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Teyana Taylor is taking the world by storm. Here’s what her next moves should be.

While she is no doubt honored that people admire her body, it would be nice to see Teyana ride this current wave toward new projects and continue to cement her status as someone that the world should not stop watching. More »

Watch: Sia’s new video for “The Greatest” is here to break everyone’s heart forever

The video opens with a blank screen showing the hashtag #WeAreYourChildren and features Sia’s frequent collaborator Maddie Ziegler, along with 49 dancers meant to represent the 49 victims of the Orlando mass shooting at Pulse and will throughly destroy what once was your heart space. More »

Britney Spears is finally standing up for herself and everyone needs to leave her alone already

It’s about time someone stood up for Britney Spears, even if she has to do it herself. More »

Surprise, surprise: Everyone (including you) wants to bang Chris Hemsworth’s dad

The internet’s collective loins exploded when known hot dude Chris Hemsworth posted this photo of his dad on Father’s Day in Australia on Sunday. More »

Gabrielle Union’s moving op-ed about Nate Parker and sexual assault is worth a read

The Birth of a Nation co-star and actress Gabrielle Union penned an op-ed about sexual assault and how the news of Parker’s past sexual assault allegations have profoundly impacted her relationship with the film itself. More »

LiLo’s Grand Theft Auto lawsuit thrown out because it was dumb

The court ruled that the character’s likeness to Lohan falls under the safe umbrella of fiction or satire. More »

Kim Kardashian Coached Chyna Through Her Nude Paper Magazine Cover Shoot

The whole fam should just pose naked on the cover of Paper at this point. More »

The Fake Drake and Rihanna Website Was Actually Made By Twitter’s Favorite Prankster

The Drihanna saga continues. More »

Chris Brown’s Latest Legal Trouble Further Proves His Anger Is Usually Directed At Women

Someone needs to set this guy straight. More »

Sisqó Finally Explains The “Thong Song” Lyrics Everyone’s Wondered About For Years

While most people assumed it was a parallel sentiment to “junk in the trunk,” the use of the word “dumps” in close relation to the butt and constricting underwear left many wondering exactly what he was getting at. More »

It’s Very Possible Drake Will Start Communicating Exclusively Through Cryptic Billboards

Are billboards his thing now? More »

Nate Parker’s Comments About Consent Show How Addictive Male Privilege Can Be

Parker was supposed to be a star this year for Birth of a Nation, a drama about slavery in America. But, the media discovered that when he was 19 years old, he was at the center of a rape case in which a woman alleged he and two friends sexually assaulted her at Penn State University.More »

Rihanna’s Response To Drake’s Adorable Billboard For Her Was A Little Confusing

The billboard was #RelationshipGoals, and no one seemed to disagree. More »

The FBI Is Investigating The Leslie Jones Hack, Hopefully Finding The Assholes Responsible

They should parade them around so everyone can see who they are. More »

Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bisexual By Posting Photos Kissing Her Brother’s Ex

Thorne recently broke up with her boyfriend, actor Gregg Sulkin, so she can kiss whoever she wants, but the girl she chose happens to be her brothers ex-girlfriend, Bella Pendergast. More »

Amy Schumer Blocked Roxane Gay On Twitter, And A Ton Of Other Women Who Were Calling Her Out

Seemingly unfazed but rightfully confused, Gay joked online that it wasn’t a huge deal considering the fact she’d never followed Schumer on twitter in the first place. More »

Stop Judging The Olsen Twins, Who Are Grown-Ass Women, For Dating Older Men

As the famous saying goes, age ain’t nothing but a number. More »

Kesha Drops The Remaining Sexual Abuse Charges Against Producer Dr. Luke

The singer plans to continue to focus on the “professional grievances” she has against the producer regarding her contract with Sony Music’s Kemosabe Records. More »

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