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Star Couplings: Brad And Angelina Plan To Marry & “Survivor” Producer Plans To Blame The Victim

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Quotable: Christina Aguilera Is “More Sexual” As A Mother

“I think it’s important that he sees mommy not be ashamed for her sexuality… We’re art collectors, there are a lot of female nudes around the house. Max will be growing up in a house where it’s just the norm… It’s only weird when you shame it. I’m more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I think I’m even a more sexual Christina.”

Christina Aguilera on not hiding her sexuality from 2-year-old son Max on Atlanta’s Q100 radio. Ass-less chaps for everyone! [Just Jared]
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Quickies: Rihanna Injured On Tour & Kal Penn Mugged At Gunpoint

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Boxing Champ Sergio Martinez Says Fight In The Ring, Not At Home With Your Woman

If there’s one thing we love more than a hot man with his shirt off, it’s a hot man with his shirt off who fights for a good cause: Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez announced yesterday he’s launching a campaign in the boxing community to raise awareness about violence against women. But sadly, Martinez is responding to a tragedy that struck the boxing world this weekend when Edwin Valero stabbed his 24-year-old wife to death and then committed suicide in his jail cell. Valero had been arrested for hitting his mom and sister last September and was suspected of beating his wife, Jennifer Viera. Still, it’s sweet that one of Valero’s contemporaries will not allow the young woman’s death to have been in vain. “I love and respect women. Violence against women is simply unacceptable,” Martinez said on Tuesday. “The great number of cases, too often involving athletes, requires action. I have always confided in my mother and consider myself to be a momma’s boy. Women must be respected, not abused.” Swoon. [ESPN] Keep reading »

Did David Copperfield Make The Rape Charges Disappear?

Three years ago, Lacey Carroll accused David Copperfield of sexually assaulting her. She claimed that she met the magician after a show, and that he invited her to his private island in the Bahamas for a “modeling opportunity.” When she got there, however, she says Copperfield forced her to perform sexual acts and threatened her not to tell a soul. A two-year federal investigation followed, with the FBI searching Copperfield’s Las Vegas warehouse. After the investigation concluded, Carroll sued. Until yesterday, when she abruptly dropped the charges without explanation. Which has lots of people talking that Copperfield’s lawyers may have worked some magic on her. Keep reading »

The Victim In Heather Locklear’s Hit-And-Run: A Speed Limit Sign

When I saw the headline “Heather Locklear Arrested For Hit-And-Run,” it immediately conjured up images of handcuffs and Brandy’s car wreck a few years ago that left one man dead. Thankfully, the line is just misleading. On Friday night at 4 a.m., a resident in Westlake, California, heard a crash. Later in the day, they went out front and saw that a street sign had been knocked over. Police investigated to find the car that had crashed into it—and they determined that the vehicle in question was none other than Heather Locklear’s black BMW. She was given a hit-and-run citation, which counts as an “arrest” in California, though it’s questionable whether she was the one driving at the time or whether she was in the car at all. Keep reading »

Kelly Clarkson Hawked Indonesian Cigarettes, Or Did She?

Anyone got a light? Kelly Clarkson is getting loads of pressure from anti-smoking activists today, after promotional billboards and TV commercials landed in Indonesia pimping her upcoming concert, which is sponsored by L.A. Lights cigarettes. Unlike in the U.S., “in-your-face” tobacco ads are still allowed in Indonesia, but American activists are not amused. Matt Meyers of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids says, “If Kelly Clarkson goes ahead with the concert, she is by choice being a spokesman for the tobacco industry and helping them to market to children. She has the power now to turn this situation around and to send a clear message to Indonesian young people and, frankly, to the young people of the world.” [Dallas News]

People, calm down. It’s not like she dedicated “My Life Would Suck Without You” to cigarettes. Keep reading »

Quotable: Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Addicted To Getting Married?

“We get married every year! That’s our thing. So it’s going to be our third wedding this year. This is the third ring I have to buy … It’ll be something different. Something good. It’s nice. We like being married every year.”

Nick Cannon dishes on he and Mariah Carey‘s anniversary tradition—having a yearly wedding ceremony [Us Weekly via Celebitchy] Keep reading »

Quotable: Shawn Southwick’s Alleged Lover Says They Had Sex In Larry King’s Bed

“We got back in the car and we kind of locked eyes and just started kissing. We had sex in Larry’s bed a lot. I felt like it was my house.”

—Baseball coach Hector Penate, who claims to have had an affair with Larry King‘s wife, Shawn Southwick. He also claims that Shawn divulged to him that Larry was sleeping with her sister and that she allegedly said, “Don’t worry, he’s gonna die soon.” [NY Daily News]
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What’s So Funny About Gwyneth Paltrow Getting Punched In The Face?

I have a sense of humor. I really do. I even defended evil, bad, un-feminist Tina Fey when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” recently. But, sorry Onion News Network, I don’t crack a smile at this fake news clip, “Iron Man 2 Buzz Heats Up Over Rumors Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Punched In Face.” What, exactly, is funny about the idea of Gwyneth Paltrow getting punched in the face? Keep reading »

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