foot
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Snail Shower
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A tank full of penis fish!

What you are looking at is not a tank full of dismembered members. Behold the urechis unicinctus, a species of spoon worm also known as the Fat Inkeeper Worm or the penis fish. Instead of burrowing in vagina like human penis, these Fat Worms like to bury themselves in sand or mud. If you visit Japan, Korea or China you can have the great pleasure of feasting on the penis fish. Don’t you want to?  Don’t you? Well, at the very least, you probably want to watch the video again. And because I know you’ll enjoy getting to know these spoon worms better, I’ve included another video of penis fish just being penis fish. Check it out after the jump.  [Buzzfeed]

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Asian Teen Boy Recreates Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video In A Snuggie, Wins The Internet

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This Kid Wins The Internet

Okay, everyone go home now. Ton has won the internet and our work here is done. Ton is a big fan of Beyonce and to prove it, he made this absolutely incredible video, recreating Bey’s “Countdown” video — only he’s wearing a Snuggie and the setting is, like, his parents’ rec room. Ton, if Beyonce sees this and doesn’t invite you to come live with and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, I will lose faith in humanity. [BlackBook]

Mr. Wizard Was Kind Of A Dick

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Geez, Mr. Wizard

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Wizard, Nickelodeon’s resident science guy, taught us all lots about how electricity worked, and gravity and all kinds of other stuff. But seriously? Sometimes he could be kind of jerky –I mean,  he spent his life hanging out with 8-year-olds so it’s not like I blame him. This hilarious video shows us clips of some of Mr. Wizard’s bitchy behavior. [YouTube]

Astrology 101: What’s Your Sign’s Crime?

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We’ve covered the bad side of each sign, but what happens when those annoying traits cross over into illegal activities? With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to come up with a list of the crimes each sign would be most likely to get arrested for. Which sign has been hoarding LSD? Which sign’s been running an international crime ring? And which sign is flashing people on the corner? Find out your sign’s crime (and statement to the court) after the jump! Keep reading »

Coffee Has Been Preventing Dropsy, Gout And Scurvy Since 1652

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It’s no coincidence that I’ve never had a touch of dropsy, gout or scurvy. I’m a coffee addict. This coffee ad from 1652, thought to be the first, extols the Vertue of the magical COFFEE Drink. You might not have known that in addition to preventing dropsy, gout and scurvy, COFFEE also quickens the Spirits, makes the Heart Lightsome, supresseth Fumes, prevents Mis-carryings in Child-bearing Women and makes one fit for Business. Don’t I know it! See the full transcript of the ad after the jump. [Buzzfeed]

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