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8 Celebrity Shotgun Weddings

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It was a big weekend for the shotgun wedding. Alicia Keys married producer Swizz Beatz in the Mediterranean, and the fully pregnant songstress wore a Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress. The couple announced the baby and their engagement in May, but two years of rumors threw everyone off the wedding’s scent. [Huffington Post]

Although a wedding seems stressful enough without worrying about a bun in the oven, a good number of celebs have gone the shotgun route. We rounded up a few of our favorites!

12 Celebs Who’ve Gone Topless To Push Products

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Jennifer Aniston has been killing it lately with the sexy advertisements. Driving down Sunset Boulevard, there are as many SmartWater ads as there are “Salt” promos. Now, Jen’s gone topless for her new Lolavie perfume ads, and I’ve gotta say that she looks totally beautiful. The fragrance is debuting at Harrod’s in London this week and not to be hung up on old news, but I hope that Brad Pitt feels a little remorseful when he sees them. [Huffington Post]

I’m still not sure what boobies have to do with perfume, but they’ve been used to sell stranger things. We’ve rounded up 11 other celebs who’ve gone topless (or more) to hawk products.

10 Celeb Tattoos That Don’t Make Any Sense

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As someone who’s accumulated six tattoos over the years, I know how tempting it can be just to run into the shop for the love of that buzzing gun and get something random inked on the spot. We’re still trying to decode Angelina Jolie‘s new tattoo that maybe says “Whiskey & Beer” or “Whitey & Bear” or something “for Brad“? I guess it’s an inside joke, whatever it says.

It seems celebs have even worse luck than the rest of us when it comes to getting nonsensical tattoos, so we rounded up 10 of our favorites.

10 Celebrity Moms Who Might Consider Posing For Playboy

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I’m not sure what the fascination is with seeing other people’s moms naked, but I’m betting that Justin Bieber‘s momma Pattie Mallette (left) is going to turn down Playboy‘s $50,000 offer to pose topless. Her son’s just turned into a veritable money cornucopia. Now that she’s helped him sky-rocket to fame, she doesn’t need a measly 50K or the inevitable shame it would cause her teenage son. But this did get us thinking about some other celebrity moms who might want to consider posing for Playboy.

10 Celebs Gives Their Rationale For Their Boob Jobs

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Last week, Us Weekly alleged that Kate Gosselin got breast implants. And not only that—she brought along longtime bodyguard Steve Neild for her consultation and it was supposedly him who made up her mind on which kind to get. According to a source, “Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best.” I guess having a new lease on life and a hottie bodyguard by your side is reason enough to get a boob job? [Fox News]

Not that we believe this Kate story, but it has got us thinking about why other celebrity women decided to get their breasts enlarged. After the jump, some of their very interesting rationales.

10 Stars Under 40 Who’ve Had Way Too Much Plastic Surgery

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I don’t think many people will argue that Heidi Montag looked better before her recent plastic surgery adventure. Now she looks a bit like Malibu Barbie. Plastic surgery so rarely stops at one procedure and is a gateway drug to scary! Here are 10 celebs under 40 who should have given the scalpel the finger.

8 Unlikely Celebrity Shoe Addicts

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Five-time Olympic gold medal speed skater and 2007 “Dancing with the Stars” winner Apolo Anton Ohno admitted to People that he’s got a thing for shoes. “I have a lot of shoes, I have a weird, weird, obsessive amount of shoes,” he said. “I just ordered three more pairs the other day … It’s bad. It’s a problem. The first step is admitting it, and I just did!” [People]

It seems like celebrities like to say they’re addicted to shoes. Perhaps because it helps shopaholics relate to them? Here are some surprising (and some not-so-surprising) celebrity shoe addicts.

10 Celebs With Religious Tattoos

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David Beckham showed off his newest tattoo when AC Milan (the football club that the LA Galaxy loaned him to) beat, um, another team. That’s not the point, though. David’s new tattoo on his right side depicts Jesus preparing to be nailed to the cross—it was taken from a painting by Matthew R. Brooks. The tattoo is Beckham’s fourth Christian tattoo, though he also has one tattoo in Hindi and one in Hebrew. [SkyNews]

I know that celebrities have plenty of reasons to count their blessings, but is that why there seem to be so many of them stabbing their bodies with ink to broadcast their religious beliefs? At least there aren’t any Scientology tattoos yet. Get ready for some famous flesh!

Leighton Meester’s Sex Tape? Our Other Favorite (Maybe) Porn Stars

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