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Unlikely Style Inspiration: Alan From “The Hangover”

In “The Hangover” (both 1 and 2), Zach Galifianakis’ character Alan Garner is socially inept, moody, abrasive, and has a bad habit of drugging his best friends. He’s also, against all odds, totally endearing. Alan’s personal style is as questionable as his character–graphic tees, white jeans, man purses (“It’s a satchel!”), and impossibly large aviator sunglasses–but I have to admit I’m charmed by his outfits as well. Is it possible to put together a flattering, stylish ensemble inspired by a such a walking faux pas? Challenge accepted… Keep reading »

Where To Get Custom-Made Clothes

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The other day, I went out to buy some new jeans. I tried on 16 pairs and not one of them fit me right. Some were too big in the hips, some were too small in the waist, too long, too short, too reminiscent of Patricia Heaton’s wardrobe in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” etc. While I was able to refrain from crying in the dressing room, I was definitely frustrated and have been daydreaming about custom clothes ever since. Not “custom” as in picking the color scheme of your sneakers, but clothing that is actually made just for you, your style and your body. In case you share my dreams, here are a few sources for custom-made clothes–from jeans to cowboy boots–guaranteed fit like a glove…

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Elk O’Clock

I’ve never seen anything quite like this elk bracelet. Everything about it — from the the rhinestone face to the majestic antlers and four chunky gold chains encircling the wrist — is so delightfully strange. Wear it with your sweet sundresses to hit up parties and concerts this summer. Not only will it add a dose of bling to your outfit, I’m sure you could use those antlers as a weapon if things got out of hand. [$7.80, cutecharmjewelry] Keep reading »

11 Things You Wouldn’t Expect To See On A Throw Pillow

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1. Nuclear Cooling Towers [$55, Etsy]

6 BFF Jewelry Sets To Share

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I’m a big fan of best friends and accessories, so of course I love best friend jewelry. Matching bracelets or necklaces are a fun throwback to elementary school style, and today we have options far beyond that classic broken heart necklace. These hand-painted bookshelf pendants, for example, look adorable separately but only form a full bookshelf when put together. Smart, huh? Click through for more cute ways to show some BFF pride … all of which are sold as a set of two (naturally). [Bookshelf Necklaces, $58, Etsy]


Do Not Want: Badly Drawn Boobs

You know how people say you should only show a little skin and leave the rest to the imagination? If you’d like to remain relatively covered up while leaving nothing to the imagination, this boobtastic T-shirt might be for you. Accessorize with joke boobs and you have a whole outfit! [$14.99, Urban Outfitters] Keep reading »

6 Times I’ve Cried In The Dressing Room And Why

I’m not big on crying in public, I swear, but dressing rooms are a different story. Maybe it’s the sting of the harsh lighting. Maybe being surrounded by mirrors makes me feel raw and introspective. Maybe I take the phrase “retail therapy” a little too seriously. Whatever the reason, I have something of a history of tearing up on shopping trips. Here are some of my most memorable fitting room cryfests… Keep reading »

An Imagined Conversation With This Furry Model

Me: Excuse me, I was–

Model: Ssshh! Don’t wake him!

Me: OK, I can whisper. Wait … who are you talking about?

Model: The spider monkey wrapped around my waist. Keep reading »

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: ’85 Pride

Whether you were born in ’85, graduated in ’85, or just have a penchant for the numbers 8 and 5, this cheery vintage mug is an excellent choice for coffee sippin’ and reminiscin’. [$3, Etsy] Keep reading »

50 Reasons You Are Beautiful

Beautiful "Imperfections"
What quirks set YOU apart? Read More »
I'm Not Beautiful
But that's okay. Read More »

When legendary sex symbol Bo Derek appeared on Oprah a few months ago, Oprah kept pressing her to tell the world something profound about being a beautiful woman, and Bo kept brushing off the questions, saying, “It’s just about the way the bones line up.” That felt pretty profound to me. In our culture, the standard of beauty is narrow, and every day we face countless reminders of the ways we fall short. When it comes down it, though, our society’s definition of beauty is simple and unromantic: it’s high cheekbones and a button nose and long legs and a small waist and so on and so on. We can only congratulate or punish ourselves so many times for the way our bones line up. Here are 50 vastly different definitions of beauty that I know to be true… Keep reading »

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