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Hot Damn, Reggie Bush!

I never found Reggie Bush sexy … until now! I finally understand Kim Kardashian‘s attraction to Reggie, even though he usually looks too short and squat for my tastes. Thanks, Essence, for putting him on the cover of the first-ever “Black Men, Love and Relationships” issue. [Essence] Keep reading »

Why Is Tiger Woods America’s Bad Guy, Not Charlie Sheen?

On Christmas night, I sauntered into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of milk when my dad turned away from the TV to tell me that Charlie Sheen had been arrested for domestic violence. A major TV star? Domestic violence on Christmas? Zut alors! Blogger Jessica sprang to action: I hit up TMZ and typed out a post as quickly as I could. This will be huge, I thought.

It was all for naught, though. The Charlie Sheen story never became a Really Big Deal like the Tiger Woods scandal did. Maybe Woods’ established good-guy reputation is more fun to rip apart and all the mistresses are dishier. Or maybe Sheen’s lawyers really were successful in their effort to keep Brooke Mueller quiet and the controversy has been muffled into submission. (Last we heard, Mueller’s lawyers said the two just had a “bad night”—um, my bad nights don’t involve death threats!) Or maybe the nation just has Charlie Sheen Is A Douche fatigue.

But I don’t: Sheen allegedly held a knife to his wife’s throat and threatened to kill her—and he’s been convicted of physically abusing a girlfriend in the past. And yet the public reaction isn’t even one-tenth as much as the Tiger Woods scandal reaction. Since when is cheating worse than beating? Keep reading »

Quotable: Heidi Fleiss Is Thankful For Abortions

“I hope I never have babies. That would kill me. Every minute I’d be, ‘Is the baby OK?’ I’d worry too much. Thank God for abortion. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I wouldn’t be a good mother. I shouldn’t have kids.”

Heidi Fleiss revealed that she’d terminate any accidental pregnancy during a candid talk with Stephen Baldwin on Britain’s “Celebrity Big Brother.” [Starpulse] Keep reading »

Gaga Haters Butcher “Poker Face”

The Westboro Baptist Church has temporarily turned their attention away from hating f*gs to hating Lady Gaga. First, they issued a missive claiming that God hates the current Queen of pop music. Then First Daughter of the Hate Brigade, Megan Phelps, dressed up (rather pathetically, we might add) as Gaga and recorded her own version of the song “Poker Face.” If these people weren’t so laughably pathetic, they would be scary. Listen to Megan’s first and only pop music effort, after the jump … Keep reading »

Kate Winslet Is A Heavenly Creature

According to a survey of 2,000 British women, Kate Winslet has the “Most Desired Body of the Decade.” This newfound title makes me giddy for a number of reasons—I’ve been a worshipper at the temple of Kate forever. Sure, her body is amazing and she’s obviously a goddess, but what I think makes her so amazing is her love and acceptance of herself. As a woman, especially a woman in Hollywood, that is no easy feat. Yet she has never waivered, which makes her a true role model. Kate is always comfortable in her skin, always at home in her body, always navigating gracefully through her life. No wonder many women want to be her. Keep reading »

Jake Gyllenhaal Tries to Win Back Reese Witherspoon With Dinnerware

In Touch is reporting that in an effort to woo Reese Witherspoon back, ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal sent her $75,000 in vintage dinnerware as a Christmas gift. ““He isn’t giving up without a fight,” a friend of his tells In Touch. I don’t know who this says more about — Reese or Jake — that he thought a bunch of expensive old plates would win back her heart. I mean, can you just hear it? Reese: “Well, I really thought it was over. He moved out. We spent the holidays apart. I explained to the kids that he wouldn’t be around anymore. But then I got a box of old plates. From France! And now I’m just not sure where things stand …”

So, let’s hear it; I’m sure you guys have your own stories: What have former flames done to try to win back your heart? And were they successful? [via In Touch] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Vince Vaughn Is A Married Man

Keep reading »

Casey Johnson Found Dead At Age 30

Yesterday morning, embattled socialite and Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson was found dead in Los Angeles. TMZ reported her death last night. Johnson was engaged to Tila Tequila, who posted a flurry of, um, confused and confusing tweets about her fiancée’s passing, which you can read after the jump. There’s no official cause of death, but according to TMZ, Johnson hadn’t been heard from since Dec. 29 and her phone had been cut off. Johnson was recently arrested for grand theft and is the mother of an adopted daughter, who has been in the custody of Johnson’s parents. Her dad, incidentally, is the owner of the New York Jets, who just made their way into the playoffs this weekend. The LAPD has opened a death investigation.

After the jump, those tweets from Tila Tequila, who I’m sure is deeply saddened by her fiancée’s death, but probs shouldn’t be using this as an opportunity to bond with her Twitter followers. Keep reading »

The Day Michael Cera Met DJ Pauly D

Seriously, what’s happening here? Is the universe about to implode? Apparently DJ Pauly D (on MTV’s “Jersey Shore”) got together with indie darling, Michael Cera, to film some sort of promotion for Cera’s upcoming film, “Youth In Revolt” (which looks HILAR, by the way). After the jump, JWoww shares her slice of pizza. Keep reading »

Ludacris And His New Girlfriend, Fab

No, there’s isn’t a typo in the headline. Apparently, homegirl’s name really is Fab. I hope the name is short for something that isn’t an adjective, though. [1/3/10] Keep reading »

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