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5 Facebook Fails That Keep You Coming Back For More

It’s hard to deny that Facebook is one of the most addictive guilty pleasures on the Internet. As much as we hate the idiots that clutter our feeds with stupid comments, it does give us something to laugh at.

Check out these five Facebook fails that are among the stupidest in recent memory (our memory being about two days old). Read more at TruTV…

14 Most Dangerous Places To Go On Vacation

14 Most Dangerous Places To Go On Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be fun. When I take time off, the only danger I encounter is that I might drink too many pina coladas. But some people don’t know how to relax. Their idea of fun is cliff-jumping into an active volcano or swimming with the sharks wearing a steak Speedo or going to St. Louis.

Well, we scoured the globe (from the safety of our computers, of course) to find the 14 most dangerous vacation destinations that we’d certainly never go to. Sure, call us weak… I don’t care as long as my pina colada is strong. Read more on TruTV…

Bizarre Beauty Rituals She’s Wasting Money On

Bizarre Beauty Rituals She's Wasting Money On

If your girl is anything like me, she’s probably got enough potions, lotions and creams to cover an entire army of Kate Upton clones. We spend oodles of hours and way too much cash trying to look good for you, our friends, your friends, the bus driver, that cute barista and everyone else who crosses our path. We live for compliments on our glowing skin from strangers. Dumb? Yes. A waste of time and our hard-earned benjamins? You bet. But we do it anyway.

Alas, some chicks of the OCD variety go above and beyond the occasional European facial and spa mani/pedi. This is where the practice of obtaining epidermal perfection gets weird. We’re talking slathering butt cream on your mug, having fish eat off your dead skin and plastering fine jewelry across your face for a more youthful appearance.

That’s where the most Bizarre Beauty Rituals Your Girlfriend Is Wasting Money On come in. Read more on TruTV…

17 Dumb Things About Florida

17 Dumb Things About Florida

Florida has taken a lot of heat recently, and not just because it’s the height of summer. The Sunshine State’s list of crazy court cases has run the gambit from A to Z — or more specifically, Casey Anthony to George Zimmerman. And god knows where the state’s fine citizens find the energy to deal with their court system between dodging hurricanes and outrunning alligators. Look, I don’t mean to totally come down on Florida. The place has some pretty great things, like Disney World. But it also has some pretty dumb things, like Disney World. You take a look at the list and decide for yourself. Read more on TruTV…

Swirly Pasta Fork: Lazy Eaters Rejoice!

Swirly Pasta Fork: Lazy Eaters Rejoice!

Do you love spaghetti but find twirling it makes you sleepy?

Well never fear, you can now burn even fewer calories while you eat massive amounts of carbs, thanks to inventor Bob Balow and his Spaghetti-Pasta-Noodle Fork.  Bob’s site says it’s “EASY & FUN. the Pasta Fork is for EatingYOUR Spaghetti or Noodles!”  (As opposed to eating the pasta of someone else?) Read more on TruTV…

The 15 Dumbest Art Installations

The 15 Dumbest Art Installations

It’s summer.  Time to kick back, relax and take a gander at absurd photos of kooky art that make you wonder if you might have what it takes to be a great artist.

You know, because what it takes seems to be insanity, some glue sticks and the ability to charm some municipality into letting you stick something funny in a bizarre place.

From a 90-foot cardboard box man hanging from a bridge to a woman who sleeps naked with pigs while you watch and even drunk Ernie here… there’s nothing not awesome about silly art that goes long. Read more on TruTV…

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