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Beauty How-To: Choose Blush for Medium Skin

Adding a few swipes of color to your cheeks is like frosting a cupcake. It adds the sweet, tempting topping that makes an already appealing treat even more desirable. But while we can all agree on buttercream or chocolate fudge frosting, the right blush color is harder to pick.

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Beauty How-To: Dye Your Own Hair

If you plan on pulling a 360- going from black to blond or vice versa- we recommend consulting a professional. But for a standard single process, skip the salon (and its bill) and do your own dye-job.

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The 7 Guys You’ll End Up Dating

Dating. It’s the nightmare from which you never wake up. Why do we do it? Because it’s the best way to find the guy we want to marry. And why do we want to get married? So we never have to date again. Find out the seven types of guys you’re more than likely to end up dating along the way. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, girlfriend. Keep reading »

And The Prize Goes To … The Best Awkward Kiss Story

There are awkward kisses, and then there are awkward kisses. We asked you to share your most embarrassing smooch story in exchange for the French flick “Shall We Kiss?” and man, have you guys had some hilarious lip-locking sessions! The winner, however, is commenter Terpgirl131 for this comment:

I went to visit my best friend in Chicago for her birthday when I was 16. After her party, we ended up at her crush’s house with he and his friend, and he had a sauna in his basement. Marissa and David left to go do their thing, leaving me alone with this kid who I’d never met before.  He immediately pounced on me and started making out, with no transition towards it or anything. It was super awkward, but I was so surprised I couldn’t do anything but kiss back. When I finally made an excuse to leave, I saw that he had legitimately come on my mesh shorts. Being 16 and super paranoid, I went to the woman’s health clinic and got the morning after-after pill.  So yes, this 5 minute make out session ended with me getting Plan B.

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And The Prize Goes To … The Best Tip For Spending Quality Time With Your S.O.

Last week, we asked you for your best tip for spending quality time with your boo in exchange for a weekend at New York City’s Buckingham Hotel. You guys had some pretty amazing ideas that we’re gonna have to incorporate into our own love lives, but we decided that michaelmidwest‘s deserved the prize:

My advice is not what to do together. It is what not to do apart. When you and your significant other are at work, out with a friend, studying, or any other activity separated, it is important to not send them constant updates. Reduce the text messages, drop the twitter updates and go about your day. When you return home, you and your partner will have more to talk about and share. Also, conversations usually have more meaning because your ideas and words have had time to stew versus being spewed the moment you feel something. Technology gives us instant access to those we love, but this level of hyper-connectedness can dull down the romance.  GO OUT Have your OWN time and when you connect FACE to FACE share something real.  Love is Poetry, not a Meme.

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Win This! Weekend Stay At NYC’s Buckingham Hotel

buckingham hotel g1 jpg
Beyond the stuffed bears and chocolate hearts, Valentine’s Day is about being with the people you love, whether that’s your boyfriend, sister, or best friend. The best way to celebrate a relationship isn’t with presents, but with a little quality time together. Win our final Valentine’s Day contest, and you’ll get to spend a memorable weekend with a special someone at New York City’s Buckingham Hotel.

Opened in the late ’20s, the Buckingham Hotel is across the street from Carnegie Hall. The hotel is decorated with a subtle musical theme, representing the many virtuosic performers who have stayed in its rooms while in town to perform. The lobby paneling is even made from the same wood used to make violins!

WIN THIS! We’re giving away a two-night stay at the Buckingham Hotel (not including travel, food, or beverages), but you have to work if you want it. Tell us your best tip for spending quality time with your significant other by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18. We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner next Friday. Click HERE for the official rules.

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