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What’s It Like Being A Mom Who Does Burlesque?

Putting on pasties for the first time was fabulous. Putting on pasties for the first time while lactating—well, that was fabulous and messy. But no matter what, I refuse to turn them in!

Before I became a mom, I regularly emceed a bunch of New York-based burlesque shows (Starshine Burlesque, Le Scandal, and Red Hots Burlesque to name a few) and I found that audiences enjoyed my raunchy persona, a combination of Elvira’s boobs and wardrobe, Ethel Merman’s voice and Rudy Ray Moore’s mouth (and if you don’t know who Rudy Ray Moore is, I encourage you to get schooled immediately). But once I had a kid, everyone seemed to assume that I would change, that I’d become more, oh, I don’t know, virginal. I always thought that was kind of odd. After all, I had an 8 pound 12 ounce infant pop out of my vag, so there was no longer anything even remotely virginal about me (not like there had been before).
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