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The possibly made-up, possibly very real tension between the two stars comes from the fact that Gomez started dating The Weeknd, who Hadid used to date. More »


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Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama! We’ll miss you dearly. More »

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A Beyoncé and Solange collabo is gold. No, it’s not a song. It’s two sisters talking like only two sisters can. More »

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Look, sometimes you get really high, realize you need to go to Walmart for very important items, and end up trapped in the wrong bathroom. It happens. More »


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Here’s to hoping we see a lot more of her very soon. More »

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It’s debatable whether the meerkats or sorority sisters are cuter, but it’s not really. Animals out-cute everything, always and forever. More »

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Paris Jackson, like everyone, is not here for Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in the UK series Urban Myths. More »


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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally agree on something in first joint statement. More »

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Showtime makes it clear Emmy Rossum’s ask for equal pay was “justified.” Duh. Equal pay for women is not debatable. More »

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DNA found at the scene reportedly helped identify the suspects.  More »


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Celebrities packed the White House for the final Obama party. No cameras were allowed so there’s no proof, but it’s the Obamas. Safe to say it was lit. More »

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‘HIdden Fences’ is not an actual movie. White people at the Golden Globes didn’t get the memo. More »