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26 Olympic Sports We’d Excel At

Olympics 2012
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Hottest Olympians
The 22 hottest Olympic athletes from around the world. Read More »
Olympian Alicia Sacramone
We talk with gymnast great Alicia Sacramone. Read More »

Look, I’m a little intimidated about heading to the Olympics next week to hang out with a bunch of people who are Really Good At Sports. I’m not good at sports and typically only play them when I’ve been unassumingly tricked into them by a friend who says that it’s faster to ride bikes someplace than to drive a car. And yes, I treat my body like a decommissioned Orange Julius machine.

But that doesn’t mean that me and the rest of the mostly-sedentary Frisky staff aren’t gold medalists at other things in life. That’s why I asked everybody to tell me what they’d likely win a gold medal in. After all, if competitive race walking is an actual Olympic sport, can competitive closet organizing — in which my Virgo soul would easily get the gold — be far behind?

Tell us: What would you win a gold medal for? And if you need me, I’ll be polishing my Olympic gold medals for Eating All The Tacos and Being Able To Discern What Song Sampled What Other Song.

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Riveting Reads For Those With Wandering Brains And Short Attention Spans (Everyone?)

Rad Reads Week!
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Style Inspiration: Books!
Style Inspiration Taken From The Books Of Four Very Famous Literary Ladies
Steal the style of 4 famous literary characters! Read More »

I am somewhat of a walking dichotomy: I enjoy literature and consider myself a “reader,” but my attention span maxes out at 30 seconds. Unless a book really grabs me, and I mean seriously grabs me, it’s a lost cause. I write even the most popular, best-loved books off as “boring,” and for that, I am the worst. As such, I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of novels that are really, truly captivating, whether it’s due to an intricate plot, a particularly thrilling mystery, or fascinating characters. Here are five authors whose works will reel you in and keep you on the line …

“Bachelor Pad”: The 4 Moments You Missed On Last Night’s Episode

Bachelor Pad 3!
Why we're excited. Read More »
"Bachelor Pad" Twist
Things sucked for Michael Stagliano last season. Read More »

Before I begin here, I should confess that I decided to stop watching “The Bachelorette” as of this past season. I had many reasons for this decision, the most important being that Emily bores me to tears. So, this means that I don’t recognize a few of the players on the new season of “Bachelor Pad,” which is fine considering they’ve decided to include a few “fans” as contestants this season. And I don’t recognize them either. Well, most of them. But more on that later.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the first episode of “Bachelor Pad” was a bit of a snooze. The only person I found myself caring about was last season’s winner Michael Stagliano, who seems like a normal guy. Why the hell does he keep doing the show? What is he getting out of it? He already won. He already got his heart broken twice by “Bachelor” bitches. Is he a masochist? I know four, non-crazy girls right here in The Frisky office who would be happy to have him. Oh, and Erica Rose is always fun to watch. But for a much different reason. She gives the best snarky one-liners. All that being said, the four most exciting (is that the right word?) moments of last night’s episode are after the jump. Keep reading »

The Dirtiest Fitness Video We’ve Ever Seen

Workout Music
What songs are on your playlist? Read More »
Ride it, ride the pony

Well, this fitness video out of Korea definitely has it all: faux horses, people thrusting, abs.  An infomercial for a “home equestrian system,” this commercial is one of the most unintentionally erotic things we’ve ever seen. Cannot look away! [YouTube]

Truly “Miss Advised”: Prom Dates, Awkward Breakups, A Boring Dinner Party & 10 Million Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

"Miss Advised," Ep. 1
Recapping the first episode of "Miss Advised"! Read More »
"Miss Advised," Ep. 2
Even more embarrassing than the last! Read More »
"Miss Advised," Ep. 3
"They call me Donkey!" Julia cries. Read More »

Oh. holy shit, where to begin. “Miss Advised,” the show about two mentally unstable shitbirds and one relatively cool chick who is probably wondering how she got roped into this mess. Well, I missed recapping last week’s episode because of our malware disaster and also I couldn’t make clips of the show because the sound was missing from our clip-making service, blah blah, Mercury Retrograde, blah blah. But I am back, bitches, with a double recap. Because I love you. And also the crazy from last week’s episode and this week’s was too epic to ignore. Shall we begin? Keep reading »

Make Waves With P&G Beauty’s Make Waves App

Top 10 Olympic Athletes
Our favorites from the 2010 Winter Olympics. Read More »
Olympics 2012
All our coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Read More »
Hottest Olympians
The 22 hottest Olympic athletes from around the world. Read More »

With the Olympics around the corner, we’re really excited to share a new way to show your support. The P&G Beauty Make Waves App is a virtual “wave” (you know, like the ones you do a ballgame) to show your support for your favorite Olympic athletes.

It’s simple! All you do is submit two photos of yourself making a motion — either a wave or a kiss — and upload it to the app. Your pics will be a part of a virtual endless animated wave for the U.S. Olympic team.

The idea behind the wave is to make an easy breezy way for fans who can’t attend the games feel like they’re part of the events. So get in games and make waves! [P&G Beauty]

P.S. And don’t forget to follow me and @TheFrisky when we head to the Olympics next week! For more Olympics coverage, follow @pgbeauty

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