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Nia Vardalos In “My Big Fat Crazy-Eyed Wedding”

Crazy Eyes Pro-Life Lady
Susan B Anthony List abortion survivor
A conservative group enlisted this girl for an "abortion survival" video. Read More »
Steve Buscemi Eyes
If you love Steve's weird, awesome face, why not wear it? Read More »
Jen Aniston's Crazy Eyes
Jennifer Aniston
These eyes be crazy. Read More »

Did Nia Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” non-fame (god, did I love that movie) always have a very serious case of crazy eyes, or is this a new development? Discuss.

Most Lipsticks Contain Lead, But Not Enough To Really Worry About

Chocolate for Health
A bar a day keeps the doctor away! Read More »
Green Skincare
These five companies are worth every penny. Read More »
Red Lipstick Art
Yves Saint Laurent would be... intrigued? Read More »

As a beauty product enthusiast (one might also say “hoarder,” if one were being less kind), lipstick is one of my very favorite things. At any given moment I have a bare minimum of 5 tubes rattling around in my handbag… and another 500 at home. When I buy a new one, (which I do, often) I consider the color, the texture, the packaging, the longevity of the formula, and sometimes, let’s be honest, just how luxurious it looks and feels. What I am definitely not thinking about, however, is what goes into it. Keep reading »

The Perfect Holiday Beauty Supplement For Any Good Nail Art-Loving Jew

Kelly's $250K Nails
A slightly cheaper way to invest in black diamonds. Read More »

I went to Hebrew school for three years, and every single second of it was unequivocally lame. I was, of course, really terribly behaved, because that’s the family legacy. (My dad was ejected from the same establishment for riding a bike through the halls 30+ years earlier.) But maybe if I had Rabbi Yael Buechler as a teacher, I would have retained more from the experience than the Shabbat Candle Lighting prayer and a latent love of coconut macaroons. The 26-year-old Jewish day school teacher captured media attention last year for her unorthodox religious teaching methods. Read: manicures. Buechler started the Midrash Manicures (referring to “the deep textual interpretation of the Bible, with every word examined for meaning”) club at Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, where she teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls how to paint their nails in designs inspired by weekly Torah portions. Keep reading »

Love It Or Leave It: Solange’s Double-Slit Dress?

"Losing You"
Beyonce, who? Check out Solange's new music video! Read More »
Solange Is A Model
It's official: Beyonce's little sis signs to Next. Read More »
Solange In "Lucky"
We love her "Poetic Justice"-era look! Read More »
Solange On "Nylon"
She wishes the fashion mag featured more women of color. Read More »

Beyonce is one tough act to follow, but it’s hardly a secret that Solange is the more style-savvy Knowles ― all those years spent concealed in the basement must have allowed Bey’s younger sis to amass quite the wardrobe. Solange’s eclectic fear-no-critic aesthetic means that, for all of her sartorial hits, she has her fair share of misses … not to mention misses that are hits just because she’s wearing them. The singer chose this slinky peach number for a fragrance launch last night, and though I wouldn’t call it a bad look because, well, Solange Knowles doesn’t do bad looks, I am weirdly bothered by the “hanging flap” effect created by the double slit. On a better note, girlfriend is sporting a bangin’ gold cage bracelet. Are you feeling this daring take on the trend, or do you prefer to keep the slit count at one?

What do you think of Solange's double-slit style?

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Well Played: Nikki Reed Looks Good While Doing Good

SS: Nikki Reed
Cool, casual colorblocking? Sign us up! Read More »
Dating Man With Autism
Dating a man with autism taught me to be myself. Read More »

Nikki Reed is pretty consistently adorable all of the time, but I really love this little frock on her. It warms the cockles of my coal black heart to see her out showing her support for Autism Speaks as she does every year ― her little brother is autistic, so she has a special investment in the foundation. Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald also performed a song from their new duet album at last night’s event. I wonder if she’s any good! [Photo: FameFlynet]

Beauty Test Drive: LUSH Caca Brun Mama Henna Hair Dye

BTD: Revlon Stain
Jess won't be divorcing her Chapstick any time soon. Read More »
BTD: Argan Lotion
Winona is in love with this Moroccan oil lotion for winter. Read More »
BTD: Dermalogica Skincare
Spendy? Yes. Worth it? Totally. Read More »

I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 13, when a hairdresser at an upscale salon informed me that I would have to dye my hair forever because my natural color ― the most neutral of dark browns ― was just that shitty. (Another stylist at the same salon later told my mother to imagine the haircut she wanted, which she had seen on a model in a magazine, “on an ugly face,” so take it with a grain of salt.) I don’t brush (wide-tooth comb!), shampoo every day (twice a week!), or heat style my mid back-length hair, but I still noticed that I was accumulating dry, crunchy ends, which worsened every time I hit the salon for a good two-hour color dose.

Since my mission these days is the longest, strongest, shiniest, most Middleton-esque cascades possible, and also maybe not getting cancer, I started feeling out my options for possible alternatives to traditional hair dye. My quest led me, as many of my quests do, straight to LUSH. Their solid blocks of henna pigment intrigued me for two reasons ― one, the formula not only colors, but deeply conditions and strengthens the hair while doing so; two, the concoction is called Caca Brun Mama, which basically means Poop Brown Mom. Was I really going to put something called Poop Brown Mom all over my hair, and leave it there for six hours? Yes. Yes I was. Keep reading »

This Week In Style: Illamasqua Launches An Offensive Blackface Ad

Funeral Makeup?
British brand Illamasqua wants to corner the funeral market. Read More »
Nude Kate Moss Calendar
The 2012 Pirelli Calendar, featuring lots of boobs. Read More »
Female Male Model
Casey Legler is one of the first women to model exclusively as a man. Read More »
  • When will everyone everywhere finally catch on to the fact that blackface is never, under any circumstances, a good idea? Makeup brand Illamasqua is the latest to make the racially-loaded fumble. [The Gloss]
  • Return of the ’90s! Kate Moss goes topless with good friend and fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell for the cover of Interview Russia. [Huffington Post]
  • What timing! In the wake of talking about female model Casey Legler, who is signed by Ford on their men’s roster, Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane tapped (female) Saskia de Brauw to front his first men’s campaign for the fashion house. [Telegraph] Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba’s All-Black Asymmetry

The beauty of an all-black outfit is that, no matter the pieces or the way you choose to wear them, you just can’t go wrong. It’s an easy way to look instantly pulled together without much thought or effort. Needless to say, I love a good monochromatic look, especially with just a touch of shine or color, and this hip version on Jessica Alba is right up my alley. Asymmetrical hems make simple layers more interesting, and a faux-shearling vest is the epitome of luxe (and warmth!). Snag Jess’s style, after the jump… Keep reading »

SS: Celine Dion
This look will go on. Read More »
SS: Reese Witherspoon
Black and blue in the prettiest way possible. Read More »
SS: Miranda Kerr
She's a model in the magazines and on the city streets. Read More »

That’s A Lot Of Look: Katie Holmes Seems, Um, Confused

Katie's Peacock Eyes
Do try this green, gilded makeup at home. Read More »
Katie's A Bad Ass
Five reasons why Katie Holmes is our new hero. Read More »
SS: Katie Holmes
Get her bright pop of color! Read More »

I’m usually right on board with Katie Holmes‘s classy, pared-down aesthetic, echoed in her line Holmes & Yang, so I cannot fathom why this crazy-busy dress would ever make it into her repertoire ― and with opaque tights and a bizarrely out of place clutch, no less. From the embellished bib to the awkward belt to the unflattering length and sack silhouette in a godawful print, this look is wrong in so very many ways. That said, her hair and makeup are flawless. What gives, Katie? I can’t believe Suri let you out of the house like this.

One Sweatshirt, Worn Three Ways

A casual gray sweatshirt is a can’t-be-without stalwart in any wardrobe, but we’re not talking the classic Champion men’s version anymore ― the old standby has been given a respectable high-end twist this season with softer, warmer textures and a more figure-flattering shape. Think of it as a sporty take on your favorite cashmere sweater: it can go upscale low-key with printed jeans, a crystal statement necklace, and flat boots, or even cocktail party-ready with a maxi skirt and turquoise earrings. Don’t believe me? See for yourself … Keep reading »

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