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Tuesday Quickies!

  • Kate Beckinsale hates her butt. Who hates Kate Beckinsale’s self-loathing? We do! [Candy Kirby]
  • John McCain is doing a fundraiser with a guy who compared rape to the weather saying, “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Ick. [Feministing]
  • Girl-on-girl action: why chicks dig other chicks. Cause boobs are soft and cuddly? [College Candy]
  • Growing up with a feminist dad is awesome. [Daily Bedpost]
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    Quick Pic: Rachel Bilson Is On A Shopping MISSION & Cannot Be Stopped!

    Three things we know she already has: straw fedora, fierce shades, and a jersey dress. [New York City, 6/1708] Keep reading »

    Quick Pic: Keira Knightly Is Mad About Plaid

    And Catherine is going to be mad that she doesn’t have that plaid. [Radio 1, London, U.K., 6/17/08] Keep reading »

    Quick Pic: Rihanna Talks And Walks

    RiRi has officially revived teal green. [Da Silvano restaurant, New York City, 6/16/08]
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    Quick Pic: Kelly Ripa Braves A Rain Storm

    And she also makes good use of the intense wind. [Jorge Posada Gala, New York City, 6/16/08] Keep reading »

    Monday Quickies!

  • It’s official. We’re in love with Current’s Sarah Haskins. [Current]
  • Thank you for reading The Frisky. After all, you could be reading this posh lady’s blog about her May/December romance with husband, Chappy! [NY Times]
  • Tell your dirty, naughty stories to MTV’s new sex blog, Stand By What You Say, which benefits AIDS/HIV charity []
  • A woman has five dead husbands…and she’s finally being investigated. [CNN]
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    Quick Pic: What Happened To Kristen Wiig’s Face?

    Fingers crossed that the black eyes and swollen face she’s sporting do not indicate cosmetic surgery of some kind. Because we thought she was perfect before. Then again, if it’s not plastic surgery…has some a-hole been beating up on our beloved Target Lady?! [Los Angeles, 6/16/08] Keep reading »

    Quick Pic: George Clooney Goes For A Spin Around Lake Como

    So that’s where Lance’s bike is! [Lake Como, Italy, 6/16/08]
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    Quick Pic: Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong Go To See Iron Maiden

    Do you think they walked or biked? [New York City, 6/15/08]
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    Quick Pic: Happy Father’s Day!

    …to our dads and to our DILFS.
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