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Beauty How-To: Choosing The Right Bangs For Your Face Shape

Bangs are like denim: one size does not fit all. If you want to add bangs to your ‘do, make sure you know what kind your face shape takes. Not sure where your bangs should fall? No problem! We’ve got your go-to guide for choosing the right bangs for you. Keep reading »

Win This! $50 Bare Necessities Gift Card

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken, The Frisky wants to be your Valentine. Look for a contest each day leading up to Feb. 14. Prizes will include makeup, books, lingerie, jewelry, and more, but each one only lasts a day—enter now!

When it comes to making Valentine’s Day something special, there are certain basic musts: chocolate, flowers, and, of course, underwear so sexy it’ll make him wonder why V-Day doesn’t come more often. For everything underthings, turn to Bare Necessities, the online lingerie shop that carries some of our favorite basic Calvin Klein bras, classic Cosabella thongs, and tons of sleepwear, but also brings the best in completely romantic get-ups. Try a lacy cutout teddy by Blush, coquettish garter belts by Jezebel, or some cheeky embroidered-bum panties. Of course, you’re not obligated to spend your winnings on something that’s really meant for him, and you could, for example, stock up on some Spanx. [Bare Necessities]

WIN THIS! We’re giving away one $50 gift card to Bare Necessities, but you have to work if you want it. Tell us your best tip for picking out lingerie in the comments by 3:39 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 9 (that’s tomorrow!). We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

UPDATE!The winner of the Bare Necessities gift card is wikid for this comment:

When shopping for lingerie the most important rule I follow is this: Does it turn me on to think about wearing it? This encompasses a few things: is it comfortable? Is it flattering? Do I feel sexy in it? Will my partner like it? But most of all it should reflect your desires and fantasies. Ultimately, lingerie is a way to escape to Sexyville and if it doesn’t have the gas to get you there, then you and your partner are both going to be stranded.

Thanks for all your lingerie-buying tips! Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Give Yourself a Manicure

Manicures are an easy way to drop a lot of dough on something you can do at home. No matter how unsteady you think your hand may be, with the right tools and our tips you’ll be polishing your way to perfection in no time.

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Beauty How-to: Fill in Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face and enhance your best features. If there are bald spots, or sparse areas in your brows, no one is going to notice your almond shaped eyes or defined cheekbones… trust us. Take up a pencil and follow our instructions.

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Beauty How-To: Apply Pencil Eyeliner

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner:
Eye liner is a cosmetic essential. Without it eyes would be undefined, unappealing, and even unnoticed. This makeup standard is the key to a pulled-together face, and both pencil and liquid applications can be a breeze.

Select a Quality Pencil Liner:
A decent pencil will leave a solid, dark line without much pressure being applied. Test the application on the back of your hand before you purchase a product if your store allows for testers. Waterproof liners are also great because they are long lasting and smudge-proof.

Prep Your Space and Your Face :
This ain’t no lipstick trick- you do need a mirror. Good lighting is also a plus, and eye shadow should be applied before the liner.

Pull Your Lid Taut:
With your eye closed, use your free hand to pull the far corner of your eye outward so that the lid is tight and uncreased, sort of life the “after” of a bad face lift.

Line Your Eyes:
Starting from either corner, draw sort and soft dashes of liner across your lid, keeping the line as close to your lash line as possible. All of the small stroke should blend into the next one so that the small dashes are attached to each other.

Increase the Impact:
Draw one seamless and fluid line across the one you just made, keeping the pencil close to the lash line, thickening toward the outer corner.

Blend Your Line:
For a more natural appearance, use a sponge tool, cotton swab, or finger to blend the liner, creating a softer look and the impression of a more defined lash line.

Line Your Lower Lid:
Move from the outer crease of your eye on the lower lash line and create the same soft, light sweeps of eye liner under your bottom lid. Note: this will make your eyes look smaller.

Lock in the Liner:
Apply a light coating of eye shadow over the eyeliner to set it and prevent it from smudging.
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Beauty How-To: Use Eyeshadow To Line Eyes

Eye shadow is the Jekyll and Hyde of a makeup case. When it comes to eye lining with shadow, a punchy color and intense application leaves your peepers lined with drama, while a soft sweep of powder creates a softer look.

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