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Girl Talk: I Can’t Get Over The Friend Who Dumped Me

I still don’t know why June* stopped talking to me.

We had been friends for over 10 years when she suddenly stopped answering my emails and calls. We hadn’t argued. She was OK. She simply disappeared from my life, and now five years later, I’m still obsessed with why. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Should I Wait Around For My Crush To Get Over Her Ex?”

I’m a lesbian and there’s a girl I’ve been hanging out with on a daily basis for a while now whom I’m interested in. Until this summer, we were both in relationships, but at the beginning of this school year, upon finding out I was single, she immediately said, “We should date!” Since then, I’ve been getting really mixed signals from her (we’ve drunkenly made out twice, and kissed a few times sober, but with a lot of platonic hanging out in between). She’s told me that she’s conflicted and although she really likes me, she doesn’t want to hurt me because she isn’t over her ex. Honestly, I had expected this, and told her that if she needs some more time, I’d wait (to which I got no real response). I’m more into her than I’ve ever been into anyone in my life, so I’m willing to wait, but I feel sort of stupid and it bothers me that I’ve turned down other offers in the meantime. She told me before that it took her almost a year to get over her last ex, so I don’t know if I want to wait THAT long, but if I lose my chance with her, I know that’s a regret I’ll carry around for a long time. What should I do? — Tired of Waiting

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Calls In Bomb Threat On Plane Carrying Man To His Wedding

There are crazy exes and there are cuh-ra-zy exes. The woman who called in a bomb threat on an airplane carrying her ex-boyfriend to his wedding takes the cake. Canadian police said they received a report of a man carrying a bomb on a flight from Toronto to Karachi, Pakistan, where the man planned to get hitched. After an emergency landing in Stockholm, Sweden, 273 passengers were evacuated from the plane (seriously, this is my worst nightmare) and a SWAT team arrested the groom. No bombs were found on the plane, of course, and the ex-girlfriend admitted to authorities she was just trying to ruin his big day. Clearly, this bitch has never heard of getting wasted and showing up to the nuptials unannounced. Congratulations, lady: In the Crazy Ex Olympics, you would win! [Daily Mail UK] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I’m Afraid To Leave My Fiancé”

I have been in a relationship for five years, since I was 18. We got engaged about two years ago but have yet to set a date (basically because I don’t want to). The truth is, I contemplate leaving him almost daily. Why don’t I just do it then? Because I am terrified of hurting him, hurting our families, being alone, and one day regretting that I left him only for it to be too late by then. I have tried to break up with him a few times since we got engaged, but it always morphs into a “break” where we still talk often and then we easily slip back into our old relationship routines. I haven’t been without a boyfriend since I was 14, so the thought of being alone scares the bageezus out of me. What makes leaving the hardest, though, is the fact that he is such a good man who treats me wonderfully and also happens to be my best friend. There are so many things about him that love, but I don’t love him the way that I should love the person I’m going to marry. How do I leave someone who treats me so well, who hasn’t done anything wrong, and who I enjoy spending time with, only to live life alone and uncertain if I will ever find someone better than what I already have? — Reluctant Bride-to-Be

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16 Awful Places And Times To Dump Someone

Story time! The summer after my sophomore year of college I dated a guy whom I had more of a sexual connection with than an emotional one. He was one of the first guys I met who was genuinely into S&M and we enjoyed exploring each other’s sexuality in exciting and painful new ways. But I didn’t want to have intercourse with him, so he decided to dump me over that. Great guy, I know. This piece of work took me out onto Long Island Sound in his parents’ motor boat under the pretense of having a nice sail together and ended the relationship out at sea. Then he dropped me off on a pier and sailed back to shore. Cuh-ra-zy. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Why Didn’t She Want To Be Close To Me?”

My last relationship ended badly and I’m looking for some clarity. All throughout our time together (on again, off again over a period of several years), she seemed impossible to get close to. Whenever we hung out at her place, she always kept her overprotective dog (who would growl whenever I got near her) close at hand and, when we’d go to my place … well, one night we’d be cuddling on the couch watching television just fine and the next I couldn’t get within three feet of her without her hopping up for a drink and settling back down across the room. It took quite a while for us to get physical and, once we did, she started making excuses and becoming distant. Finally, after confronting her about it, she threw it on me for being “too clingy” among other things that I just didn’t get, and we proceeded to never speak to each other again. Even after several months I’ve still got this nagging itch of confusion that just won’t let me go. I mean, was she just not ready for a relationship? Was I a rather lengthy trial run or safety boyfriend? Any thoughts? — Untouchable?

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