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Kate Moss Reads A Bit Of Sexy Sex Book “50 Shades” For A Good Cause

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"There's a reason I don't talk."

Man, England gets all the best stuff! (Not really? Fine.) As part of a fundraiser for the charity Comic Relief, BBC Radio 1 promised listeners that they would have the notoriously tight-lipped Kate Moss in to read an excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey, on the premise that they would be able to collect £200,000. And, duh, they did it, because there’s no better incentive for raising money than anything involving Kate Moss. So, want to hear Katers open “that mouth of hers” (says host Nick Grimshaw) to read a page out of the beloved literary masterpiece using her exceptionally sexy voice? Of course you do! She almost — almost — pulls it off without laughing, and then finally collapses into a heap of giggles. Isn’t she the cutest? [Fashionista]

7 Tried-And-True Body Boosters For Fine, Flat Hair

I used to be obsessed — like, hours-in-front-of-the-mirror fixated — with having the most voluminous hair I could muster. I would load it up with sticky products and blow-dry it into a huge, tangled mass of lion’s mane. Disgusting. Those days are long gone, but I’m still a little bit pathological about my desire for body. You see, I have super-fine hair that’s gotten pretty long recently, and the longer it gets, the flatter it goes. It’s almost, like, physics or something. The thing about volumizing products is that so many of them end up making hair crunchy, dirty-looking, and decidedly unsexy, and who wants that? Naturally, I made it my mission to try every volumizing product ever and report back on which ones made it into my arsenal. For the fine-haired, or even just the flat-haired, these seven volumizers — sprays, creams, and even powders! — have got you covered. Keep reading »

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March 14: What Are We Wearing Today?

At last, Amelia has returned from her glamorous, sexy European jaunt! We are so glad to have her back, although I think we’d probably all rather be in Paris right now. Maybe we could simulate the experience with Kraft American cheese and croissants from Dunkin Donuts, but it just wouldn’t be the same. I’m still doing WWWT because, well, I like it. I like you. Is that weird? Perhaps, but I don’t care. I’m gonna like what I’m gonna like, alright? Anyway, let’s check out what we’re wearing on this brisk day!

Melissa Murphy, The Makeup Artist Behind Those Amazing Porn Star Before-And-Afters, Speaks Out

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Makeup artist Melissa Murphy’s series of mesmerizing side-by-side photos documenting the transformation of bare-faced everygirls into bombshell porn stars stood out as fascinating for a few reasons — namely, the social commentary aspect, in which we’re forced to question everything we think we know about what porn stars are “supposed” to look like. But the photos also elicited reactions that had less to do with the profession itself (and, with it, our preconceived notions of female physical attractiveness) and more to do with Melissa … as in, how the hell does she do it? Keep reading »

5 Wearable Eye Looks From The Spring 2013 Runway (And How To Get Them!)

The fashion world operates on an entirely different calendar than the rest of the world. Fashion is always one season ahead — for example, as we’re entering spring of 2013, the industry has just observed autumn 2013 — so when the season actually rolls around, we have to go back in Fashion Time and sync it all up. Make sense? It’s pretty much mid-March already, which is kind of freaky-deaky, but the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion season took place all the way back in September.

Anyway, springtime! It’s happening, and lest you forget, we’ve plucked 5 gorgeous, show-stopping looks off the spring runways (which, you know, happened alllllll the way back in September). Check ‘em out, and see how to get them right here…

Sweet Spring Lip Colors
We can't (and won't!) wait to wear these 6 shades. Read More »

March 13: What Are We Wearing Today?

As I type this, it is approximately 3:15 PM. About 3 hours have passed since we filmed our very special video this morning (stay tuned), in which we consumed copious amounts of wine and potato chips. Things are looking grim. We are tired. Our salads sit half-eaten on our desks. Our mouths are stained red, and have a peculiar aftertaste reminiscent of Chicken & Waffles. However! We are expected to recover, hopefully by tomorrow when Amelia is set to return. Yay! Let’s see what we’re wearing on this alcohol and chip-filled day…

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