The Daily Squee: An Adorable Compilation Of Cat Videos

By: Claire Hannum / June 7, 2014
I simply can't resist a quality cat video and this compilation of the best kitties the year has seen so far is well worth the nine minutes it will take to watch it. You read that right. Nine minutes. [YouTube]… More »

Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Binge On “Orange Is The New Black” Season 2, Read Me Before You & Learn To Braid Your Bangs

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / June 7, 2014
Activities are wonderful, but sometimes, it’s fine to want to shut the world out for a couple of days, and make some serious time for you. Don’t be afraid of FOMO, either. There will always be another party, another pub crawl, another picnic. The time you’ll spend indulging in the things you want to do,… More »

Here Are The Best And Worst U.S. Cities For Your Summer Travels

By: Claire Hannum / June 7, 2014
I think just about everyone is dreaming of getting out of their hometown for a few days this time of year, plane ticket prices be damned. Luckily for us, WalletHub has ranked 50 US cities for vacationing this summer, and their listing was heavily based on affordability. To determine their list, WalletHub took a look… More »

Zuzanna Szadkowski Of “Gossip Girl” Will Be On “Girls” Next Season!

By: Claire Hannum / June 6, 2014
For those of you who are still mourning the end of "Gossip Girl" (like myself), listen up: our beloved Dorota will soon be finding her way back to the television screen. Zuzanna Szadkowski, who played the Upper East Side's favorite housekeeper/best friend/maternal figure, will appear in the next season of "Girls." Andrew Rannells, who plays Elijah… More »

Do You Think Instagram Is More Personal Than Facebook?

By: Claire Hannum / June 6, 2014
I don't spend much time on Facebook or Twitter, but it's not because I'm "above" social media -- I just happen to pour all of my social media obsession into Instagram. Yesterday, when my friend sent me an article called "You're Using Instagram All Wrong" (um, I didn't know there was a… More »

How Feminists Watch Commercials

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 6, 2014
Actually, yes, this does accurately sum up how I watch both shaving cream commercials and the E! channel. For the sake of comediennes Akilah Hughes and Suzanne Hitchman, I hope other feminists are able to laugh at this, too. [YouTube]… More »

6 Reasons You Need To See “Obvious Child”

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 6, 2014
It's not often that I endorse dragging your butt to go see a movie in the theater. Tickets cost as much as a cocktail, theatergoers are rude, the floors are sticky, and you can watch pretty much anything you want on Netflix and Hulu now anyway. But really, go see "Obvious Child," starring Jenny Slate,… More »

Leave Tyrion Alone! Plus, 8 TV Character Deaths That Crushed Me

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / June 6, 2014
Warning: This post contains spoilers about the most recent episodes of "Game of Thrones." Uh oh, y'all. I'm worried. After last week's gruesome conclusion to "Game of Thrones," in which Oberyn was defeated by Gregor Clegan in the battle to the death that determined Tyrion Lannister's eventual fate, I've started to get really, really concerned that the Im… More »

Adults Can Read Whatever The Hell They Want

By: Sara Benincasa / June 5, 2014
Well, well, well. And what do we have here? Just a clickbait article from my (usually lovely) Slate called "Against YA." And the subhed is fun: "Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children." Oh. It's on, motherfuckers. More »

How Many Of Us Are Online At Any Given Second?

By: Claire Hannum / June 5, 2014
Ever wonder just how fast the Internet moves? PennyStocks put together one of the scariest, most mind-blowing GIF charts I've ever seen, illustrating just how much activity happens in each second online. This realtime infographic can show you how many people are Instagramming, Snapchatting, tweeting, pinning, and everything else digital under the sun. More »

What Will Be The 2014 Song Of Summer?

By: Leah Prinzivalli / June 5, 2014
Real music fans know that not just any song can be crowned Song of the Summer. A Song of the Summer will make you want to day drink. It will get you dancing even when played over the crappy sound system at a street fair. It thinks that crop top was a great idea. So,… More »

Let’s Give It All We’ve Got Today, Much Like This Baby Goat

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / June 5, 2014
Today, let's all resolve to not merely bleat weakly and coast toward the weekend, but to grab life by the horns, let out a rousing yell of excitement, and give it all we've got. Like this baby goat. [YouTube]… More »

“Louie,” Attempted Rape And Awful Questions

By: Sara Benincasa / June 5, 2014
This piece was crossposted with permission from Happy Nice Time People. Louis C.K. did terrible grabbing, pushing, forced kissing and more to a lady on his teevee program "Louie" and everyone was freaked out. He tried to drag her into a bedroom and it was disturbing and I can't… More »

The Daily Squee: This Puppy Hates Mornings As Much As We Do

By: Claire Hannum / June 5, 2014
Thor, a Great Dane puppy, is supposed to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to go to work with his human. He sounds just like we did, oh, every single morning of high school. Can you really blame him for wanting to stay in bed? It's okay, Thor. Lots of humans act the same way… More »

Jenny Lewis Ends 6-Year Solo Hiatus With New Single And Album

By: Leslie Simon / June 5, 2014
It’s been six long years since we’ve heard any solo tunes from Jenny Lewis, and every day without her mellifluous voice has been harder than the one before it. However, at long last, it looks like the musical drought is over! This week, the ex-Rilo Kiley frontwoman released the lyric video for “Just One Of… More »

RIP Society: Woman Calls Emergency Services Over Ice Cream Sprinkles

By: Claire Hannum / June 4, 2014
A woman in West Midlands, England, called 999 (Britain's emergency call service) because of ice cream sprinkles. In the middle of an argument with the guy who'd just sold her an ice cream cone, she called police in a huff and detailed how he refused to put sprinkles on both sides. Um. Desserts are a… More »

The Frisky’s Summer 2014 Calendar!

By: Emily Winter / June 4, 2014
What are you looking forward to this summer? Sure, it may not be Oscar season, but there are plenty of movies, books, music, TV shows, and holidays we're jazzed about. We'll skip the Tom Cruise and Ninja Turtles flicks—there's plenty of art on its way that's more up our alley. Have a look at The… More »

Wedding Party Falls Into A Lake While Posing For Photos

By: Claire Hannum / June 4, 2014
It's wedding season, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already tired of reading about bridesmaid dresses and flower arrangements every time I look at social media. I thinks that's why this video of a wedding shoot gone awry has me giggling so hard. More »

This Supercut Of TV Catchphrases Has Me Totally Nostalgic

By: Claire Hannum / June 4, 2014
From "You got it dude" to "Bazinga!" it's almost like TV shows have their own special language that viewers need to understand to be in on the joke. Of course that's part of the reason we watch in the first place. Check out this supercut of some of TV's finest catchphrases and see how many… More »

Today In “Why Did I Not Know This?”: Miranda Lambert Once Got In A Bar Fight With Chad Kroeger

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / June 4, 2014
"People always try to pop off or call her bluff at bars. One of them, I don't want to say the guy's name, but he's the lead singer of a very popular rock band. His initials are C.K." --Blake Shelton revealed in this week's issue of Rolling Stone that his wife (and… More »

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