Taylor Swift Is Totally Cool If Her #Squad Dates The Same Dudes, Because That’s Sisterhood!!

Megan Reynolds / August 4, 2015

Also, Jay-Z helped her get over her shit with Kanye. … More »

Abbi Is Going To Wipe The Floor With Ilana On “Lip Sync Battle,” Sorry ‘Bout It

Megan Reynolds / August 4, 2015

Abbi Jacobson is really, really good here. … More »

What On Earth Will The PEZ Dispenser Movie Be About?

Robyn Pennacchia / August 3, 2015

What are PEZ dispensers gonna do? They don’t even have arms! Or legs. More »

Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Bell Suffer Through The World’s Worst Interview

Megan Reynolds / August 3, 2015

Here we go, again. … More »

This “Zoolander 2″ Trailer Will Make The Last 14 Years Of Your Life

Gaaaaaah! There’s a new trailer out for “Zoolander 2″! (“2oolander”?) Are you excited? Are you clapping enthusiastically? Are you blasting Wham! from your windows and stepping outside with three friends to recreate the gas station scene with your hose? Have you been waiting for the last 14 years to hear any inkling of information whatsoever… More »

What To Binge: ‘Jack Taylor’ on Netflix

Katrin Higher / August 1, 2015

If you are having a super busy summer like I am, then you seriously need some downtime. Yes of course, beach, parks, outdoors – all of these are very important, but if it’s disgusting and humid outside then the only cure is staying inside with the blasting AC. I also highly recommend hunkering down for… More »

Artist Creates Incredible Art From Coffee Stains

Katrin Higher / August 1, 2015

There are few things on the planet that I treasure more in life than coffee, and if there are things to be done with it other than drink gallons daily, then I am totally game!
Artist extraordinaire Guilia Bernardelli creates incredibly detailed and moving pictures from “spilled coffee stains.” She uses uses a combination of… More »

Ashlee Simpson Gave Birth To Diana Ross’s Grandchild, Because The World Is Strange

Megan Reynolds / July 31, 2015

Huh. More »

Drake Vs. Meek Mill + Nicki = A Very Brief Explainer Of A Very Lame Beef

Megan Reynolds / July 31, 2015

Drake and Meek Mill are two names that you have perhaps seen batted about your various social media timelines in the past week. Maybe you’ve seen a lot of people yelling about diss tracks and ghostwriting and softness. Maybe you don’t understand why or how two grown men could be so goddamn petty. Maybe you… More »

Go Get Your Phone And Watch This Foals Video – NOW!

OH MY GOD GUYS, GET OUT YOUR FUCKING PHONES. The band Foals released a video for their track “Mountain At My Gates” that’s interactive if you open it with the YouTube app; you’re meant to stand in one place and move the phone around while you watch it. I’d tell you what happens, but I’d… More »

Let’s Chat About This “Gritty,” “Dystopic” Remake Of “Little Women”

Megan Reynolds / July 30, 2015

Heavens to Marmee! More »

“Bob Saget” Talks To Children About Strippers In This Clip From the Lifetime “Full House” Movie

Megan Reynolds / July 30, 2015

Somehow seeing them speak makes it okay. More »

In Defense Of Endings: Why The World Does Not Need Another “X-Files” Reboot

Megan Kirby / July 30, 2015

The texts came through in rapid succession. “OMG!” “Are you so excited?” “DID YOU HEAR!?!” “The X-Files” was returning to television and I, a superfan with an “I Want to Believe” poster tacked to my bedroom wall, could only muster a flutter of dread.
I love “The X-Files.” And I love that it’s over.
Thi… More »

Woody Allen On Soon-Yi: “She Responded To Someone Paternal”

Megan Reynolds / July 30, 2015

Oof, Woody. … More »

Get Out The Kleenex, The Trailer For “Room” Has Arrived

Emma Donoghue’s Room WRECKED ME. I mean, I’m pretty sure it did the same thing to everyone who read it, because what’s not soul-destroying (in the best possible way, because it’s fiction) about a mother raising her son Jack in a small room, where they’ve been held captive since before he was born? Brie Larso… More »

Kim Kardashian West, What Is This Hype Energy Drink “Film” About?

Megan Reynolds / July 29, 2015

Kim Noel Kardashian West, I have a few questions. … More »

This “Game Of Thrones” Dance Remix Is Hilarious

Do either of the following statements sound like you?

You miss “Game of Thrones” desperately when the season is over.
You love a good beat.

Well then, have I got a treat for you. Here’s a dance remix of “Game of Thrones,” i.e. the percussion is provided by the show’s tapping, clanging, chanting,… More »

8 Movies That Prove Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Best Actor Working Right Now

Ask Men / July 28, 2015

Right now, Jake Gyllenhaal is killing it. There is nobody better. We will wait while you stop scoffing and then we will ask you to, if you disagree, suggest an actor who has had a better run of late. Chris Pratt? Great, but he’s only three films in. Ryan Gosling? His last knock out role… More »

“Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe Gives Her Final Rose To The Guy Who Won Her First


Macy Grey Wrote A Love Song To Her Vibrator

Megan Reynolds / July 28, 2015

His name, in case you were wondering, is Bob, which stands for “Battery Operated Better”. … More »

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