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Must Haves: 9 Not-Too-Frilly Pastel Pieces

Pastel colors are sooooo dreamy — they’re all soft and washed-out and Easter egg-y, and feminine without the outright girlishness of, say, hot pink. They’re also perfect for spring… which I seriously hope is on its way. As a longtime all black-wearer, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate pale colors into my look without it declaring, “This light blue sweater is totally, ridiculously out of place in my wardrobe!” The key is hunting down pieces that are just slightly different from the First Communion fare usually associated with pale pinks, greens, lavenders, et al… Here are 9 such dresses, pants, and tops that will make themselves at home in any closet come spring.

Justin Bieber Spins The Downward Spiral Wheel, Loses It On A Photographer In London Friday Morning

Justin's Overalls
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Justin Bieber Nude Pics?
Justin Bieber photo
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Justin & Selena Split
Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up. Read More »

I’m pretty sure it’s official: Justin Bieber is losing it. After passing out during a concert last night, then tweeting a shirtless photo of himself in the hospital shortly thereafter, Justin had what sounds to me like a bit of a meltdown in London this morning. And it all got caught on video. Justin hopped out of his SUV and lunged at a paparazzo, screaming “I’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you!” as his handlers attempt to restrain him. At first this news kind of delighted me, because I love a good celebrity mental decline, and all the signs are there — the fainting, the gas mask, the suspicious lateness, The Black Keys altercation, the butt-baring Instagram photos, the rumored sizzurp — but then I watched the video and felt pretty awful. The photog is really, really fucking nasty, and Biebs and his crew look exhausted. It’s easy to forget that the kid is 19 and super-sensitive and impressionable, and it seems like he might be Lohan-ing a little bit. Sad. I would not want to be Justin Bieber, that’s for sure. [Gossip Cop] [Photo: FameFlynet]

Lather Up And Help Educate Women In Africa

Bathe Like A Rock Star
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Frisky Feminism!
Everything The Frisky has ever written about feminism! Read More »

As you may or may not already know, March 8th marks 102 years of International Women’s Day. The official United Nations theme for 2013 is “A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women,” so you better believe we’ll be drinking to that. There are a number of ways to get politically active on this very important holiday, but if marching isn’t your thing (it isn’t mine) and you still want to do your part in commemorating, why not treat yourself to a fancy French soap and help women in need in the process? L’Occitane’s limited-edition Women’s Day Soaps are produced in Burkina Faso, Africa, as part of a partnership with a local factory run entirely by women in support of their economic emancipation, and 100 percent of the proceeds help to build literacy centers for the women of Burkina Faso. Formulated with L’Occitane’s signature shea butter and engraved with a motif that translates to “education,” this soap is as cute as it is conscious, and the program has educated over 5,000 women since 2006. Get in on it — pick up your bar on the brand’s website today! [$8, L’Occitane]

Meet Alex Watson, Brother Of Emma And Stone Cold (Possibly Underage) Fox

Sexy Theroux Bro!
Justin Theroux's little brother is fine. Read More »
Emma On Confidence
Emma feels even more confident with her cropped cut. Read More »

Another day, another Hot Celebrity Brother! The internet has officially tracked down Emma Watson‘s younger sib, Alex, and outed him as a total fox. He and Emma look very much alike — they have the same narrow features and high cheekbones — and it goes without saying that they are both adorable and I would totally date either of them or both. Alex was once an extra in Harry Potter, and now he’s a model. A sexy, sexy model. I don’t know how old he is, and Emma is only 22, so I hope he’s legal. In my search to find his age on this here World Wide Web, the only information I could find is what appears to be a super, super fucking bizarre religious fan fiction posed as truth. It’s so awesome, and also completely fucked up because of all the child sexual abuse. Have I mentioned that I love the internet? Also, I hate it. For your entertainment, I’ve attached a gallery full of extraordinarily handsome photos of Alex alongside quotes from this outstanding piece. You’re welcome. I know I’m a national treasure, you don’t have to tell me. Onward! (Also I took all of these photos from the source, so thanks guys!) [BuzzFeed]

March 7: What Are We Wearing Today?

Happy Thursday, y’all! It’s almost almost the weekend, but we’ve still got another good 24 hours for everything to get all messed up before then. We’ve been experiencing Technological Difficulties today that resulted in a brutal fight to the death, “Hunger Games”-style. I won, naturally, because I have the sharpest teeth. It was a bloodbath. Hey, at least we got free pizza for lunch. Let’s take a look at what we were wearing today (before we tore all our clothes off like savages, of course)…

Kate Moss Rumored To Be The Cover Girl Of Playboy‘s 60th Anniversary Edition

Nude Kate Moss Calendar
The 2012 Pirelli Calendar, featuring lots of boobs. Read More »
Kate Moss's Book Launch
The goldenest of girls released her brand new book. Read More »

Kate Moss dons an admirable amount of hats: fashion model, Britain’s national treasure, style icon, wife, mum, dog owner, muse… Hell, she’s even dabbled in (adorably awkward) singing on a Babyshambles track. But Playboy cover model? That’s one I did not see coming. NowThis News claims to have gotten its hands on an internal memo from the publication that named Moss as the cover girl of its 60th anniversary issue, which would hit newsstands January of next year. Kate has posed in the nude countless times, but her jobs historically tend to skew artsy avant-garde rather than garish lad’s mag. According to the memo, she’s set to be shot for the editorial by legendary photog team Mert and Marcus, with W‘s Alex White as stylist, this week — and with a team like that, the results are likely to be much different from the magazine’s usual fare.

Though it’s not much more than a rumor right now, it’s certainly feasible, and I bet it would convince a whole new demographic to pick up Playboy on the newsstands for the very first time (duh, ladiez be lovin’ Kate Moss). I know I would — I buy every Kate cover. It’s an expensive habit. Seriously, do you know how many covers this girl gets? [Fashionista]

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