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Must Haves: 7 Plus-Size Peplum Dresses

Peplums may have seemed like a passing trend at first, but their massive popularity indicates they’re here to stay. This fun, flirty, flared-waist silhouette is a great way to accentuate your curves. We found seven sexy peplum dresses in plus sizes, all for 80 bucks or less. Click through to check ‘em out!

The Secret To A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It’s getting to be that time in February where I’m like, “Really, Winter? You’re still here?!” Pretty much the only thing getting me through these dreary gray days are the soups and amazing grilled cheese sandwiches my cheesemonger/boyfriend has been making for dinner. The other night he used this Kerrygold aged Irish cheddar on white bread with a few leaves of arugula, and it was perfection. Try it for yourself! It will help you forget that we still have a month til the official start of spring. [$5.89, Food Ireland or your local cheese seller]

Style Stealer: Naomi Watts’ Preppy Polka Dots

Naomi Watts looked like a picture of preppy perfection while running errands in Beverly Hills the other day in a polka dot blouse, sweater vest, and loafers. Want to steal her style for yourself? We’ve got all the pieces (for 70 bucks or less!) after the jump… Keep reading »

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This Is What A 40-Square-Foot Apartment Looks Like

Next time you’re feeling like your 500-square-foot studio is unbearably cramped, take a look at this photo of a “cubicle apartment” in Hong Kong. The Society for Community Organization took overhead photos of these miniscule living spaces to draw attention to the fact that over 100,000 people currently live in these tiny apartments, which are created by subdividing small apartments into smaller and smaller ones. See more photos here, but if you’re claustrophobic, you might want to grab a paper bag to breathe into before you click. [Via Neatorama]

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Michelle Obama Handled Her Midlife Crisis Just Like Everyone Else

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“This is my midlife crisis, the bangs. I couldn’t get a sports car. They won’t let me bungee-jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

–Michelle Obama has a “Stars: they’re just like us!” moment on “The Rachael Ray Show,” revealing that, like millions of women before her, she decided to cut her bangs on her 49th birthday, in the midst of a midlife crisis. Her sassy new do appears in her latest official White House portrait, shown above. As someone who has made some really terrible hair decisions as a result of various existential crises (I once got an impulse pixie cut at a salon called “The Hack And Wack”), I applaud her restraint, and I think she looks great. [People]

Life Dream Status: The US Postal Service Is Launching A Clothing Line

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I had to check multiple news sources to make sure this was actually a true story and not a cruel joke designed to prey on my simultaneous obsessions with vanity clothing lines and the postal service, but guess what? It’s true! The US Postal Service is really, truly launching a clothing line in 2014. Inspired by the old “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…” mail carrier motto, the USPS is naming their new fashion venture, “Rain Heat & Snow” and will focus on high performance clothing that allows the wearer to fend off the elements and/or take their sexy postal worker role playing games to the next level. Rain Heat & Snow will initially be available only in men’s sizes (boo!), but will expand to include women’s clothing later in the year. And unfortunately for those of us who would love to be able to buy stamps and all-weather shorts in one place, your local post office won’t be adding an apparel section–the line will be sold at department and specialty stores. I must say, knowing I will soon have the chance to dress like my mailman almost makes up for the fact that I will no longer be seeing him on Saturdays. Almost, but not quite. [Washington Post]

Watch This: Anne Hathaway Sings The “Girl Meets World” Theme Song

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Anne Hathaway has been everywhere lately, breathlessly accepting All The Awards for her portrayal of doomed prostitute Fantine in “Les Miserables.” Would it really be that hard to believe that Anne would leverage all this musical attention into a gig singing Disney show theme songs, in character? That’s the premise of this hilarious video by comedian Samantha Martin, which imagines Anne tearfully belting out the theme song to the eagerly awaited show, “Girl Meets World.” Somebody give this girl an Oscar! [YouTube]

10 Reasons You Need To Be Watching “Happy Endings”

“Happy Endings” is a show that’s so good, so hilarious, and so heartfelt, that a few weeks ago when my brother sent me a text that said, “Happy Endings might get canceled,” I thought it was a joke, like the weekly texts he sends me to inform me of Gary Busey’s untimely death. “Yeah riiiiiiight!” I replied, unable to comprehend how a show this good didn’t have a rabid fanbase of 400 million viewers (God, when did I get so naive?). Then I looked online, and found out he wasn’t joking: “Happy Endings” doesn’t have super low ratings, but they’re not great either. And ABC just moved it to Friday nights, which often proves to be the death rattle for shows on the cusp of cancellation. I. Am. Terrified. So here’s the deal: if you’re not watching “Happy Endings” yet, I need you to start watching it right now. And then I need you to forward this to all your friends. And here are 10 reasons why… Keep reading »

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Now You Can Find A Kidney Donor On Facebook

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When doctors told Jerry Wilde he would need another kidney transplant, he knew his rare blood type made for a precarious prognosis. “I thought, ‘Well this just isn’t going to happen,’” he says. “‘I’m just going to wither away.’” But everything changed when he mentioned his search for a new kidney on Facebook: Leah Hostalet, an acquaintance, saw the post and set up a page called, “Find A Kidney For Jerry,” which her friend Becky Melton happened upon while she was absentmindedly browsing Facebook one day. Becky had never met Jerry, but she was inspired by the chance to help someone in need, and after discovering the two were a positive match, she decided to give him her kidney. The transplant took place in 2012, and Jerry has been healthy ever since.

The successful match made Leah, the one who set up the Facebook page, realize how social media could transform the donor match process, so she started Find A Kidney Central, a Facebook page where those in need of a kidney could use the expansive social network to find a donor. The page has been up for a year, and matched up donors for 38 transplants so far. “My plans are to keep this page running and spread as much awareness as possible,” says Leah. “I’ll take it wherever it leads me. I feel like I’m meant to do this.” Say it with me now: “Awwww!” It’s so good to be reminded that Facebook can be used for more than just stalking exes and posting pictures of waffles. [People]

It’s About Time To Buy A Really Fabulous Watch

I’ve been looking for a chunky, menswear-inspired watch for awhile now, and this one, with a black tuxedo stripe and ring of rhinestones, might be The One. I’ll wear it with a slouchy black V-neck sweater and jeans, and be fashionably on time everywhere I go. [$22, Nordstrom]

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