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Poll: Do You Use The Same Beauty Products As Your Mom?

Porn Stars Without Makeup
Porn stars without makeup
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Five Green Skincare Companies Worth Every Penny

I inherited a lot of things from my mother (for starters: high cheekbones, bullheadedness, a taste for afternoon naps and all things fermented grape), but my love of beauty products wasn’t one of them. It’s actually more likely that my propensity towards packed bathroom cabinets and overflowing shower ledges was directly derived from my father, who has been hoarding L’Occitane Green Tea Shower Gel in case of apocalypse since before I was born. (And not in vain: they actually did discontinue it a few years back, just as he feared.) My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t wash her face, never throws anything out, and insists on using the same L’Oreal lip gloss every day, even despite my many attempts at replacing it with Yves Saint Laurent under her nose.

Even so, I’m not surprised that a new British study found, in a poll of 2,000 women, that one third of those women use the same beauty products as their mothers. According to the research, daughters begin borrowing their mother’s products at the average age of 13, and 40 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds continue to use those same products. Keep reading »

Watch Real Housewife Kenya Moore Get “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” In Her New Music Video

Paglia Talks "Housewives"
camille paglia
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Big Poppa Arrested!
Kim Zolciak's ex-sugar daddy Big Poppa arrested in Atlanta
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I'm gone with the wind fabulous!

I have so much love for so many “Real Housewives,” but I believe Kenya Moore of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is my absolute favorite crazy, insofar as she might actually be insane. For those of you who aren’t on board with “RHOA” — where do I begin? She started off on the wrong foot with another new cast member, Porsha Stewart, on the gang’s trip to Anguilla. Names were called, buttons were pushed, weaves were pulled, and it ended with Kenya proclaiming, “I’m gone with the wind fabulous!,” and twirling away. She literally twirled away.

Zeitgeist hilarity ensued; even fucking Beyonce name-checked Kenya when she said her Super Bowl half-time show was “gone with the wind fabulous.” Then Kenya ended up in fisticuffs with Southern belle Phaedra Parks over a Donkey Booty workout video or some shit. Basically, everyone hates her, and so here I am today, right now, presenting you with this here gift to end all gifts: Ms. Kenya Moore’s new music video, “Gone With The Wind Fabulous,” in which she throws shade at ev-ery-one. It is incredible and words do not suffice. Kenya, I live for you. [Official Kenya Moore]

March 11: What Are We Wearing Today?

Who killed Laura Palmer? Wait, don’t tell me; I’m only halfway through the second season! I spent my entire weekend on the couch watching “Twin Peaks,” episode after episode after episode, and I am so obsessed. I don’t think I’ve ever been this obsessed with anything before. (Except for Nicholas Hoult a few weeks ago. That happened.) I may be at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department in mind and spirit right now, but physically I am here at my desk in The Frisky headquarters with Ami, Jessica, and Julie, and it’s Jessica’s birthday today! She is turning approximately 116 in panda years, so it’s a pretty huge deal. Let’s see what we’re all wearing on Jess’s big 116…

Whoa, Porn Stars Without Makeup Look Kinda Like Regular People!

The "Ideal" Pornstar
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No Makeup Holding Me Back?
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Porn stars without makeup

It’s not exactly a secret that celebrities wear enough makeup to suffocate a salamander, and that we all freak out when they’re photographed without. Sans fards! Natural look! A sign of real human being-ness unsullied by airbrush foundation and caulking sealant! But you know who else wears a ton of makeup, and we never give them shit about taking it off? (Perhaps because they’ve already taken off everything else?) You may not be surprised to discover that porn stars in their daily lives, minus the 17 layers of sweat-proof stage makeup, look nothing like what you see on-screen. In fact, you wouldn’t even recognize them on the street, which is probably a good thing.

An “award-winning makeup artist to the stars” known only as Melissa (or xmelissamakeupx on her Instagram account) took 93 before-and-after photos of the porn stars she tends to, and we learned two things: one, the girls look really pretty without their thick varnish of smoky eyes and heavy bronzer (dare I say, better, though I personally tend to think most women look better with less makeup), and two, this Melissa is one hell of a makeup artist. Check out the after photos of these two girls, plus a few more, after the jump, and the rest of them here via Melissa. [HyperVocal] Keep reading »

Love It Or Leave It: Blake Lively’s PVC Boob Cover?

Blake & Ryan Wed!
Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds photo
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married. Read More »
Blake's Breakup Advice
Blake Lively photo
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Whenever I see Blake Lively I feel compelled to wail, “Blaaaaaaake!,” Amy Winehouse style (God rest her soul). Sadly, this Blake ain’t no Fielder-Civil, but I suppose she’ll do. The “Savages” actress (what a terrible, terrible movie) has maintained a curiously low profile since she wed Ryan Reynolds back in September, but she showed up on the red carpet yesterday to support her man and his co-star Emma Stone in “The Croods.” Blake does like to make a statement with the way she dresses, so I’m not surprised that she chose this fairly questionable Marios Schwab dress. With those gorgeous gams, Blake can pull off almost anything, but her mini look here is straight out of the uniform-regulation book for a super-slutty marching band. Boob windows may be kinda in right now, but this PVC breastplate is more like a one-way mirror. What do you think?

Are you fond of Blake's look?

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Style Stealer: Selma Blair’s Slouchy Grey Sweatshirt Look

Hey, look, it’s Selma Blair! I loved her in completely ridiculous early aughties movies like “Cruel Intentions” and “Legally Blonde,” so I always get excited when I see her out livin’ her life in L.A. (She must get that a lot, considering her Twitter bio states, “I am alive. And well.”) Selma, as you can see, also happens to have great casual style — this laid-back look is about as cool, comfortable, and cheekily tomboyish as it gets without being, like, pajamas. She accessorizes her off-duty looks with an Hermès Birkin, naturally, but by no means do you need a $10,000+ purse to pull it off. If you’re reeeeeally worried, relax: I found a bag that’s almost as classic as Selma’s black Birkin, at a fraction of a fraction of the price. Check it out, after the jump… Keep reading »

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