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True Story: I’m A Fetish Model

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If my suitcase bursts on the morning commuter train, it would be a more dramatic moment than for most. If a dapper businessman doesn’t drop his coffee all over my designer rubber wardrobe, the poor girl behind the tea trolley may slip on a ball-gag. From the expressions on the faces of everyone else, I am likely to know: A) if they have a fetish, and B) what it is.

I’m a fetish model. That is my job. I started off my career while I was in school, earning some extra cash modeling for a friend’s bondage website. When she encouraged me to join a site that specialized in fetish modeling, I booked enough work to go full-time after finishing my degree. Since then, I’ve been photographed in 13 countries and four states, tied up everywhere from stunning church ruins to secret underground dungeons below country mansions and have stomped down catwalks in just about every kind of outfit imaginable. (See above!) Keep reading »

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