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Amanda Bynes Is Back On Twitter

  • Just a day after being released from her involuntary hold at a psychiatric facility, Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter and still sounding as erratic as she did before. In her troubling tweets, she trashes her family and alleged “friend” Sam Lutfi while insisting that she’s in good health. [People]
  • Stephen Colbert has announced that the end date for “The Colbert Report” will be December 18. In 2015, he’ll take over for David Letterman on “Late Night.” [UPI]

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Pegacorns, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & Ghouls Galore: Here’s What The Stars Wore For Halloween 2014

TBH, I think we all know that Halloween was won on Wednesday, when I dressed up as Scary Sexy Ronald McDonald, so I’m amazed that any of these celebrities even bothered to dress up for the holiday today. But they did, and many did a pretty impressive job on their costumes. Click through to see Lauren Conrad’s homemade mermaid costume, Taylor Swift as a pegacorn, a couple of Slashes, Kate Hudson’s half-assed “Sons of Anarchy” costume and many, many, many more…

12 Quirky Throwback Halloween Movies That Won’t Terrify You

Hocus Pocus

Sometimes, instead of scaring yourself half to death with the “The Shining” and “American Horror Story,” you’d rather just kick back and get lost in the nostalgia of an old-school teen movie or rom com that just happens to be about witches. After all, Halloween doesn’t have to be terrifying to be fun! Here are 12 magic-tastic flicks from the ’80s and ’90s (some of which are awesomely bad) to help you get your holiday spirit on this Halloween weekend. Keep reading »

Chelsea Handler Posts Topless Photo On Instagram To Make A Point About Sexism

  • Chelsea Handler posted this topless photo (posed on a horse a la Vladamir Putin) on Instagram three times, and it was promptly taken down three times, because Instagram hates women’s nipples. Sadly, I can’t post bare nips on our homepage either, sorry Chelsea. [Jezebel]
  • NBC must be trying to increase ratings on “Saturday Night Live,” because the hosts of “The Today Show” all dressed up as seriously dated “SNL” characters for Halloween. [Us Weekly]
  • Amanda Bynes was released from her psychiatric care facility yesterday after being deemed stable enough that she can’t be held involuntarily. [Us Weekly] Keep reading »

Celebs Heart Lena Dunham’s Planned Parenthood T-Shirt (And You Can Too!)

Planned Parenthood

Lena Dunham teamed up with Planned Parenthood on her book tour, and now they’ve created a special-edition shirt with Lena’s name on it to raise money for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. All proceeds of the shirt will go towards the organization, and it’s release serves as great encouragement to show up at the polls for next week’s midterm elections to choose leaders who stand up for women’s rights. The shirt was premiered today, and celebrities like Leslie Mann, America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Jenna Lyons, and Ellen Page came out of the woodwork to support reproductive rights (and Lena!) by sharing selfies in the t-shirt. You can check out her Instagram for more photos from supporters, and you can get yourself a shirt here. [Time] [Image via Instagram]

Joan Rivers’ Family Will File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  • Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the endoscopy clinic where she went into cardiac arrest during a procedure. Melissa “wants answers” about her mother’s death and is searching for closure. [MSNBC]
  • Queen Latifah canceled her upcoming interview with Bill Cosby on her show due to allegations that he raped 13 women. While Cosby has never been charged with sexual assault, he’s been sued in the past. The allegations have been public knowledge for years and no new accusations have surfaced lately, but comedian Hannibal Buress mentioned it during a stand-up performance last week, reminding the world that Cosby is not as wholesome as his TV persona. [TMZ] Keep reading »
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