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Love It Or Leave It: Ginnifer Goodwin’s Chunky Lower Lashes?

Ginnifer On Dieting
The actress says she has been dieting since she was nine. Read More »
WTF Eyelashes
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Mascara that stays put
The tube is gorgeous and the mascara is awesome. Read More »

My personal makeup mantra is all eyelashes, all the time, so when it comes to wild and crazy lash looks, I generally jump right on board. Still, I don’t know how I feel about this thick, separated effect on the lower lid. “Once Upon a Time” star Ginnifer Goodwin sported what appears to be a pretty serious set of bottom falsies at last night’s American Music Awards for an extreme look that leaves me lukewarm.

I avoid even putting mascara on my lower lashes because it makes my almond-shaped eyes seem way smaller, and I think it has the same effect on Ginnifer’s similar eye shape — it really closes the eye. The reason it looked so striking and gamine on sixties icons like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton is because they had big, round eyes that they punctuated with such lashes, skirting the magical eye-shrinking illusion altogether. I don’t think it necessarily looks bad on Ginnifer, but it definitely overwhelms her petite features. Put it this way: it’s more “interesting?” than “pretty.” Am I just projecting my own small-eye insecurities, or do you agree that these severe lower lashes are too much of a good thing?

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Celestial Moisturizer Will Put Your Skin On Cloud Nine

A New Skincare Routine
Make 2012 your most glowing year yet. Read More »
BTD: Dermalogica Skincare
Spendy? Yes. Worth it? Totally. Read More »

I am not what one would call a fickle person. For example, I’m loyal to the point of stupidity, and have been known to listen to the same song on repeat for months at a time without growing tired of it. My skin, on the other hand, could not be more capricious. One day I’m oily and prone to breakouts, and 24 hours later I’m red, irritated, and impossibly flaky. As it gets colder my skin becomes especially prone to such terrible sensitivity, and many moisturizers meant for dry, sensitive skin turn my face into — you guessed it — a pimply grease slick, which is exactly as gross (and potentially flammable) as it sounds. After several weeks of using LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer, I’ve nary a zit or dry spot in sight. Overzealous use of retinol acne treatments? Made out with someone with a particularly prickly beard? Rubbed faces with your cat too much? Celestial’s got you covered, and it’s even — gasp — light enough to use during the day. And the scent? It’s incredibly light and strangely delicious, thanks to a combination of vanilla water, almond milk, and orchid extract. Take it from me, a bonafide tried-it-all skincare junkie: Celestial is an absolute dream. [$24.95, LUSH]

Beauty Cues: Keira Knightley’s Chic Cat Eye

Keira's A Feminist!
Keira Knightley Vogue
We accept you one of us! We accept you one of us! Read More »
Goth Keira
The actress is a gorgeous goth on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Read More »
Keira's Engaged
Keira is engaged to musician James Righton. Read More »

Generally Acknowledged Life Truth: Keira Knightley is so beautiful it’s stupid. We’ve been loving all of her “Anna Karenina” premiere looks, but we think this one, with its sleek, perfect cat eye and pink lipstick, has taken the cake so far. Find out what you need to channel Keira’s romantic flair, after the jump… Keep reading »

This Week In Style: J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons Comes Out Of The Closet?

Jenna's Office!
See where Jenna makes her sartorial magic happen. Read More »
Calvin Klein's Sexy Ad
We love this sexy billboard. Read More »
  • Last year, J. Crew creative director (and big-time Frisky style crush) Jenna Lyons was rumored to have left her husband of ten years for jewelry executive — and woman — Courtney Crangi. Lyons confirmed the relationship earlier this week while accepting her Glamour Woman of the Year award. [Jezebel]
  • Chanel has uncovered the original recording of the famous interview in which Marilyn Monroe declared that she never wore anything to bed aside from “a few drops of Chanel No. 5″ — watch the video at the source! [Fashionologie]
  • Lara Stone, supermodel and all-around major babe (not to mention the controversial star of a banned Calvin Klein ad), is expecting her first child with her husband of two years, British comedian David Walliams. Congratulations, and thank you for your efforts in populating the world with more beautiful people! [Us Magazine]
  • Excited for the new Les Miserables movie out next month? Us too. Either way, you’ll definitely want to check out the gorgeous Vogue editorial that Annie Leibovitz shot on the set of the film. [The Gloss]

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Love It Or Leave It: Kristen Stewart’s Madrid Premiere Look?

Kristen On Love Triangles
The actress has a loaded conversation for "Twilight." Read More »
Kristen As Patti Smith?
The legendary rock star wants Kristen to play her in a movie. Read More »

Kristen Stewart is all over the place right now promoting “Breaking Dawn: Part 2,” and given her newly minted sartorial risk-taker status (seriously, girlfriend is really going for it these days), we are just full of trampire fashion fodder. (I say that in an endearing way. J’aime K. Stew.) Her latest look is this chromed highlighter yellow Dior minidress — it hasn’t appeared on the runway, which is all the proof we need to believe that Raf Simons cut this especially for Kristen. Roughly translated into plain English from fashion world vernacular: “You are a big fucking deal.” The “Twilight” starlet finished off the neon look with a pair of patterned black-and-white pumps, complete with spiked ankle straps (which, it’s worth noting, she loved so much she wore them to a Spanish talk show appearance earlier in the day). Personally, I’m erring on the side of this look being so wrong it’s right. What say you?

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Kate Moss Goes For The Gold At Her Book Launch

Kate Channels Ziggy
Moss becomes Bowie for Vogue Paris. Read More »
Calvin On Kate Moss
He hired her for her "natural, always thin" look. Eek. Read More »
Kate Moss Marries
Her dress was handmade by the ousted Dior designer. Read More »

The dress Kate Moss chose to wear for the launch of “Kate: The Kate Moss Book,” a book about Kate Moss, doesn’t really make much sense, but she could probably wear, like, the most appalling Liberace get-up and women all around the world would be like, “Need.” I guess you can wear whatever the hell you want when you’re a grungy 5’7″ girl from Croydon with crooked teeth who became one of the most universally recognizable (and loved) faces of all time. Oh, and on top of this whole book situation, there’s also going to be a Kate Moss documentary! Two decades after her modeling debut, Ms. Moss is still killing it, and is it any wonder why? Er, I may be slightly biased. Just slightly.

Well Played: Tina Fey In Diane Von Furstenberg

7 Min With Tina Fey
Tina Fey on Seven Minutes In Heaven
Of course you want seven minutes in heaven with Tina Fey. Read More »
Tina Fey Talks Fashion
She misses her fanny pack. Read More »
Baby For Liz Lemon?
Liz Lemon baby photo
This photo of Tina Fey is totally incriminating. Read More »

No wonder Liz Lemon is getting hitched! I mean, wouldn’t you want to put a ring on it? Real talk: Tina has never looked better.

Fall Beauty How-To: Kristen Stewart’s Golden Smoky Eye

Kristen For Balenciaga
The "Twilight" actress is the new face of Florabotanica. Read More »

We’re reaching the point of the year wherein I refuse to leave my bed at any and all costs because it is so damn cold. There unfortunately aren’t too many upsides to late fall as far as I’m concerned, aside from pretty scarves, outerwear, and, like, wool tights, but none of these things are enough to get me out from under the comforter every morning. But do you know what is? Eyeshadow! I pretty much forget about the stuff when the temperature rises above 50 degrees, because no matter how much primer I slap on or powder I dust on top, it is going to be dripping down my sorry face in a few minutes time.

With the most bloody of celebrations (yay, Thanksgiving!) on deck, I’ve been searching for inspiration to fuel a festive fall eye, and I finally found it in Kristen Stewart‘s gilded take on a smoky eye. She paired it with a gorgeous, quite revealing gown, but this look is equally suited to your Thanksgiving best, even if your Thanksgiving best happens to be your best pair of sweatpants. Find out how to get Kristen’s look, after the jump! Keep reading »

One Skirt, Worn Three Ways

We’ve long been obsessed with leather (or faux-leather) pieces for fall and winter — there’s no other material in the world that has quite the same edgy, effortless downtown appeal. Plus, it’s warm! A pleated black leather skirt is the perfect versatile accoutrement for the season’s wardrobe. It can go cute and casual with a pair of flats and a T-shirt, or you can dress it up with a collared silk blouse for work or play. We’ve put together three foolproof looks, complete with styling tips, after the jump. Keep reading »

Fall Must Haves: Leather
Fall Must Haves: 10 Leather Bottom Pieces In An Array Of Colors
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There Is No God: Chris Brown Gets A Big Deal Modeling Contract

Chris's Awesome Tattoo
Cool beaten woman tattoo, Chris Brown. Read More »
Chris Concert Posters
Stockholm isn't so down with Chris Brown. Read More »
Chris Waxes Philosophical
Chris Brown photo
"Is it possible to love two people?" Not when you're involved. Read More »

Today in NOOOOOOOO: Chris Brown, singer or something and otherwise all-around spawn of Satan, has been signed to the artist management division of Wilhelmina International, the modeling agency representing such popular faces as supermodel Coco Rocha, plus-size star Robyn Lawley, and, uh, Kendall Jenner. The highly-regarded agency will seek to score fashion and beauty endorsements and licenses for the infamous pop star. (Is he a pop star? Seriously, I have no clue. I’ve never heard any of his songs besides “Birthday Cake,” which is an insult to humanity and also people with ears all over the world.) I wonder how that ill-advised neck tattoo of a horribly battered woman will play into his modeling career? In the most basic of terms: fucking gag. [WWD]

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