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Watch Solange & Son Julez Dance To “No Flex Zone” At Her Wedding

Watch Solange & Son Julez Dance To "No Flex Zone" At Her Wedding
Cutest Mother/Son Dance Ever

I was already totally enamored with everything about Solange Knowles’ wedding this weekend in New Orleans — the jumpsuit! the bridal party photo! arriving by bicycle! — and that was before I saw this video of her dancing with son Julez. Because Solange likes to turn the traditional on its head, the twosome (Julez is Solange’s 10-year-old son from a previous relationship) took to the floor for their mother/son dance and tore it up, working some pretty solid choreography to the song “No Flex Zone.” It is adorable and just perfect. []

Here’s Taylor Swift In An Awkward Middle School Class Project

Taylor Swift
"Island Girl 1" Is Oscar-Worthy

This 2003 middle school class project features an eighth-grade version of Taylor Swift pitching “Paco’s Paradise Smoothies” to her classmates. Luckily for the internet, it was been brought to Reddit’s attention by a friend of one of the kids in the videos who noticed it’s been sitting unlisted on YouTube, a lone unearthed gem, since 2008. The video has that gloriously awkward quality of all middle school class projects in which the filmmakers think their work is hilarious and giggle to each other during the screening while the rest of the class fails to get the joke. Stars, they’re just like us! Taylor utters her one line to Hollywood perfection, natch. [Gawker; Reddit]

Bill Cosby Refuses To Respond To Rape Allegations As Another Alleged Victim Comes Forward

  • Bill Cosby and his wife were interviewed on NPR this weekend and straight up refused to respond to questions about the over a dozen sexual assault and rape allegations that have resurfaced this month. As in, he would not say a word about them at all, so the NPR host was forced to narrate that Cosby was shaking his head. [NPR]
  • Meanwhile, another alleged victim has come forward accusing Cosby of rape. Joan Tarshis, a publicist and former actress, claims Cosby raped her twice in 1969 when she was just 19 years old. [Hollywood Elsewhere]
  • Johnny Depp, who was supposedly sober as of last year, presented an award at the Hollywood Film Awards this weekend, three sheets to the wind. [Death and Taxes] Keep reading »

Solange Basically Had The Coolest Looking Wedding Ever

I don’t really care so much about getting married, but goddamn, if I were to have a wedding, I would straight up bogart everything about Solange Knowles’ wedding in New Orleans this weekend. First of all, she and now-husband Alan Ferguson arrived on bicycles, Solange wore a white jumpsuit (before changing into a white gown), and their wedding photos were TO DIE FOR. Check out a few more above…

Of Course Kim Kardashian’s Infamous Paper Cover Has Been Turned Into A Cake Pop

Of Course Kim Kardashian's Infamous Paper Cover Has Been Turned Into A Cake Pop

Kim Kardashian’s infamous, oily Paper magazine cover has created many hilarious things in the few short days since its release. There have been lots of LMAO Twitter reactions and some brilliant memes that may actually #BreakTheInternet. One of the more unique creations is that Kim and her shiny butt have been turned into a cake pop. Read more on The Gloss…

Charlie Hunnam’s Men’s Health Photo Shoots Will Make You Quiver A Little

Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax on “Sons of Anarchy” and the Christian Grey America deserves, is on dual covers of Men’s Health and Men’s Health UK for the month of December, which means double the thirst. The Frisky staff spent a good solid 30 minutes moaning and discussing the filthy things we’d like to do to him in group chat as we looked through all the photos. Click through and I’m sure you’ll agree that there’d be no one sexier to go for a roll in the hay with… [Men's Health]

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