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Quickies!: 10 Sex Toys In Disguise

  • Here are 10 sex toys you don’t have to hide in the nightstand. [Tango]
  • According to some people, if you staple the upper cartilage of your pinna, the visible part of the ear, and then rub the staple three times a day, you will lose weight. Yeah, right! [College Candy]
  • Post-It notes are so out. Now, technology affects the way we breakup. [Tango]
  • Please use sunblock. Number nine is especially scary and gross. [Asylum]
  • Q&A with fashion designer Anna Sui. [Glam]
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    First Time For Everything: The Great Twentysomething Move-Out

    As Erin already pointed out, there will be some point in your career as a twentysomething when someone will break your heart. There’s also a chance you’ll break someone’s heart. Either way, there’s a good chance that someone will be your roommate, making cutting ties an even bigger bitch than usual. Here are the dos and don’ts of breaking up with your live-in boyfriend from girls who’ve done it. Keep reading »

    How To Know When It’s Really, Truly, Irreconcilably *Over*

    I remember the end with a daunting visual and emotional clarity that is sometimes even accompanied by a distinctly palpable nausea. We were lying in bed one overcast afternoon, the bed we’d shared for years, the bed that had actually lived against a different wall when we first met, the bed with the creaky mattress that necessitated a trip to Sleepy’s, whereas there was no store where we could purchase a salve for our dying relationship. Annihilated by that particular form of fatigue that results from an exhausted argument for which there is no solution, we drowsed in and out of sleep. At one point I felt that very bed lift, as if suspended by an unseen platform, and to my left I could see a coursing, churning brook, and to my right, a dried up riverbed. As I caught myself falling to that side I jolted awake, felt him sleeping next to me, and tried to insinuate myself beneath his heavy arm. He too awoke with a start, and then rolled over to turn away from me. All the glassy looks, the distant conversations and the poison tongued exchanges suddenly seemed inconsequential compared to this very concrete action, proof that it was indeed over. Keep reading »

    Orbit’s Biting Commentary On Breakups

    Okay, so we know we’re not supposed to be fans of commercials when there’s, like, real art on TV, but Orbit gum is special because they understand that breaking up is hard to do. Remember the clean mouth commercial where the ex-wife put a convertible through a wood chipper because her man was cheating with his co-worker? Well they’ve managed to kick that bitchfest up a notch! In the commercial above, a scorned woman turns T-Rex and starts ripping stuff up with her teeth. Unfortunately, the ad is so controversial for some reason, it was pulled off the air. So we’re giving it to you, because we would never break your heart. [Ad Freak]

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    Love 101: The L(ong) D(istance) R(elationship)

    I met Duke* in Paris. He was actually British, visiting from London, and I was there from New York, sent by the magazine I worked for to cover the fashion shows. My boyfriend back in New York had just broken up with me for the bajillionth time, and I was devastated (as usual). When I met Duke, a blue-eyed scruffster with a gorgeous accent and a mischievous grin, the chemistry was immediate, and somehow I knew that he might provide just the rebound romp to lift me out of Dumpsville. Keep reading »

    The Ex-Files: Is It Possible To Just Be Friends?

    Can you be friends with an ex? The Sun seems to think so, as long as you don’t become a “bunny boiler,” British slang for “totally crazy.” Sex writer Emily Dubberley says remaining friends with a former lover is all about having good ex-iquette and recognizing when your presence in each other’s lives is causing more harm than good. That means no drunk dialing, no ex-sex, and no being judgey wudgey about every person they date after you, even if that person is the poor man’s version of your brilliance. But herein lies the problem — can you be good friends with an ex who you seriously, majorly loved? Or will the fact that even the tiniest of feelings remain forever nix the potential for a real friendship? Keep reading »

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