What Erotica Writers Thought Of The #AskELJames Twitter Q&A

By: Rachel Kramer Bussel / June 30, 2015

Yesterday, to promote her new release Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, author EL James took to Twitter for an Q&A that quickly turned into what Crushable called “Fifty Shades of Shade.” What happened? While James, Tweeting from the Twitter UK office, did answer questions about what her favorite scene to write wa… More »

Vanessa Bayer Nails Her “Friends” Impersonation On “Jimmy Kimmel”

By: Megan Reynolds / June 30, 2015

Her Joey leaves a bit to be desired, but that’s okay. More »

Zadie Smith Will Co-Write Claire Denis-Directed Movie Set In Outer Space

By: Megan Reynolds / June 30, 2015

So this is what she’s been up to. … More »

NYC Cop Gets Down With The Get Down At Pride Parade

By: Megan Reynolds / June 29, 2015

Such joy! More »

14 Year-Old Amy Winehouse Sings “Happy Birthday,” Kills It

By: Robyn Pennacchia / June 29, 2015

See the clip from the upcoming documentary “Amy.”… More »

Forget Your Worries And Watch This Bear Attempt To Surf In A Pool

By: Katrin Higher / June 28, 2015

It’s summer time guys, and you know what that means? Time to sit inside with the air conditioning and watch Youtube videos of bears swimming and trying to surf unsuccessfully.

Here at The Frisky we are dedicated to delivering these videos straight to your hungry eyes.

You’re welcome!

[HuffingtonMore »

Get Excited: The O.C. Is Becoming A Musical!

By: Katrin Higher / June 28, 2015

Wait what?? Yay!

The creators of Cruel Intentions: The Musical in LA, are developing a musical based on Fox’s early oughts hit teen drama The O.C. and we are so very happy.

A Twitter account has been created by producer Jordan Ross and director Lindsey Rosin. Here is a tweet of… More »

Deformed Mutt Crowned World’s Ugliest Dog And We Are In Love

By: Katrin Higher / June 27, 2015

Say hello to Quasi Modo! The winner of the 27th Annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.

This sweetie pie whose spinal birth defects left him a bit hunchbacked took the $1,500 prize competing against 25 other ugly darlings.

Little Quasi Modo was abandoned at a… More »

#ProudToLove Ad Celebrates Marriage Equality With Tears, Happiness And General Good Vibes

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

It’s a banner day for equality, y’all, get into it. … More »

Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj’s “All Eyes On You” Assures That The Couple Is Fine, Thanks For Asking

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

Nicki Minaj wants you, your mom, that girl you sit next to at work and your ex-boyfriend to know that she and Meek Mill are 100 percent totally fine and in love, thank you very much. She’s not going to tell you straight out, because she doesn’t need to. Instead, she will guest on her… More »

The Frisky’s Summer Reading Guide

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

Spend all summer reading – or throw this guide in the ocean and walk away. Your call. … More »

This Gorilla Is Fly As Hell

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

This gorilla is disconcertingly handsome. … More »

New “I Am Cait” Promo: “We’re Gonna Talk About Everything.”

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

Yes! Yes. Yes. … More »

Meet Audrey Middleton, “Big Brother”‘s First Transgender Houseguest

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / June 25, 2015

Last night was the premiere of my absolute favorite guilty pleasure, “Big Brother.” While I’ve watched every season of the show, the last two summers I made the leap and subscribed to the show’s live feeds, which give you basically 24/7 access to what’s actually happening in the “Big Brother” house, where TK houseguests are locked inside with… More »

Rose McGowan Was Fired By Her Agent For Calling Out Hollywood Sexism

By: Megan Reynolds / June 25, 2015

“Charmed” actress Rose McGowan was fired by her acting agent last night after speaking out against Hollywood sexism. While there has been no official word from her agent, it’s safe to assume that she was fired in part because of the incendiary tweet below, which is a not-so-subtle dig at Adam Sandler, putting the misogynist… More »

12 Things You Don’t Ever Actually Need To Say To Anyone

By: Robyn Pennacchia / June 24, 2015

You probably don’t need to know if the woman standing next to you in the checkout line is pregnant or not. … More »

Oh No: There’s A Sugar Ray/Uncle Kracker/Better Than Ezra Super Group Now

By: Robyn Pennacchia / June 24, 2015

It’s so bad. It’s just so, so bad. More »

Camp Is In Session Because The “Wet Hot American Summer” Trailer Is Here.

By: Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Your old friends, 14 years after the fact. … More »

Ginuwine Wants To “Leave It In” – “It” Being His Penis

By: Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

“I think she loves me/Cause she keep sayin leave it in.” IS THAT WHAT LOVE IS? More »

Maya Rudolph Did Her Rachel Dolezal Impression For Seth Meyers Last Night

By: Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Not half bad. … More »

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