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11 Celebrity Couples Who Didn’t Have Prenups

11 Celebrity Couples Who Didn't Have Prenups

“I want to make our wedding just about me and her loving each other. We want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it normal. It ain’t about selling the pictures, it ain’t about doing no prenup.”

That’s what Russell Brand had to say back in October 2010, just days before he wed Katy Perry in an extravagant ceremony in India. Now, of course, it seems like Brand lucked out, at least financially. Last Friday, the comedian filed for divorce from Katy Perry (who didn’t want to file herself and offend her extremely religious parents) and the couples’ assets are up for grabs. Brand apparently stands to make, gulp, an estimated $20 million from the pop star’s fortune because, under California law, the state’s community property clause splits money and property acquired during the union 50/50 when there isn’t a prenup. Someone should have told Katy that rich “California Girls” cover their assets before walking down the aisle. It remains to be seen, of course, how this will actually play out in court and whether Brand will actually go for “his” half of Katy’s fortune. [Hollywood Life]

After the jump, more celebs who got married sans prenups. Spoiler alert: Most of their stories don’t end so well.

9 Celebrity Couples In Open Relationships

Celebrity Couples In Open Relationships

According to The National Enquirer, Rachael Ray’s husband, John Cusimano, is a regular patron of an exclusive, members-only NYC swingers club called Checkmate. What a great name, by the way. But back to their marriage. Cusimano was allegedly a member at Checkmate since before he married Ray seven years ago. Sources say he’s been spotted at the club at least six times, but never with Rachael.

“After a bit of socializing at the buffet and the bar, John would always make his way to the back room. And every time he was observed in the coed locker room, he never took a shower alone. He’d always stop by the club’s buffet before closing to grab a few bagels for the road.”

OK. I can no longer take this story seriously because of the bit about the bagels. He’s married to Rachael Ray, does he really need to pilfer bagels from a swingers club when he can just go home and have one of her 30-minute meals? I’m not buying it. Either way, having an open relationship is no big deal. Lots of couples do it successfully. Click through to see some more famous folks who are open to being open. [Dlisted]

8 Celebrity Couples Who Did Babies Before Marriage

kids first g1 jpg
The saying goes “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” But celebrities do whatever the hell they want and sometimes just flip it. Just this weekend, our favorite jack***, Johnny Knoxville, married his girlfriend of two years, Naomi Nelson, just two days after proposing to her. However, the two welcomed son Rocko Akira Clapp last December. Knoxville, whose real name is Philip John Clapp, also has a teenage daughter from his previous 11-year marriage. [Celebrity Mania]

Knoxville is in pretty good company with other celebs who had kids and tied the knot later on. More after the jump.

6 Low-Key Celebrity Couples Who’ve Been Together Forevs

8 Celebrity Shotgun Weddings

shotgun g1 jpg
It was a big weekend for the shotgun wedding. Alicia Keys married producer Swizz Beatz in the Mediterranean, and the fully pregnant songstress wore a Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress. The couple announced the baby and their engagement in May, but two years of rumors threw everyone off the wedding’s scent. [Huffington Post]

Although a wedding seems stressful enough without worrying about a bun in the oven, a good number of celebs have gone the shotgun route. We rounded up a few of our favorites!

12 Celebs Who’ve Gone Topless To Push Products

topless jennifer aniston jpg
Jennifer Aniston has been killing it lately with the sexy advertisements. Driving down Sunset Boulevard, there are as many SmartWater ads as there are “Salt” promos. Now, Jen’s gone topless for her new Lolavie perfume ads, and I’ve gotta say that she looks totally beautiful. The fragrance is debuting at Harrod’s in London this week and not to be hung up on old news, but I hope that Brad Pitt feels a little remorseful when he sees them. [Huffington Post]

I’m still not sure what boobies have to do with perfume, but they’ve been used to sell stranger things. We’ve rounded up 11 other celebs who’ve gone topless (or more) to hawk products.

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