Dear Parents, Please Stop Taking Your Miserable Kids To Fashion Shows

By: Beejoli Shah / February 17, 2015
This season's hottest accessory is something that I don't know because I've paid zero attention to Fashion Week, thanks to all these dumb parents who can't keep their squalling infants at home. First, North West cried at her dad Kanye West's fashion show, while sitting next to Anna Wintour, who was not having… More »

Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Are Engaged!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 17, 2015
Lady Gaga is officially engaged to Taylor Kinney, who put a heart-shaped ring on the pop star's finger. I thought they were engaged already? Whatever -- these two are adorable. [Us Weekly] Leeza Gibbons is the latest winner of "Celebrity Apprentice." She beat out Geraldo, thank god. [People] An unretouched photo of… More »

Drop Everything & Watch Beyonce Sing Stevie Wonder Hits

By: Claire Hannum / February 17, 2015
Last night, CBS aired a star-studded tribute to Stevie Wonder. "Songs in the Key of Life—An All-Star Grammy Salute" featured a host of celebs, and in this number, Queen Bey is accompanied by Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark Jr. I'm of the unpopular opinion that parts of this clip (ahem, "Fingertips") don't pack as much power as they… More »

When Amber Rose & The Kardashians Fight Over Who Is The Biggest Whore, No One Wins

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 17, 2015
Sigh. Hereeeee we go again. Amber Rose and the Kardashians -- well, more specifically Khloe Kardashian -- got into it on social media this weekend, the latest battle in a long war between Kanye West's former girlfriend and his now-in-laws. This time, Amber and Khloe were sparring over something Amber said in a recent radio… More »

Happy Presidents Day, Here Is A Pic Of Justin Bieber’s Penis

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 16, 2015
NSFW version here. So is this a legit photo of Justin Bieber's commander-in-chief? Dude, I don't know, all dicks kinda look alike to me, but AJ Daulerio over at Ratter seems pretty familiar and convinced of its authenticity. Get the full scoop on Justin's alleged dong at the link. More »

Female Comedians Who Should Replace Jon Stewart

By: College Candy / February 15, 2015
Jon Stewart has announced he’s leaving "The Daily Show" at the end of the year, which means it’s time for the internet to start speculating about who his replacement should be. And it looks like the front-runner should definitely be a woman. From talented TV comedians who look like they could use a new gig… More »

Cookie Monster’s Press Tour Of Art Museums Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

By: Megan Reynolds / February 15, 2015
Because it is Sunday, and the hustle of a monster that carbo-loads while speaking baby talk never ends, here is my favorite picture from Cookie Monster's whirlwind press tour of New York City art museums, in preparation for his new mixtape  children's film "The Cookie Thief".  His selfie-face is on point. [h/t… More »

Madonna Is Unenthused By “50 Shades Of Grey”

By: Claire Hannum / February 14, 2015
Madonna on "50 Shades of Grey": "It’s not very sexy, maybe for someone who has never had sex before. I kept waiting for something exciting and crazy to happen in that red room thing, and I was like, 'Hmm, a lot of spanking.'" [HuffPost] Two more victims of Bill Cosby , models Lise-Lotte Lubli… More »

#Problematic: Kanye Kanyes Beck, Brian Williams Lies, Miley Makes Porn & Azealia Banks Redefines “Faggot”

By: Chloe Stillwell / February 13, 2015
Hello first time readers, and welcome to #Problematic, a cat-infested corner of the internet where every week I will be trying to make sense of all of the finger-pointing, pearl-clutching, “well, first of all,” nonsense assaulting our eyeballs after what has become of journalism in the digital age. I cannot guarantee sanity, subtlety or sanguinity,… More »

Model With Down Syndrome Takes Fashion Week By Storm

By: Tres Sugar / February 13, 2015
History was made at New York Fashion Week today: Jamie Brewer was the first model with Down syndrome to walk during the major style event. You may already recognize Jamie, who is known for her role on the popular TV show American Horror Story, and now she can add runway model to her résumé. Jamie took… More »

Taylor Swift’s “Style” Video Is Here

By: Claire Hannum / February 13, 2015
Taylor Swift's "Style" music video has arrived and it's chock full of "poetic" broken glass, red lips, and a hot dude -- everything you've come to expect from a Taylor video. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Thoughts? [Cosmopolitan]… More »

This Picture Is Everything You Need To Know About Kanye’s Adidas Fashion Show

By: Claire Hannum / February 13, 2015
Kanye West had a runway show for his Adidas collection at New York Fashion Week yesterday, and friends and Kardashians alike turned up to support. Kylie Jenner walked the runway, and Rihanna, Big Sean, Alexander Wang, Jay Z, and Beyonce were in attendance - but the whole evening can be summed up in this tweet… More »

Bobbi Kristina Brown Was In A Car Wreck Just Days Before She Was Found Unresponsive

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 13, 2015
According to Roswell police, Bobbi Kristina Brown was in a car wreck just four days before she was found unresponsive at her home. On January 27, Bobbi Kris lost control of her Jeep Liberty, crossing multiple lanes into oncoming traffic and hitting another car. Both she and the other driver sustained injuries. Four days later,… More »

Taylor Swift Buys “ITaughtTaylorSwiftHowToGiveHead.com”

By: Robyn Pennacchia / February 12, 2015
Earlier this week, there was a bit of a kerfuffle going on with Taylor Swift and her old guitar teacher, who had registered the domain name ITaughtTaylorSwift.com. Her people sent him a letter demanding he take it down, because it "incorporates the famous Taylor Swift trademark in its entirety and suggests TAS's sponsorship or… More »

This Is The Best Episode Of “Dr. Phil” You’ve Ever Seen

By: Claire Hannum / February 12, 2015
Even the "best" episode of a show like "Dr. Phil" would be setting the bar pretty low, but this clip removes the shrill, nightmare-y quality by presenting us with nothing but reaction shots. No dialogue. In the words of the YouTuber who posted it, "They say it best when they say nothing at all."… More »

Kim Kardashian Gives A Very TMI Interview

By: Newser / February 11, 2015
Kim Kardashian told the world way more than it wanted to know in a recent interview with the UK's Love magazine (the spread also, of course, features pictures of her bare butt). Read more on Newser... More »

I Was Blessed By LeVar Burton

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 11, 2015
Remember when, a few months ago, LeVar Burton -- best known as an actor for his roles in "Roots" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the iconic PBS children's show, "Reading Rainbow"? The goal was to raise $1 million over the course of 30 days,… More »

Sob! Jon Stewart Is Leaving “The Daily Show”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 11, 2015
Jon Stewart has broken all our hearts by announcing he will be leaving "The Daily Show" later this year, while Comedy Central hinted that the show would continue without him. But but but but but Jon NOOOOOOOO. [AV Club] NBC has suspended Brian Williams without pay for six months, following his admission that… More »

Beverly Mitchell Had A Baby!

By: Claire Hannum / February 10, 2015
Beverly Mitchell gave birth to her second child with husband Michael Cameron, a baby boy named Hutton. [Just Jared] Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton is expecting a baby boy with husband Adam Dirks. Mazel tov! [People] Selena Gomez says her relationship with 1D's Zedd is just like "When Harry Met Sally." [… More »

Taylor Swift’s New Waxwork At Madam Tussauds Will Haunt Your Dreams

By: Megan Reynolds / February 10, 2015
Please do not look at this photo of Taylor Swift's new "waxwork" at Madam Tussauds, because I am pretty sure that it is a gateway to the underworld, and will unhinge its jaw to swallow you whol and spit you out,  leaving a pile of charred bones and tattered cloths at your desk. [h/t… More »

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