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I Love You To Death

This Loved necklace from Yassai 7 reminds you that now, more than ever, it’s time to make love, not war. The letters may be made out of high-powered artillery, but the message is 100 percent hippie. The pendant comes on a 22-inch gunmetal chain, and it’s $75. If you like the urban guerrilla girl theme, you may like Yassai 7′s brass knuckle-and-peace necklace, their fighter planes on a chain, or this shout-out for peace in the Middle East. Who knew being stylish could be so political? [The Cut] Keep reading »

Let Me Comb Your Hair, Little Man

Tom Ford‘s relentless campaign to sex up the world will not be stopped, dammit! [Fashion Gone Rogue] Keep reading »

Clothes … For Chickens?

Forget pugs, teacup piglets, and kittens. The hot new pet trend? Chickens! Yes, you can have a chicken as a pet. New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean wrote about her chicken obsession after readers of her Twitter feed were fascinated by the exploits of her pet chicken, Chicken Orlean. But if you’re going to have a trendy pet, you’re going to have to dress it up in human clothes, right? Ergo, the Chickens Suit. It’s like a jumpsuit! For chickens! The different ensembles come in a variety of styles, including those modeled after your nation’s flag, and the Chickens Suit website directs you on how to dress your chicken without turning it into dinner: “Carefully rotate your chicken’s wing and then simply pull it through the tailored wing opening.” Check out more chickens modeling the latest on the poultry runways after the jump. Keep reading »

Dance, Pony Girl, Dance!

The latest entry in the, er, horse hoof boot trend comes from Iris Schieferstein, who designed these outrageously vom-inducing horse hoof and gun-heeled boots. Ack! Guess who won’t be wearing them? PETA employees, for sure. [Inventor Spot] Keep reading »

With A Doormat Scale, You May Get Far Fewer Guests

Don’t like guests? Want to give people a reason to never come over and visit you? The Doormat Scale is the perfect solution! When potential visitors are forced to find out how much they weigh before setting foot in your house, you’ll never have to entertain again! Of course, designer Emilio Alarcón notes, “Not everyone will find the Doormat Scale amusing.” I know I would not. If I came face-to-face with the Doormat Scale, I would run screaming for my life. Purportedly, the point of this “welcome” mat scale is not to humiliate but to bring to the fore one of the taboos we would rather ignore. What if your weight were on the table, so to speak? Would everyone worry about how much they weigh anymore if everyone knew how much each other weighed? Either way, Alarcón notes, it’s a “conversation starter.” I’m just not sure that’s a conversation I want to have. [StyleFrizz] Keep reading »

Dude With Biggest Penis In The World Is Unemployed


And you thought you had it hard in this economy. Not even Jonah Falcon, the man with the biggest penis in the world, can find a job. At 39, Falcon, whose penis is 13.5 inches long, is among the ranks of the unemployed. While he’s worked as a freelance journalist, his dream is to become a screenwriter. He thought his big break had come when HBO created a series about a well-endowed male prostitute, “Hung.” Tragically, they didn’t want Falcon or his expertise. Nowadays, he spends his time looking for work and living with his mom. You’d think he might make a foray into the adult movie industry during these trying times, but he refuses. If he did porn, he says, “Nobody would take me seriously. Nobody.” You’d think there’s be some way for a guy with his, er, talent to make money. Hmmm … Can’t you girls think of something? [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

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