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Love Heats Up The Ice

Not just sequins and spandex, this time love was also in the air at the 2008 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Olympic skating stars John Baldwin and Rena Inoue both had successful singles careers. Inoue, originally skated for Japan, but fell for blond Baldwin and switched teams (not in the gay way). They skated together for the U.S. in the 2006 Winter Olympics and are the first duo to successfully land a triple axel. You know with moves like that, the sex must be pretty crazy! After their most recent program at the national competition, John surprised Rena when he got down on bended knee in the middle of the ice and proposed. Aw, man. It was so cute, we began to feel guilty for staring at his butt. Luckily, we’ve still got single skating hotties Ryan Bradley and Brian Joubert to melt our ice. So, congratulations to the happy couple on both their silver medal and their engagement! [You Tube] Keep reading »

The Daily Hotness: Kylie Minogue

Say what you want about her recent red carpet outfits, but frankly, with a body like that, no one is looking at the dress. Since the Aussie actress turned dance floor diva in the late 80’s, she has survived grunge, perms, and breast cancer. And both her music and her good looks keep getting hotter! Infact, we’re starting to get suspicious that she’s one of those sexy robots that guy on the Colbert Report was talking about. Her highly anticipated new album, simply called X, is set for release February 12. Check out the video for one of her singles, which is entitled with the same onomatopoeia we’d use for her: Wow! (Props to Perez for getting it released early!) “Read my lips, I’m into you!” she says. Yeah, we know the feeling Kylie, cause we can’t get YOU out of our heads! [Perez Hilton] Keep reading »

Communication Breakdown: Mercury Is In Retrograde

From now through February 19th, Mercury turns retrograde because of Aquarius, aka your life is going to get seriously messed up. Watch your mouth and back up your computer files because for the next three weeks communication will get more damaged than Britney’s kids. But don’t freak out, because now is the perfect time for introspection. You should be chock full of ideas, focus, and independence. Just don’t let all that personal empowerment make you so stubborn you screw up your plans with other people. Namely, your boyfriend. Now is the perfect time for a huge, dish-throwing, drag-out fight. [Blog Her]

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What Clay Is Aiken To Tell You

Clay Aiken is back at it, answering questions about his sexuality — or a lack thereof, as he’s claiming now. In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Clay said he is asexual because he is “just too busy for a relationship” since his career is what he likes to do. Yeah, did I mention the interview was to plug his new role in a musical on Broadway? No offense to decorators and fashion designers, but jobs don’t get any gayer than theater singer/dancer/actor. Well, at least Clay will be among plenty of friends of Dorothy in the Big Apple.While he can keep masking his orientation, his guise is doing all the talking. Aiken everyday looks more and more akin to another gay music icon, David Bowie. I bet they have more in common than haircuts. See Clay, there’s a fan base out there for you! [ABCNews]
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Note to Johnny Depp: Drag Queens Lip-Synch Better Than Your Wife

Oh Johnny Depp. You’re so hot you can do a musical movie, impersonate Michael Jackson, drag it up as Ed Wood and still, no one questions your sexuality. We women refuse to lose you to the other team! But now, after seeing this video of your wife Vanessa Paradis, dazed and confused, lip-synching at the NRJ awards in France, I wish you were life partners with RuPaul. How is she your better half? You’re so suave, so sensitive, so sexy….so bad at picking up cool chicks? This lame model makes me wanna cry, baby. But Amelia swears Vanessa is actually a decent chanteusse and pretty much the coolest girl in France — so she just gives a sucky live show? [YouTube] Keep reading »

Hottie Trend: Rockstars Get So Much P*ssy

What could make Pete Doherty cuter than his baby face? Saving kittens! Apparently the professional musician and recovering addict is a big softie when it comes to petting little furry animals- which is weird cause we know Kate Moss has got a brazilian. He’s opening his wallet like his heart and the indie angel is reportedly looking to fund an animal shelter in his hood. Doherty has even saved a one-legged hedgehog from the side of the road. You’ll never believe what the hard rock/harder drugs man named it: Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle! It’s sooooooooo sweet, we’re not even worried he’s going to give it crack (like he did his last cat). Awwwww, rescue me, Petey! 

But if you really like to see hot rockers playing with the other kind of pussy, then you have to check out the Liars video for their hit Houseclouds. The shirtless lead singer and gentle giant, Angus, sings to kitty. Purr! Keep reading »

New Kids Back On The Block?

Quit playing games with my heart! Oh wait, wrong boy band, but still, are New Kids on the Block getting back together or what?! People says yes, Danny says no, but then he tells you to go to the newly created to check for announcements. You tease! I’m sure you boys, who are now almost 40, still got the right stuff. Leggings and Ray Bans are big again, it’s your turn to make a comeback. So, pack a bag full of condoms and hit the road already! We’ve been waiting to be loved by you since the 80’s. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. [Perez Hilton] Keep reading »

Laugh Like The Girls Next Door

You know how when people spend a lot of time together they start to dress alike, talk alike, act alike…I know it’s a slippery slope. But I’m obsessed with the Girls Next Door, the show about Hugh Heffner’s 3 blonde lady friends and I’m worried it’s beginning to show. Although I’ve already seen every episode, like a huge geek, I asked for the DVD’s for Chanukah. At first I was excited to watch them Playboy bunny it up over and over again, but now I realize the darkside of the force that is Hef’s gf’s: their laugh. Like one of Holly’s parrots, I’ve managed to pick up their distinct ½ stoner ½ blonde chuckle. Just the sound of it makes my tits seem fake. I hope it’s just a phase and soon again I’ll be able to giggle like I have a degree. But I’m pretty sure Nostradamus predicted the beginning of the apocolypse will be caused by an innocent meeting at the mansion, Kendra and Fran Drescher sharing a laugh. Keep reading »

A Real-Life Lesbian Love Crime Story

Hold on tight because Twisted Triangle, a new in depth, tell-all, true story, about a lesbian FBI agent is set to hit the shelves. Crime writer Patricia Cornwell, best known for her character Dr. Kay Scarpetta, seduced the blonde-haired blue-eyed bureau agent, Margo Bennett, while researching a novel back in the 90’s. What started as an innocent slip of a heel up Margo’s leg at work led to torrid affair. Their sexy secret love was made into a public scandal when Margo’s FBI agent husband, in a fit of passion, tried to kill her in church. But who cares about him?! Between the sheets, the suits, the secrets, and the guns, there’s sure to be plenty of hot girl-on-girl action. [Page Six] Keep reading »

University Publishes Steamy Student Sex Survey

The smarty-pants at the University of Cambridge conducted a study to find out where all the sluts were hiding at their school. Researchers, through an online survey, asked 1,000 of their students about their sex lives and found that the more students performed in bed, the worse they performed in their classes. Beyond making the grade, they were even able to pinpoint which academic pursuits would keep you a virgin. Half the math department, which ranks #1 in marks, couldn’t get laid even with straight A’s. On the other hand, coed’s pursuing medicine were found to be the friskiest, having the most sexual partners. All in all, the report card shows Cambridge is a school for experimentation, as 60% of students claimed they’ve done it outdoors, 25% are into S&M, and 15% have played a part in group sex. [Newsweek] Keep reading »

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