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StyleHiving: Rock It Like Audrina Partridge

Part three in our series about The Hills‘ girls’ style is Audrina Partridge. The most “rock ‘n’ roll” of the group, Audrina has a real knack for infusing even the most basic items with a edge, which she softens with feminine touches. She’s not afraid to play up her sexuality but always manages to stop short of being too overtly sexual.
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Stylehiving: Whitney Port’s Got Style

Whitney Port, from The Hills, manages to infuse even the most daring items with sleek femininity and sophistication for a unique sense of style. Whitney loves to mix it up by playing with the unexpected and not being afraid to try a range of looks, from demure and dainty to scandalous and sexy. She’s a big fan of adding offbeat elements, like a rare vintage top or statement-making accessories; to showcase her utterly unique sense of style that is so effortless. Keep reading »

StyleHiving: Lauren Conrad’s Date Style

Week after week millions of viewers tune in for another gripping episode of pseudo reality series The Hills, oftentimes for reasons that they themselves don’t understand. Whether you love it or are fed up with all the hype and the never-ending Heidi vs Lauren feud, there’s no denying that this show is perhaps the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. While Lauren Conrad’s relationship track record is pretty bleak, her date-night ensemble choices have rendered her a bona fide fashion mini-icon. As long as you stay away from dating complete tools, borrowing a play or two from the LC fashion play book can really help you score big on your next date.
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StyleHiving: Short Up For Spring!

It seemed like it was never gonna happen, but spring is finally in the air! While some celebrate by partaking in any possible outdoor activity — long walks, picnics, sitting outside and reveling in the fact that such an act is no longer torturous — others, like yours truly, reach for their favorite warm-weather appropriate ensembles. Mine is comprised of a formula that is quite basic and yields solid results. Ready? Super short shorts, a cute top, and killer heels. This look is all about the legs, hence, all other areas of skin aside from your face should go into hiding — you gotta leave something to the imagination. I tend t think the top should also be relatively subdued, so no crazy patterns, embellishments, ruffles, and so on. The key here to keep it effortlessly sexy. A thin top, floaty blouse, or even a mildly sexy cami topped with a thin cardigan are all great ways to keep it mellow on top. My suggestions, after the jump! Keep reading »

StyleHiving: Take It From These Guy Celebs

To dress to impress on a date, one must first possess a firm understanding of what guys find sexiest on their ladies. And there is no better way to acquire such knowledge than to hear it straight from the fellas themselves. So far, you’ve seen my take, opinions from ‘regular guys,’ and tips I acquired on the matter from Tyson Beckford and some of his underlings on the Bravo series Make Me A Supermodel. For this week’s post, I’ve decided to take it up a notch and went through all of my celebrity interviews to see if there was anything I could work with. Keep reading »

StyleHiving: Make Me A Supermodel Men Weigh In

I’ll admit that my understanding of the inner workings of the male mind is sort of limited. However, that doesn’t mean you should discard the suggestions I provide in my weekly date-night articles because let me tell you, I do my homework. In addition to soliciting tips and probing the minds of every one of my guy friends, their friends, and pretty much every dude that crosses my path, I also make sure to ask every male celebrity for his take on what makes a girl look sexy and what they like to see their ladies wearing on a date. Sure I have to deal with the fact that they usually interpret this as me hitting on them, but it’s all in the name of research!

I don’t know how many of you watched the show Make Me A Supermodel. I was given the chance to interview all the cast-offs plus the show’s co-host, Tyson Beckford, and made sure to find out what gets their pulses racing a little faster. Let’s see what they had to say, shall we? Keep reading »

StyleHiving: The Mini Dress

Ever since Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen sexily draped herself over a pool table in a black studded Catherine Malandrino shift dress while on her first date with the loveable Dan Humphrey, I had to stop and reassess my opinion of the mini dress as date wear. Off to Bloomingdales I went where I purchased my first ever mini dress, which had me asking: ‘where have you been all my life’ the second I slipped it on.

The magic of a mini dress, like the one worn by Serena, is that it strikes the perfect balance between revealing and reserved. The daring length is countered by the absence of cleavage and an ultra formfitting silhouette for a look that still leaves much to be desired. I wouldn’t recommend this look if you’re, say, going bowling, but for a dinner date or drinks, whip it out and work it. Keep reading »

StyleHiving: Get Ashlee Simpson’s Date Night Looks

Ashlee Simpson has had her share of hits and misses in the style department, from her days as a wild punk rocker (miss) to her transition to a buxom blonde (hit), and hundreds of other looks, hairdo’s, styles, and so on in between. However, ever since she hooked up with Fall out Boy lead singer Pete Wentz, Ashlee seems to have come into her own and developed a unique signature style that is a part punk, part sexy vixen, part avant-garde trendsetter, that suits her to perfection (come on, you know you kind of hate yourself for it, but you have to admit you’re kind of starting to envy her style!). In pictures of the two, Ashlee looks absolutely radiant- serving as further evidence to the universal truth that feeling good is the most essential ingredient to looking good. For my next ‘date night’ edition, I looked to Ashlee for inspiration. She always looks confident, happy, sleek, and never overdone.

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StyleHiving: Tips For Rocking A First Date

“First date” – two simple words that can send shivers up anyone’s spine, much like the words “job interview.” When you think about it, there isn’t much of a difference between the two, except one involves cocktails and palpable sexual tension. I have no idea where that old adage “You are what you eat” came from, because the truth is, “You are what you wear.” Clothes speak volumes and no matter what, they will always prompt judgments from others. Chances are, the person you’re into isn’t going to notice how perfectly your bangles play into the boho-chic vibe you were going for, or how you expertly coordinated your makeup shades to play up the metallic sheen outlining your top. Guys don’t notice the details, but they do see the overall big picture. Here are some general tips to follow before any date, after the jump… Keep reading »

StyleHiving: A Spontaneous Outfit Breakdown

Oh the joys of getting dressed before a date — the plotting, the scrutinizing, the constant need for re-assurance from your friends that you look hot and not in any way slutty, the hours in front of a mirror, the Polaroid pics (how can anyone forget Cher’s over-the-top first-date precautions in Clueless?)…

Maybe you don’t go quite as far as these extremes — or maybe you go embarrassingly beyond — the point is, any girl would be lying if she didn’t admit to at least a slight amount of neurosis regarding this process. But lighten up, ladies, because as I recently discovered, sometimes the perfect date-night outfit can emerge accidentally on its own.
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