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First Look: Watch The Deliciously Campy Teaser Trailer For “The Bling Ring”

"The Bling Ring"
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Meet Alexis Neiers
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"Let's go shopping."

Someone up there must be looking out for me, because there are so many amazing movies about teenagers behaving badly in my future! As if I wasn’t already psyched enough about “Spring Breakers” hitting theaters on the 22nd, the first teaser trailer for “The Bling Ring,” the Sofia Coppola-directed film based on the true tale of a band of wealthy, fame-hungry L.A. teenagers who robbed multiple celebrity residences back in 2009, came out on Friday. Naturally, it is 56 seconds of pure dark, sleazy bliss. The movie looks completely, outlandishly ridiculous, and I am so in. God, I love watching Hermione get all slutty! [YouTube]

Get Ready To Pounce On This Jungle-Inspired Kenzo x Vans Collection

Kenzo Cupcakes!
The designers treated the show's crowd to cupcakes. Read More »
The Original Sneaker Heels
Meet the Sophie by Vans. Read More »

My appreciation of Vans may very well be one of the final vestiges of my time as an erstwhile teenage skater-dater. I relish a good pair of the classic skate sneakers: they’re cool and comfortable, and my favorite well-worn white pair goes with everything from rolled-up jeans to summer dresses. Kenzo has teamed up with the brand for three years in a row, releasing limited-edition runs of classic Vans styles decked out in their own intricate florals and splashy prints inspired by looks off the runway. This spring’s jungle-inspired collection pays homage to the Japanese fashion house’s roots — Kenzo Takada, the brand’s namesake, first rose to notoriety when he opened his first Parisian store, Jungle Jap, in 1970. The shoes hit stores and e-commerce on March 15 and are priced at $125. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the past two collabs, so this might just be the season I finally spring for a pair. $125 is definitely pricey for sneakers, but because they’re a punchy spin on familiar animal prints, I like to think of them as being borderline classic… which makes them an investment piece, right? Those yellow and blue slip-ons are calling my name. [Refinery29]

Substantial Evidence That Cats Are Patiently Awaiting The Opportunity To Take Over The World

Cat Licker
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Cat Lady Style
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Cats are the ideal predator: they’re small, swift, sneaky, and incredibly aerodynamic. Also, very sharp claws. But should they need to go face-to-face against stronger forces for some peculiar reason — like, say, when the uprising begins and they proceed to annihilate human warriors and take over the world — they might require something a bit more substantial than your average layers of fur in order to protect them against offensive attacks. Apparently, this cat suit of armor exists, and it is perfect. I want to go back in time and consult with whoever created this. I need to commend them on their foresight, because you know the feline revolution is well on its way. Cutest captors ever! [BuzzFeed]

Oh Great, UV Lights Used For Gel Manicures May Cause Skin Cancer

Neon Nails Illegal
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Oz The Great and Powerful
Check out the official trailer! Read More »
  • Gel manicures are fairly new, and like many things, they come with a host of pros (like staying glossy and chip-free for over 2 weeks) and cons (we know from experience that they absolutely destroy your natural nails). But you might want to rethink your Shellac the next time you set foot in the salon: a new study says that the UVA rays emitted from the drying lamps can cause skin cancer. [Hollywood Life]
  • The original “Wizard of Oz” isn’t exactly known for its resplendent costuming — you can chalk it up to the film having been made in 1939 — but this month’s “Oz the Great and Powerful” may very well be. Over 2,000 costumes are paraded throughout the film, and every single of them is rumored to be outstanding. [Fashionista]
  • Haven’t heard of Betty Halbreich? You’re not alone — but you are missing out. The 85-year-old personal shopper has been guiding guests at Bergdorf Goodman since 1976, becoming something of a legend in the industry along the way. Once you get familiar with her inspiring story, you will completely understand why Lena Dunham is penning a new HBO series about her. [Refinery29]
  • A new study of ancient beaded jewelry discovered in a South African cave shows that trends have existed for much, much longer than we think: it appears that even ancient humans dating back as early as 75,000 years ago were concerned about la mode, avoiding outdated styles and changing up the way things were made in accordance with “social norms” or customized style. [Science]

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March 8: What Are We Wearing Today?

It’s blizzarding in New York! I’m actually working from my parents’ house in Connecticut today, where I am currently stranded. As you will see in my photo, there is a great deal of snow outside. Thrilling! At least there are so many animals to play with. We’ve got a few super-special guests today, including Jessica’s best friend Christiane (whose style I am obsessed with), the mullet boy that lives in our office, and one of my cats, so this edition is perfect for those of you who are bored of looking at our same old faces. Get excited!

Love It Or Leave It: Selena Gomez’s (Affordable!) Boho Look?

Justin & Selena Split
Selena Gomez
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James Sings Selena
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Selena Tries Chola
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Selena Gomez wears Urban Outfitters

In case you haven’t already noticed, I am totally on Team Selena. I kind of like the girl — she’s genuinely talented and actually seems refreshingly down-to-earth. Of course, that could all be an act, but who knows? I also think she (or her stylist, for that matter) happens to have great taste: the “Spring Breakers” star (so excited) consistently looks classy and comfortable, whether she’s in high-fashion frocks or a loose, billowing garment like this cutout maxi dress she wore to The Alliance For Children’s Rights’ 21st Annual Dinner. I love this kind of bohemian look (though it isn’t anything I’d ever be able to wear myself — look at her freakin’ abs!), and I’m also pretty impressed that she managed to take this $150 dress from Urban Outfitters and make it look just as luxurious as the $1,500+ gowns she usually wears. What say you?

What do you think of this UO dress on Selena?

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