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Slow News Day Mystery: Why Is This Dude’s Autograph Selling On Ebay For $600?

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! What is Boxing Day, you ask? Apparently it is the day when I burn Eggo waffles, forget to click save while writing posts thereby losing all my hard work, people in England box up their presents, and the news is pretty boring except for former “Saved By The Bell” stars nearly knifing people and pictures of dicks that may or may not be attached to Usher.

So, I say we try to solve a MYSTERY. Hm? Sound like fun? I can be Jessica Fletcher and you can whatever fictional detective you like (although if you pick Detective Robert Goren or Benedict Cumberbatch-style Sherlock I might try to make out with you), and together we will solve a mystery that is really not at all that important.

ITEM: I just caught this eBay posting on the Not The Onion subreddit (it has since been removed). One autograph of one “Caleb A. Welde” for sale. Starting at $0.01, but with an asking price of $579.99, from seller “stormsummit.” Huh. Keep reading »

My New Favorite Punk Rock Band Slink Is Here To Gay Up Your “Pink Christmas”

If that's Pink Santa, consider me a convert

New York gay punk group Slink — composed of Hunx and Punx’s Seth Bogart, SSION’s Cody Critcheloe, and new permanent member Samantha Urbani of Friends — is making the season gay with their new single and fragrance, “Pink Christmas.” It’s ridiculous and amazing and I want it to be my life. Keep reading »

These 8 Incredibly Weird Christmas Videos Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving

I may be an atheist, when it comes to the existence of god or any “supernatural” phenomena, but I am certainly not an atheist when it comes to presents. YAY PRESENTS. I will gladly accept all of the presents, please and thank you, and I like giving them as well.

My Christmas present to you, dear Frisky readers, is this divine collection of totally amazing Christmas-themed YouTube videos I have carefully curated for you today, with the help of my lovely and talented sister, Gia Pennacchia. Because this is pretty much how we spend quality time together as a family during the holidays. Keep reading »

Melancholy Christmas Songs To Wallow In This Holiday


When I’m feeling down, I like to distract myself with the happiest playlist I can find, but sometimes the only thing that helps is some miserable music to match your mood. If you feel like wallowing this holiday season, drown your sorrows in this melancholy Christmas playlist. Keep reading »

Whoever Hijacked My Debit Card Has The Weirdest/Saddest Life On Earth

If you had five hours or so to spend $1000 of “free money,” what would you spend it on? I would probably spend it on a handbag, some cigarettes, some booze, and some fancy nail polish and then donate some of it to an abortion fund, I guess. I would not buy you a green dress or a real green dress either, but to this day I do not understand why the latter would be cruel.

This Sunday, I got an alert in my email saying that there was some suspicious activity on my card. I figured it had something to do with the fact that I was in Rochester, New York, visiting family, and had spent money there. NOPE. It turned out that someone had actually, legitimately, hijacked my card and had been going on a weird spending spree all morning. In total, they only charged about $1000 and it is all going to be returned to me. PHEW.

However, I cannot for the life of me understand the motivation behind most of the weird-ass purchases this vicious criminal charged to my account. Keep reading »

TLC To Air Special On Gay Mormon Men Who Marry Women


What are you doing on Sunday, January 11th, 2015? No plans yet? Great. I will tell you what you will be doing. You will be gathering ’round your television sets — ideally with some wine and cheese, and possibly in caftans — watching a TLC special called “My Husband’s Not Gay.” About gay Mormon men who — while being openly gay — choose to be married to women. And go ice skating a lot, apparently. Keep reading »

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