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Nip And Tuck Without Going Under The Knife

Lately, it seems everywhere I turn I’m bombarded with images and stories of celebrity plastic surgery. I gawked at the TV incredulously as Heidi Montag revealed her plethora of cosmetic procedures to her flabbergasted mother on “The Hills.” I shook my head at the pages of coverage on Kate Hudson’s alleged boob job. Now, even Courtney Love has a new face?!?!

Our culture is obsessed with plastic surgery and it’s only getting worse. Women get “routine” liposuction and face lifts with the same nonchalance as going to the dentist for a cleaning. As my high school graduation present, my parents bought me a video camera; some of my classmates got new noses. On TV, you’re able to choose between a number of plastic surgery reality shows, and on the web, you can browse through before-and-after surgery pictures.

Obviously, we all want to look our best and be confident in our appearance. If you are one of the rare individuals who are absolutely satisfied with their entire physical form, then I salute you. For the rest of us, there are non-surgical ways to enhance and minimize areas that we are insecure about. After the jump, check out our five favorite ego-boosting quick fixes. Keep reading »

Money 101: 5 Ways To Find Summer Travel Deals And Steals

Just because we’re in a recession doesn’t mean you can’t get your vacation kicks. On the contrary, when the tourism industry is suffering, deals are to be had. Check out the best ways to score big and save money on your summer travel plans.
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Mexicana Mama: Affordable Embroidered Whites

embroidered whites g1 jpg
Lately, we’ve been lusting over whimsical Mexican embroidery on fresh summer whites. The light, boho look is perfect for hot summer days, and you can pretend you bought them on your last vacation. Here are our favorites, all priced under $55!

Denim You Can Wear On Hot Days

summer denim g1 jpg
We would say denim is making a comeback this season, but it never really went out of style to begin with. Denim does, however, often get overlooked in the warmer months. But there are plenty of ways to wear it in the summer. Click through to check out our warm-weather denim finds.

Strike A Pose, Shorty: Short Models

When you think of supermodels, you think of towering women: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Elle MacPherson. But the modeling world is not completely devoid of variety. Shorter models are gaining momentum in the industry. Tyra Banks even devoted an entire season of “America’s Next Top Model” to contestants under 5’7″. Granted, that’s still taller than the average woman, but in the modeling world, it’s minuscule. Click through for petite models of the past and present. Above: Despite standing at just 5’6″, Twiggy became one of the first international supermodels in the 1960s.

“I Don’t”: Totally Tacky Wedding Stuff

tacky weddings g12 jpg
With just under four months to go until my wedding, I’m starting to go completely insane. I never thought I’d be the “bridezilla” type, but while my fiancé sits playing video games without a care in the world, I sit crouched over table linen samples and escort card choices. I agonized for days over the paper stock for our invitations, and I somehow ended up with two wedding dresses.

But no matter how crazy I go, it’s comforting to know that there are much loonier brides-to-be out there. Want proof? Check out these tacky, totally unnecessary wedding accessories.

Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth’s Flouncy Floral Skirt (Under $25!)

kate bosworth 051310 splash m jpg
There’s something about a printed floral skirt that makes us smile. Seeing one signifies the advent of spring: unbuttoning our jackets, unzipping our boots, and putting our sweaters back in the “winter” drawer. With floral skirts come strappy sandals, soft T-shirts, and al fresco eating. Click through for six über-cute, affordable selections — we won’t judge you if you buy more than one!

Clip To My Shoe, My Darling

“What the #%@ is a shoe clip?” That was my reaction when a friend suggested I buy shoe clips to achieve my dream shoe vision of purple pumps with a red puffy heart on the toe (please don’t judge me). I had never heard of shoe clips before, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, so here’s the 411 on this accessory for your shoes. Keep reading »

Maid Of Horror: Bridesmaids Dresses That Don’t Suck

bridesmaid dresses g1 jpg
I dread being a bridesmaid. When a close friend announces her engagement, amidst the celebration and “oohs” and “ahhs” over the ring, I am secretly praying, “God, I hope she doesn’t ask me to be a bridesmaid.” Is that totally mean? It’s not because I don’t want to be a part of my friend’s big day. On the contrary, I think being chosen as a bridesmaid is a very special and touching thing. No, my bridesmaidophobia (not a real word … YET) stems from one thing and one thing only: the atrocious bridesmaid dress.

Then, about a year ago, something happened that forced me to really examine the idea of bridesmaid dresses: I got engaged. All of a sudden, it was time to pick my bridesmaids. I knew for certain that my best gals would not be walking down the aisle in shapeless satin gowns chosen to match the chartreuse table linens. They are all beautiful women, both inside and out, and I want them to feel gorgeous and comfortable as they accompany me down the aisle on my big day.

After pouring over numerous bridal blogs and message boards, I’m happy to report that there are plenty of ways to dress your bridal party while avoiding the standard bridal shop selections. After the jump, the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses for every type of bride.

Put On Coral Lipstick For A Touch Of The Tropics

coral lips g1 jpg
Michael Angel (left), Derek Lam (right), and Badgley Mischka had something in common this season (besides ridiculously overpriced collections consisting of drool-worthy duds): They all sent their models down the spring runways with coral lips.

Coral is quintessentially a warm-weather hue, and it’s versatile, too. Pick a shade that’s bright and you’ll get noticed. Or, go for something a little more subdued for just a touch of color. Click through for the perfect coral lipsticks and glosses for every skin tone.

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