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12 Random Things I Learned About My Mom From Staying With Her After Hurricane Sandy

Stuck At Home
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Fears From Mom
Strange fears our mothers instilled in us. Read More »

I certainly got off luckier than many in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. My power was out for four days, but I was able to grab my dog, hop in a cab and flee to my mom’s apartment in Brooklyn, where the electricity was just right, the TV was in the background, and the wifi was delicious. (Beastie Boys reference, sorry.) I was able to work the rest of the week from her apartment and stay up to date on news, particularly how badly Hurricane Sandy had hurt many others in the region. I feel very, very grateful. Especially because staying with my mom for those four days — during which she also worked from home — was actually a really nice experience. I’m nearly 33 and haven’t spent that much time with my mom, in a relatively confined space (her apartment is less than 500 square feet), since I was a teenager going on family vacations. In some ways, you would maybe think it would be a recipe for disaster, or at least some serious tension. Nope! In fact, I enjoyed hanging out with my mom so much that I kind of missed her last night when I was chilling back at my apartment.

Getting through Hurricane Sandy relatively unscathed, especially compared to so many others, made me appreciate how good I have it, but so did spending so much time with my mom. For a big portion of our lives, we see our parents as just that — our parents — instead of full-fledged human beings. As adults, I don’t think we — and I include myself in this — spend as much time as we should getting to know our parents and appreciating them as people. I got such a kick out of my mom this past week and learned a few random things about her that I might not have. Yes, this is a bit self-indulgent, but let it inspire you to get to know your parents a little bit better, even if it’s gathering silly little tidbits about them. Like these! Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Why I’d Never Date Someone Who Doesn’t Vote

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Politics Vs. Love
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Love, Politics & Bigotry
If you don't support gay marriage, face it, you're a bigot. Read More »

I have been a registered voter since the week I turned 18 years old. Admittedly, at 18, I was fairly clueless about the people for whom I’d be voting, but I educated myself on each of them the best I could and embraced the privilege like no other. This opportunity, for me, was far more paramount than any other milestone that came with turning 18. But then again, I wasn’t a smoker or an avid purchaser of porn, so maybe I had no choice.

I do not regard myself as one who is overtly obsessed with politics. You will not find me on a street corner handing out pamphlets or walking Union Square decked out in a sandwich board that roots for my preferred candidate. Although I am very staunch in my liberal beliefs and will take these thoughts to Twitter and Facebook – where the majority of my friends, if not all of them, share my political ideas – I’m still rather mum on the subject unless pushed. Push me, and I’ll gladly tell you my thoughts on why I voted for Obama weeks ago (absentee New Hampshire ballot, because they need every liberal vote they can get), and why I think Romney is bad for women, the environment, equality and pretty much everything else. I’d be more than happy to share this with you, but since, for some, politics falls under the same awning as religion and money, I won’t. Besides, there’s no sense in getting into a heated debate just so we can throw around the word “malarkey,” and walk away knowing, in our hearts of hearts, we are completely and positively right in our views.

However, my lack of public display on the matter, doesn’t hinder my devotion. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to politics; we all must be aware and knowledgeable of those in power who are making the decisions. Keep reading »

An Inner Monologue For Every At-Home Manicure I’ve Ever Done

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Chart: Nail Polish Removers
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The scene: 8:30 p.m pretty much every Tuesday, my living room.

Alright, I’ve got my glass of wine poured, yoga pants on, “Parks & Rec” cued up on Netflix, and a brand new bottle of oxblood nail polish. Oxblood is so in right now. Obviously. I’m pampering myself and saving money in the process! My life is awesome. Maybe when I’m done I’ll take a picture of my perfectly manicured hand holding the bottle of oxblood nail polish and post it on Pinterest. Yes, I will definitely do that. Keep reading »

The 8 Stages Of Being Trapped In Your Apartment For Days

Late Date
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Self Conversations
The conversations I have with myself. Read More »
Hurricane Dates
A first date during a hurricane? Read More »

1. Excitement. You’ve got supplies! You’ve got wine! You’ve got enough kettle corn to last for a year! You’re finally going to watch all five seasons of “Breaking Bad” and people will stop making fun of you for never having seen it. You are pumped and ready to be a shut in for days, weeks if necessary! Bring it on!!

2. Boredom. You’ve seen four episodes of “Breaking Bad” and it occurs to you that you’ve never watched this much TV in one stretch, except for that one time that you had the flu for a week and you watched all six seasons of “Sex and the City” and then called your dad crying, begging for chicken noodle soup. You start to yawn. Like BIG yawns. Endless yawns. You wander from room to room. Bathroom. Water. Wine. Kettle corn. You turn on another episode of “Breaking Bad.” You can’t do it. Keep reading »

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