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Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder Are Engaged

  • Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are engaged. Mazel! [College Candy]
  • Jessica Chastain is being super gracious about her Oscar snub. [Twitter]
  • Ahead of two Denver comedy shows this weekend, Bill Cosby released a statement thanking his fans and added “I’m far from finished.” This venue has decided to go on with the show despite the numerous sexual assault allegations against Cosby, but is offering ticket refunds to those who are too disgusted to attend. [Page Six]

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Vincent Gallo Will Sex You For $50,000, Sell You His Sperm For A Cool Mill

I bet when you woke up this morning, it did not occur to you that it would ever be possible for you to bang that dude from “Buffalo ’66,” or to have his sperm implanted in you for the purpose of having his baby. As it turns out, my friend, you were wrong.

As it turns out, there is a Vincent Gallo Merchandise site where he sells such services. So, if you have $50,000 lying around and would like to spend that money on sexing Vincent Gallo up, this — apparently — can be arranged. It also turns out that Vincent Gallo is pretty damned racist. I didn’t know that. Then again, I think the last time I gave any thought to him was about 10 years ago. Keep reading »

Bethenny Frankel, Genius, Is Making Pot That Won’t Give You Munchies

The greatest struggle in my life is the desire to not eat after 9:00 p.m. (as recommended by nutritionists, doctors, and that one ex-boyfriend who dumped me for “having the penchant to become chubby one day”) — a healthy life habit that is a complete antithesis to my other healthy life habit: smoking a j before bed, marveling at how fluffy alternative down comforters are despite not being made from real goose down, and trying to avoid the magnetic pull to graze on anything and everything inside the stainless steel best friend that lives in my kitchen. Enter my new lord and savior, Bethenny Frankel. Keep reading »

Stevie Nicks Shares My Thoughts On Dating Significantly Older Guys

“What if I fall in love with somebody and they die?”

Finally, somebody who shares my fears! Keep reading »

Golden Songstress Mariah Carey Is Coming To Las Vegas


Our Lady Of The Whistle Register, Mariah Carey, is packing up her furs, her gloves, Nick Cannon’s undershirts and #dembabies  and setting up shop at The Colosseum in Las Vegas, according to ABC News.  She announced the news on today on “The Ellen Show.” Here’s what we know so far: It will be called “Mariah Carey #1s” and will be a medley of all of her biggest hits, including “Hero”, “Dreamlover” and all the other songs you belt at home when no one’s watching.  Tickets go on sale today, and her residency starts on May 6. To celebrate, please enjoy the clip of Mariah casually running through the notes only a dolphin can hear, above. [ABC News]

The Oscar Nominations Are So White Yet Again As “Selma” Is Basically Snubbed

  • The Academy Award nominations were announced today and lemme just tell you something, I am underwhelmed. Snubbing the actors AND the director, Ava DuVernay, of “Selma,” but nominating Bradley Cooper and Keira Knightley? UGHHHHHH x 1000. Other snubs include Jake Gyllenhaal in “Nightcrawler,” Jennifer Aniston in “Cake,” and Amy Adams in “Big Eyes.” “Selma” did score a best picture nom, as did “Birdman” and “Boyhood.” [People]
  • Last week, Jennifer Aniston talked about her “first love” from 20 years was the one, but they broke up and then he died and he sent her Justin Theroux instead. I remember thinking that was an awfully self-absorbed way of reflecting on the passing of someone from your past, and turns out, his widow didn’t appreciate it either. [Redbook/Facebook] Keep reading »
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