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Want To Look Good In Photos? Here’s How

Celebrity photographer Josh Kessler has snapped portraits of Mischa Barton, Mandy Moore, Susan Lucci, Betsey Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and the “Jersey Shore” cast, to name a few. He’s also had his fair share of beauty experience, creating lookbooks for Nexxus salon haircare, sponsor of Bravo’s hairstyling show, “Shear Genius.”

Kessler was kind enough to meet with a few editors on the heels of the “Shear Genius” headshot challenge episode, offering up his expertise in snapping flattering portraits. As someone who tends to be pretty critical of myself in photos, I jumped at the chance to score some pointers for those of us without a team of professionals to guide us. Read more Keep reading »

A “Scrunchie” Story: The Secret History Of The “Cockroach” Of All Hair Accessories

Recently, Catherine Zeta-Jones wore a scrunchie. In public.

I have to admit, I thought scrunchies were just a distant memory of decades past — one that most of us would like to forget, for that matter. So I expressed the general consensus — to my fellow stylish office mates — that scrunchies are over.

But then something happened. A great scrunchie debate ensued, as comments from our readers poured in, declaring things like “Who are you to approve or disapprove of scrunchies,” “You are so wrong. The scrunchie was the perfect thing to wear,” and “She can put her hair up with anything she wants.” Keep reading »

From Bleached Brows To The New Cankle Trend – Outrageous Style Predictions for 2010

The new decade is here and many avid trend-followers are gearing up for a great year in fashion. But some tastemakers and trend experts have already looked into their Swarovski crystal balls to call out a few major style events way early.

From predicting First Lady Michelle Obama will expand her fashion comfort zone (literally!) by exploring “edgier” outfits like jeggings and the Snuggie, to forecasting that pin-thin Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s main designer man, will go back to fat, making “pudge” the new “black” for 2010. Read more
Keep reading »

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