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7 Romantic Gestures That Make Women Swoon (Guys, Take Note!)

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 19, 2011
Last week, I posted a poll about the romantic gestures that would actually make you swoon. While you voted in the thousands -- with a surprise trip getting the most votes -- I was struck by how many of you offered your own suggestions for romantic gestures in the comments. I noticed a few… More »

He Said/She Said: Merging Lives

By: Rainbow Kirby / April 12, 2011
On a recent cold, damp morning, I woke up feeling anxious. My new job had been taking its toll, and when I found J. lying on the couch in the living room and not next to me, I became even more agitated. I ran out the door, shooting a snotty glance in his direction. Walking… More »

Poll: What Romantic Gesture Would Most Set Your Heart Aflutter?

By: The Frisky / April 11, 2011
[poll id=3372]… More »

He Said/She Said: Our First Vacation Together

By: Rainbow Kirby / March 28, 2011
This love train continues to steamroll ahead, flattening my former single girl life in its path and chugging into serious couple territory. After only a month of living together, a few pre-planned events came to fruition all in the same week – getting our puppy, meeting his parents and escaping to the beach for our… More »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Do You Consider Romantic?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 25, 2011
Ahh, romance. Always thought about in terms of what women want -- flowers (peonies for me, thanks!), slow-dancing to Kenny G, dinner at fancy French restaurants with overly rich food, etc. But what about men? Surely they like a romantic gesture now and again ... the thing is, what do they consider romantic? What kind… More »

He Said/She Said: When She Moves In With Him

By: Rainbow Kirby / March 18, 2011
I had just started calling J. my boyfriend when he asked me to move in – rather, told me I was moving in. He had posted my apartment on Craig’s List “just to gauge the response” and within an hour received six. At work when he delivered the news, I kind of freaked. I like… More »

Quiz: What Type Of Couple Are You?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 14, 2011
In a relationship and looking to inject a little extra oomph in the romance department? Before we can dole out the advice in our Couple Time section (sponsored by "Romantication" at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona), we've got to narrow down what type of couple you are first. Take… More »

Girl Talk: Ask Me Out On A Damn Date

By: Jessica Wakeman / February 18, 2011
Hello there. You. Yes, you! I have something I would like to talk to you about. It's come up a couple of times recently and it's gotten so irritating that I finally have to say something about it. I'm pretty sure you're not even aware of what you're doing or why it bothers me. So… More »

Girl Talk: Did I Fail To Keep The Romance Alive?

By: Jessica Wakeman / February 3, 2011
Yesterday I was idly reading the comments on one of my posts on The Frisky when a partner link caught my eye: "7 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Boyfriend." Shouldn't tell your boyfriend? I thought. I always told my boyfriend everything. Like, EVERYTHING. He knew about my bouts with depression. He knew about my… More »

8 Ways To Instantly Revive Your Romance

By: Joanne Hinkel / January 28, 2011
The minister who performed the ceremony for our wedding six years ago required all couples to take counseling sessions with her before their big day. So my guy and I did – we took personality tests, talked about our approaches to solving conflict and our plans for the future, and we got a lecture o… More »

Don’t Call Your Significant Other By A Pet Name And Other Ways You’re Undermining Your Relationship

By: Susannah Breslin / October 27, 2010
In this interview on PJTV, Dr. Helen Smith interviews Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis, coauthors of Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex: How Changing Your Everyday Habits Will Make You Hot for Each Other All Over Again. Prior to watching the video, I thought, Eh, another couple of broads with a… More »

15 Romantic Gestures She’ll Hate

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 24, 2010
The men's site recently compiled a funny list of "5 Romantic Gestures She'll Hate." Unlike a lot of articles on men's websites that purport to understand women, I actually found this list to be totally accurate. Among the romantic gestures women will actually loathe? Homemade "coupons" good for "backrubs," buying her item… More »

How Do You Know When You’re Ready To Vacation Together?

By: Alina Berd / September 10, 2008
It would be hard to find a more fitting pair than of sex and travel. Here, one adventurer, who has kissed an uncounted number of men who don’t share her zip code, shares her experience combining the two through more than 30 countries. Having a boyfriend you’ve been on vacation with isn't the same thing… More »