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The 15 Hookups We Sort Of Regret

We hate those people who smugly say, “I have no regrets.” If you have no regrets in life, you lack the ability to look back on the choices you’ve made, recognize mistakes, and take steps to do better in the future. We have plenty of regrets, but recognizing them doesn’t mean that we dwell on what we did wrong in the past; it just means we’re better prepared to not make the same mistakes in the future. That’s why we would never sleep with these 15 dudes again. Once was enough. Keep reading »

Have You Dated A Penis Enhancement Pill Popper?

There is something about penis enhancement pills that just seems taboo. Almost like diet pills. You don’t want to admit to taking them because well they’re not healthy for you, and well, they’re simply for your appearance and nothing else, except your self esteem. At the spritely young age of 19, I never thought I would come in contact with penis enhancement pills, unless it was a commercial for viagra, in which I simply giggled and say “thank goodness my man doesn’t need that”. Then I met him.

I was dating a guy who was on the Football team in college. He had a body that looked like it was straight out of Playgirl, big blue eyes and a sweet personality; not to mention he was a country boy, accent and all, the only thing missing was a pair of overalls and cowboy hat. I thought, could he get any hotter? While I hate to admit he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he was fun for the time being. We were dating for about a month and decided to have sex. He wasn’t the greatest kisser, but when I saw what he was packing that did not matter. Let me tell you about his penis … Keep reading »

What Was Your Worst Dating Experience?

I’m newly single and definitely on the dating scene. I’ve dated a couple of guys here and there. Cute, not so cute, smart, not so smart, I consider men to be like ice cream flavors; you can’t judge until you’ve tried them. Well, this one wasn’t really worth trying. If I compared this date to ice cream, it would taste like old rotten milk with sprinkles and a Yarmulke on top. He asked me on a date and also asked that I pick the place. I picked a place that was fairly priced and conveniently located. Not only did he show up 10 minutes late, he showed up wearing a blue cotton button down collared shirt, tucked into light denim washed skinny, but not so skinny, jeans. They were a cross between skinny jeans and boot cut, quite frankly, I’m not sure what they really were. He had on a brown belt, and these awful black leather, scuffed, square toe loafers. I was already turned off. Call me super shallow but this outfit was too much to digest and we hadn’t even started dinner yet. We talked about life and what not and when the bill came, I put my hand on it and simply asked if I could split it with him. I’m not one to expect a man to pay for dinner, especially on a first day, but instead of simply answering with a “Yes, sure” like a gentleman would have, he responded by saying, “Yea, I was hoping you’d say that, I can’t afford to pay for a dinner for two people right now.” He then pulled out his headband and put it on his head to hold his hair back. I was so confused as to what was going on at the table. This date was a date from hell. I ended up paying for more of the bill than he did and I guess it was better off that way. I paid to not go on a second date.

This date was surely from hell, and beyond uncomfortable … do you have any terrible dating stories to share? Keep reading »

Introducing Our New Sex Column: Sex With Steph

Got sex questions you just can’t ask anyone else? Not sure who to turn to for your bedroom issues? Longing to get help with your intimate sex problems? We here at The Frisky are super happy to introduce our new sex column: “Sex with Steph.” Sex columnist Steph Auteri will be answering reader questions on all things sex-related, from safe sex to self-pleasuring, relationship sex to married sex, and all things vagina and penis related. We like to think of her as our sexpert next door. You may have read her already in Time Out New York or Playgirl or on Lemondrop or here. She’s an assistant editor at one of our favorite sites, YourTango, where she focuses on relationships and love. When it comes to sex, you can talk to Steph about anything. Chances are her sex life is way more embarrassing. Email her your sex questions at Keep reading »

Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 5: “Cold Denial”

Diane, a recent divorcee denies having a cold and the need to be on her ex’s health insurance. It’s not like she’s going to get salmonella poisoning or get hit by a bus, right? Finance Expert Manisha Thakor says wrong — one visit to the hospital can prove catastrophic consequences to your finances. [Therapy For Your Pocketbook]

Keep reading »

Win This! The Burlesque Handbook By Headmistress Jo Weldon

Headmistress Jo Weldon, aka Jo Boobs, gave us a few tips for giving a sexy striptease earlier this month. But a burlesque show is so much more than taking off your clothes. You’ve got to entice, tease, and maybe deliver. That’s why she’s written The Burlesque Handbook, a classy how-to for anyone looking to spice things up … or take on a side job. The guide touches on classic and neo-burlesque, but you’ll also learn about the fabulous makeup and costumes. Now all you need to do is come up with a sexy pin-up name. [Barnes&Noble]

WIN THIS! We’re giving away three copies of The Burlesque Handbook, but you have to work if you want one. In the comments, tell us how you like to tease and entice your partner by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, June 24. We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner Friday, June 25. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

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